One Sim, One Year: Week 3, Thursday

In Progress

  • Complete Whiz Kid (1/3)
  • Reach the top of Drama Club (level 3/4)
  • Collect Voidcritter cards (18/20)
  • Collect Decorative Eggs (holiday scheduled Spring Monday)
  • Improve Character Values (all 5 positive values if possible)
  • Collect Holiday Plushies


  • Top-Notch Toddler
  • Completed Artistic Prodigy
  • Completed Rambunctious Scamp
  • Reached the top of the Scouts
  • Earned A in elementary school
  • Complete Social Butterfly

Eli went to bed way too early and wakes up just after midnight, starving and really needing to potty. There is a plate of fruit cake sitting out because as nasty as it is, it never spoils.

After he goes potty, he hears the noises from the nursery and goes to check it out. While Mia has always been happy with her younger siblings, Eli is very sad now. He is no longer the baby. Now, he is the middle child.

Skye makes a grand feast because today is Harvestfest, which means no one is going to work or to school. Once they both eat the feast and appease the gnomes, the holiday goes gold. Mia went gold with the gnomes and Eli doesn’t care. The holiday is ended early so I can stop thinking about it, but they still can’t go to work.

Mia gets online and orders more voidcritter cards and remembers that she can collect plushies from the holiday crackers.

She is up to 18/20 voidcritter cards and 4/8 plushies.

Jake slips away and he is later found on the treadmill. He is reminded that there are two infants and a toddler in the house and he should make sure they are okay. Skye is the only one that can get anything done. She records a new video and uploads it along with updating her social media and drinking three cups of coffee. She is good for the day.

One thing about twins, is they are never on the same schedule. Despite all the efforts in getting them on the same schedule. It seems that either Jake or Skye is always in the nursery dealing with needs.

Eli heads out to the slide for some outside time. He is able to master movement before reaching the end of this tolerance.

Mia is looking at all the things she can order online and there is the last missing voidcritter card. She has completed the collection. After opening more crackers she is up to 6/8 plushies. Despite there being no school, she has been productive.

Jake reads a story to Eli to give him some time to sit quietly. Eli has improved his imagination to level 3.

Then it is time for her drama club, which never gets any days off.

This worries me since they can be fired from drama club so she takes the safe option, to perform the musical, and keeps her position in the club. She doesn’t get a promotion though.

Eli tracks down Skye as she is recording her videos and watches her for awhile. He improves his thinking to level 3 and then gets bored. Jake puts him to bed for the night.

Skye has been craving coffee, so she makes a pot and drinks all of the cups. That is much better.

While Mia was online shopping, she bought a journal and begins to record her thoughts. But now it is bedtime for her also.

No, No, No. There better have been some birth control used here. The last thing they need is for Skye to become pregnant again.


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