One Sim, One Year: Week 3, Sunday

It is a good thing that Jake moved in because now there are two adults handling things around the house. Jake starts off by making breakfast. We won’t talk about how it is only 2:30 AM.

Both Jake and Skye were wide awake. Skye drank several cups of coffee for her coffee habit while Jake is off on the treadmill somewhere. Thankfully, Mia is still asleep and Eli is still in the crib.

Skye gets some video recording done in her new office setup. It is nice to finally have a place dedicated to her videos and a computer of her own.

Today is Eli’s birthday and since I set it up as a holiday so I wouldn’t forget, they now have to complete some traditions. I didn’t really choose well and Jake was the only one that would complete the holiday in gold. The rest got some things done but nothing to send them into gold.

Mia is really glad Jake is living with them now. And she really loves the room in the new house.

Skye helps Eli out of the crib and on to his own two feet. Eli is a silly toddler and that is going to be lots of fun.

Of course, there is the initial trip to start learning how to use the potty.

And the boy grew up starving so now they are going to work on feeding him. Something is wrong with where the high chair is placed because Skye can put him into the high chair but cannot put the food on the tray. I can move the food to the tray and Eli can eat it so not really sure what stupid thing the game is doing.

The instant she has a free moment, this is her choice. Every time. She also cleans it up afterwards.

The house has stairs so it is very important for Eli to learn his movement skill. He is exhausted now but he stays on the slide until he reaches level 2 so that he can go up and down the stairs.

Moving to a bigger house was good timing. It looks like Jake and Skye are going to have a fairly large family.

Exhausted and heading upstairs to play. At this point, still trying to get him into gold for the holiday. His birthday holiday.

Eli doesn’t care about the holiday. He just wants to sleep.

While he is waiting for Jake to put him to bed, he manages to play a little, but not enough for the holiday tradition.


Finally. Jake puts Eli to bed and everyone winds down their day. The weekend is over and morning comes quickly.


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