One Sim, One Year: Week 5, Tuesday

In Progress

  • Reach the top of Drama Club (level 3/4) ((-must be teen to earn the last promotion))
  • Improve Character Values (5/5 positive values in range)
    • Responsible ✔
    • Empathy ✔
    • Manners ✔
    • Conflict Resolution ✔
    • Emotional Control ✔


  • Top-Notch Toddler
  • Completed Artistic Prodigy
  • Completed Rambunctious Scamp
  • Completed Social Butterfly
  • Completed Whiz Kid
  • Reached the top of the Scouts
  • Earned A in elementary school
  • Collected Voidcritter cards (20/20)
  • Collect Holiday Plushies (8/8)
  • Collect Decorative Eggs (12/12)

Today is the last day of the month and the last day Mia will be a child. She will age up as soon as possible tomorrow, but I am hoping Skye will have the new baby before Mia moves out. As for Mia, she has completed everything she can do as a child. So she is going to school today to get her out of the house. And I am going to be torturing Zoe to get her to Happy Toddler. I am not even going to think about Top-Notch for her.

I cannot even remember what this was. It is morning, everyone is eating cake for breakfast despite the leftover turkey and fresh cooked egg scramble.

The toddlers are filling up their bellies although Rex and Rey will be on their own today.

Zoe has to get to level 3 in all her skills. Today. She woke up with level 3 movement, so that just leaves four more skills.

Zoe masters the potty and then heads out to watch Skye. Skye took an audition that requires level 5 guitar. She has never played guitar before so will be spending the day practicing. Zoe needs a bath really bad but she just doesn’t have time today.

Rex wanders out and watches for a minute and then decides he should be elsewhere. Zoe doesn’t have a choice yet.

The kids get back from school, Eli with a B and Mia happy that this is her last day of elementary school.

At some point, I went to check on the twins and found them in bed.

Skye is almost there. No, she actually did it. Level 0 to Level 5 in one focused day.

Zoe is on her last skills and just needs to get to level 3.


Zoe is done with her skills – level 3 across the board. She is starving, stinky, exhausted, and has really not had any fun today. She is also lonely. But she is a Happy Toddler and that is good enough.


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