One Sim, One Year: Week 2, Tuesday

Eli wakes up early which means Skye is awake also. Their timing was pretty good despite being the middle of the night since Mia found a monster under her bed. She tried making friends, but that didn’t go so good. Of course, she had no interest in going back to bed now, so she is going to have a really long day.

She has been trying to play on the playground while in a playful mood. Unfortunately (?) Skye has been keeping the house really clean so that moodlet (inspired) is overriding everything else. She went out to the playground anyway to see if getting away from the house would help, but it didn’t. Then it was time to leave for school, so maybe later she will try again.

Skye rearranges her bedroom (and bumps a wall out) so that she has space for her video recording table. I am hoping her fame will increase faster since she has the fame perk. Eli is sleeping quieting, which he does most of the time.

Skye gives her setup all the upgrades and then spends the day recording videos to upload. She even had a request to upload a video so she is becoming pretty well known. She is a Rising Star after all.

Emily stops by during the day, which gives Skye more time recording videos since Emily can keep Eli happy and entertained for awhile.

Jake drops by and I caught this. The looks these two give each other makes me think they might need to get married at some point.

After school, Mia does her homework and then it is back to the playground. She finally drops inspired and hits playful long enough to check the box on her aspiration. Then she makes friends, good friends, and best friends with Elsa Bjergsen, who came over to play. She will probably invite Elsa over to blow out… oh… Elsa is aging normally while Mia is not. Hmmm.

After settling their friendship, Mia begins chatting and telling jokes to complete two more badges before bedtime. She has completed 5/9 badges so far and still has the fitness, science, helper, and outdoor badges remaining. She earned a B in school today, so that A is hers by the end of the week. She has completed Artistic Prodigy and is almost done with Rambunctious Scamp.


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