One Sim, One Year: Week 3, Monday

I have to keep reminding myself that this is all about Mia. At the same time, you know I love toddlers. And then there are Skye and Jake. They have to at least try to improve their careers and aspirations. I update the calendar for the remaining time Mia will be a child. She will become a teen on June 1st (Wednesday, in the Spring). They are also going to have Harvestfest, Spooky Day, the new baby/babies toddler birthday, Winterfest, New Year’s Eve, Eli’s birthday to child, Egg Hunt Day, and then Mia’s teen birthday. Once she becomes a teen and moves out, the holidays will be re-evaluated.

Mia doesn’t have to show up on set until Tuesday morning, which is good because she has to work on both her acting and her fitness. This will be the last gig she takes until after she gives birth.

Eli gets up pissed and starving. It is a good thing that Jake made breakfast so he is able to grab a plate on his own. I also notice that I need to add a chair in the kitchen for him so that he doesn’t have to walk all the way into the family room to sit down.

After completing her prep for her gig, Skye is able to record another video and upload it plus the one she made yesterday. Eventually she is going to be a celebrity. At least she is able to stay relevant with her videos and social media. So far.

Jake and Eli play a little bit after breakfast but then Jake has things that need to be done.

First on the list is getting Eli to the point where he can potty himself. He doesn’t think this sounds like fun so he objects to the idea. He still finds himself on the potty despite his objection.

Skye invites over her direction and costar because schmoozing has the potential to help her become a celebrity and a star.

Of course she only schmoozes for a few minutes and then has to pee and eat. That leaves Leonel and Yuusuke free to wander around the house and they both congregate on Jake. Lucky Jake.

Left to his own devices, Eli heads off on a walkabout. There is nothing there but flowers. Then he has to potty so he heads back to the house to ask Jake to show him how one more time.

It is finally bedtime for Eli. Finally.

Mia is home from school and from her drama club. She was promoted to Level 2, Line Learner, but with Skye for her mother, she should have a boost to her acting and dramatics.

While Mia was practicing her dramatics and learning lines, Skye and Jake were working on her school project. Monday is Monday. Mia helps them finish up and that replaces the volcano she made last week and left in the old house.

The day winds down and Jake cleans the floors. This is the first time in this challenge that the household has made it to bed in time for the day to end at midnight. 12:01AM to be exact.


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