One Sim, One Year: Week 2, Sunday


I was planning on moving from Oasis Springs to Newcrest midway through Mia’s childhood, but have decided they will stay put in Oasis Springs for all of May. Mia will become a teen to start June and then four months as a young adult (July to October), four months as an adult (November to February), and two months as an elder (March and April). That puts her back on a 12 month schedule, start to finish.

It is early Sunday morning when Skye goes into labor. So much for getting any sleep. Thankfully Mia is sleeping so Skye is able to get through the labor and have the baby. Skye is happy to see that the new baby is a boy and she names him Eli. Birthdays are scheduled so I know when to age him up. 🙂

While Skye and Eli get some sleep Mia has the chance to work quietly on her creativity aspiration. “Quietly”. My ears are bleeding. My cats won’t even stay in the same room right now. And Skye just remembered she has an audition today. Just a quiet Sunday at home.

Skye enjoys playing with toys and apparently she enjoys listening to Mia play the violin. Mia’s creative skill is pretty high so it isn’t her playing that hurts my ears, it is just the kids’ violin.

Skye heads off to her audition and sends Eli to the daycare. Mia also has her scouting meeting today, which I still don’t understand what they get out of it. Not like it is required to promote, but whatever. As they were leaving, Luna drops by and makes herself at home. The computer is locked to everyone except the household so not sure why she is still on the computer, but eventually she pays attention and removes herself from the house.

Emily stopped by with a present for Mia, although it was really for Skye, and why? But now they have a package of uncommon seeds. I can think of so many things they could have used more, but whatever.

Skye passes the audition and gets the part. She has to practice her romance scene twice, so of course, she asks Jake to read her the lines. Twice.

At least they stay out of the bedroom this time. Skye does not have room in the house for another unplanned baby.

Sometimes I just can’t help it. Mia has completed the Artistic Prodigy aspiration, which includes mastering creativity. She has also earned 3/9 badges. She takes Rambunctious Scamp next. She will do Social third and Mental last. Oh, I know what she will do once she has finished her aspirations and skills.

As she was getting ready for bed, she noticed the addition in the household. She didn’t pick up on the fact that Skye was no longer pregnant, but Eli’s crying caught her attention. She is happy to have a brother and can’t wait for him to grow up so she can play with him.


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