One Sim, One Year: Week 2, Saturday

The first thing they do on Saturday is find a new house and then they move. It takes quite awhile since making these kinds of decisions always seems to take me a long time. The neighborhood they are in does not have any fishing locations and after several considerations, they move to Rio Verde in the Skyward Palms section. Kicking out the squatters that MCCC had moved in. Enjoying the free real estate for now since Mia won’t be able to use it once she moves out.

Rio Verde…

Skye is exhausted because she didn’t get any sleep during the night and then she has spent all morning getting moved into the new house. She spends time with Eli making sure he is doing well and then she tries to get some sleep several times.

Mia likes the new house and especially the fact that it isn’t crowded. The last house was very nice, but too small for the three of them, especially once Eli becomes a toddler.

The best thing is the place to fish is literally right outside the back door. It doesn’t take very long for Mia to complete the outdoor badge and just needs the science badge to become a Llamacorn scout.

Back home, the welcoming party is started. Mia runs back home while Skye drags herself out of bed. Since she is up, she schedules an audition for Sunday evening, and she invites Jake over to see the new house.

Jake loves the house but more importantly, he loves Skye.

Guys really? Again? You are pushing your luck/

Skye agrees and suggests that Jake move in with her and the kids. I wasn’t really planning this but it seems like the right thing for them to do at this point.

Mia completes the last badge and becomes a Llamacorn scout, earning the scouting aptitude trait. Then she switches over to the Drama Club, which I have literally never played before.

Elsa drops by so Mia suggests they play several games of chess. She doesn’t let Elsa leave until she has the three games she needs for her aspiration. By that time, it is past her bedtime, so she drags herself up to bed. As par for the course, Eli is awake and screaming again so Skye will be getting up to deal with him.


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