One Sim, One Year: Week 3, Wednesday

I am going to keep the list of Mia going at the top of each post so I can keep up with where she is at. The first section is what she still has remaining.

  • Complete Whiz Kid
  • Reach the top of Drama Club (level 2/4)
  • Collect Voidcritter cards
  • Collect Decorative Eggs (holiday scheduled Spring Monday)
  • Improve Character Values (all 5 positive values if possible)

The second section is what she has completed.

  • Top-Notch Toddler
  • Completed Artistic Prodigy
  • Completed Rambunctious Scamp
  • Reached the top of the Scouts
  • Earned A in elementary school
  • Complete Social Butterfly

Mia has the day off from school, so she is going to work on Voidcritters now. She purchases 50 booster packs and finds 15/20 unique cards. She also has to learn new lines before Drama Club today at 3:30. She may get the day off from school, but not from drama club.

Eli is up and running. Not really, since apparently toddlers don’t run any more. Although he can’t run yet, he wouldn’t run if he could.

Eli is getting the chance to work on several of his skills today, both thinking and potty are improved.

Sibling bonding time. Not really, but they are both cute.

Skye works on her daily video recording. She is about halfway between celebrity level 2 and 3 and slowly picking up points. Very slowly, but then it shouldn’t be too easy.

Mia masters photography to along with her four mastered childhood skills. And counting her mastered toddler skills, she is shaping up nicely. She also gets several pictures of the landscape that she can take with her when she moves out. I am going to let her take whatever she can fit into her personal inventory and only enough to purchase her first empty lot when she moves out as a teen.

Jake takes the morning to teach her manners and how to say sorry.

Mia is not impressed with the lessons and is slowly opening voidcritter booster packs while he talks. She buys a second set of 50 and only finds two more unique cards. Now she has 17/20 and is hoping to get the last three in the next set. One session each of manners and sorry and she is halfway to earning the trait.

I was hoping to send Mia to school at the end of the day to trigger new homework but she wouldn’t go. The button was broken. So tomorrow she will go to school to get the last homework she needs, and because she is out of vacation days.

Eli masters the potty and almost masters communication. He was tired and cranky so Skye put him to bed early.

The play bug. Jake is out to head out to work and Eli wanted to play before he left. So there was this. in the background Mia is completing a spring crafts project she had started in the other house so that she can clear the art table.

Mia does get to go to drama club and she earns another promotion, this time to level 3 Practical Performer. She is definitely quitting once she has reached the top because going to club everyday is just about as irritating as going to school every day.

Skye goes into the labor and gives birth to…

While Skye is in labor, Mia is working on learning her lines so hopefully she can get the last drama club promotion tomorrow.

And it is twins… Rey (girl) and Rex (boy).

Mia heads in to meet her newest siblings (happy again), and while she is there she feeds the dust bunny and he finds her some money. After this Skye and Jake clean the house and vacuum up all the dust bunnies.

Jake is just joining the party. He realizes that Skye has given birth and runs in to see his new babies. And with that, another day is done.


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