One Sim, One Year: Week 4, Wednesday

In Progress

  • Reach the top of Drama Club (level 3/4) ((-must be teen to earn the last promotion))
  • Collect Decorative Eggs (holiday scheduled Week 5 (Spring) Monday (May 30)
  • Improve Character Values (4/5 positive values)
    • Responsible ✔
    • Empathy ✔
    • Manners ✔
    • Conflict Resolution ✔
    • Emotional Control (still working)


  • Top-Notch Toddler
  • Completed Artistic Prodigy
  • Completed Rambunctious Scamp
  • Completed Social Butterfly
  • Completed Whiz Kid
  • Reached the top of the Scouts
  • Earned A in elementary school
  • Collected Voidcritter cards (20/20)
  • Collect Holiday Plushies (8/8)

Today is Winterfest and is a day spent chasing the toddlers and trying to get everyone a gold holiday.

Skye works on making a Grand Feast and sets out the leftovers from Harvestfest for the little ones who can’t wait for hours to eat. Then she makes spaghetti for herself.

The challenge with the littles is sometimes it takes Father Winter to complete their holiday and he can sometimes be a little unreliable. It makes me happy to reach gold without him. In the case of this family, all of the toddlers were happy once they opened a present from the stack.

Mia reached gold after she opened a present, added a present to the stack, and sneaked a present. Four down, two to go. Skye and Jake reached gold after they ate the dinner, decorated the house, and opened a present or two.

With gold in hand, the toddlers were set about their tasks. Rey was out mastering movement.

Rex went upstairs to master communication. That just looks painful.

Eli just wandered around for literally hours. He finally had to stop to potty, eat, and he was the first one to bed.

After mastering movement, Rey began working on imagination.

Rex joined her downstairs to master movement and then he also started making messes for imagination. This was their day until it was time to stop to potty, eat, and go to bed.

Mia spent the day writing in her journal with a short break for drama club. Really. She had a drama club meeting on Winterfest. It is impossible to take a vacation or holiday from drama club. Which is stupid. The entire household was in bed before midnight. Amazing.


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