One Sim, One Year: Week 4, Sunday

In Progress

  • Reach the top of Drama Club (level 3/4) ((-must be teen to earn the last promotion))
  • Collect Decorative Eggs (holiday scheduled Spring Monday (May 30)
  • Improve Character Values (all 5 positive values)


  • Top-Notch Toddler
  • Completed Artistic Prodigy
  • Completed Rambunctious Scamp
  • Completed Social Butterfly
  • Completed Whiz Kid
  • Reached the top of the Scouts
  • Earned A in elementary school
  • Collected Voidcritter cards (20/20)
  • Collect Holiday Plushies (8/8)

And so begins the fourth week, the week of winter, and the last ten days Mia will have as a child. The only thing she has for this week is to work on her character traits.

For Jake, he needs something fun to do and when I clicked on the need to have him auto satisfy it, apparently his idea of fun is to polish the potty to perfection. Seriously.

Today is the twins’ birthday so while they don’t need a birthday cake, Skye is going to make a birthday breakfast feast.

Last cuddles as infants and it is time to welcome them as toddlers.

Rey is the blondie and Rex has the black hair. I love how Rey has blonde hair and dark eyes while Rex has dark hair and blue eyes. Great combination of their genetics.

While the twins have now become toddlers, it is not time for Eli to become a child. This means there will be three toddlers in the house for a week, and Skye is pregnant again.

It is only lunch time, but the twins are not yet on a normal schedule, so they are put to bed and will hopefully adjust quickly.

Eli is sent on walkabout to get him out of the house. He found his way home on his own.

The pumpkins that Jake and Skye carved for Spooky Day. That was just yesterday so they haven’t gotten all rotten yet. Mia is volunteering all day today, so she isn’t home to have her picture taken.

When Mia gets home from her day of volunteering, she has Empathy in range along with Responsible. Jake spends time with her on Manners and Conflict Resolution before they call it quits and head to bed.

Jake takes a moment to tuck in all three toddlers, and that was his mistake.

Of course, the twins went to bed so early, they are ready to get up. Jake has put both of them back to bed twice, and now Rex is up with a nightmare. Jake puts him back to bed a third time and I call it a day before Rex can wake up and wake up the rest of the room.


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