One Sim, One Year: Week 5, Saturday

In Progress

  • Improve Character Values (5/5 positive values in range)
  • Complete StrangerVille Mystery


I realized that I no longer had reShade installed. I thought I had reinstalled it several months ago but apparently not. So now it is installed again and this time I am using a preset from fantayzia called FantayziaEffects.

The house is already brighter so that is good.

Even the dark shots are more visible.

It is time for Jess’s nightly ramble.

Not only is she possessed but she is sick also.

The house comes alive and Dylan makes several meals as everyone starts waking up. There is plenty of leftovers in the fridge but he needs three more excellent meals for his aspiration and his work requirements are to make food or drink daily.

Mia is watching a movie as she plans out her day. She wants to do some more snooping around and needs to get out of the house alone.

Despite the weirdness, she is settling in fairly well with the family. She works on making friends which will help her when she heads off for the day at the “library”.

Jess might be possessed some of the time but she is still a mom and she gives Mia one of those looks.

Mia is going to fly through the aspiration mostly because I am not doing a full story on it. She is snooping around, stealing keycards, and exploring the abandoned laboratory.

She is also smart enough not to enter the pretty mist.

She even swiped a scanner she found in Jess’s closet. She isn’t worried that much about getting caught since Jess is off work until next week.

When she leaves the laboratory, things have changed quite a lot.

She chats with scientists, military officers, and conspiracy theorists around town and one of them even sends her a special filter to use for her next foray into the laboratory.

The sight of the plants growing up through the toilet sent Jess running in fear. Mia had already replaced the scanner so she never suspected that it had gone missing for awhile today.

Jess knows this is a bad sign. She is still trying to pretend that everything will be okay though.

Mia and Christie find a lot in common, other than Mia’s private investigation into the mysterious possessions. She will have to sneak out again tomorrow to see if she can get back into the laboratory. She is getting friendly enough with Christie that she might ask her to come along.


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