One Sim, One Year: Week 5, Wednesday

This is a rough morning. I still have not been able to get everyone to bed from Tuesday night. There is also a timing concern as Skye is supposed to leave for her day at the studio about 45 minutes after she is giving birth. I was hoping that Mia would be leaving in a calm, controlled manner with all of her needs in good shape and the household remaining in a good place. That is so not going to happen. Oh and there is no food remaining for the starving toddler (Rey). And the bottom floor of the house is dusty moving quickly to dirty.

Mia has one vacation day remaining so she calls to take the day off because it is going to be busy today. She also would get the day off once she has her birthday but I didn’t want her slipping out of the house before she had a chance to age up.

Who needs sleep. Jake is in the kitchen making a cake for Mia and Skye is trying to clean the house again. Most of the toddlers are up.

Toddlers are waking up so they need something to eat that is not the cake. The fridge is still empty so someone has to actually make some breakfast. Salad, that is what is for breakfast.

It is time for Mia to blow out her candles, She is ready and so am I. Jake is still making salad and I decided to get this part done before someone took a piece of the cake.

Once she moves out she will get a makeover. For now, #wokeuplikethis. Mia adds Adventurous to her Outgoing trait, and takes the StrangerVille Mystery as her first grown up aspiration.

I am waiting on Skye to go into labor so that she can have the baby before she has to head to the studio. And Mia will be moving out the instant the new baby is here. The toddlers all need baths but that is for another time and the game to address after Mia moves out.

Rey wants all the attention … no wait, that is Zoe. She is sitting on Rey’s bed. I am still waiting on Skye but she should be going into labor any minute.

And the new baby joins the family. Ben is a boy and Mia is moving out. Finally. I love this family but it is time to make some changes.

Bye babies! Love you!! Good luck getting your bath!!!


I didn’t prep a lot for this change other than coming up with a reason that Mia moves out of a loving household as a teen. So, she has the opportunity to spend a semester as an exchange student in StrangerVille, living with the Sigworth family. She has two tasks remaining from her childhood – earning the last promotion in the Drama Club and hanging on to her character traits until she becomes a Young Adult. As a teen, she will need to reach an A in school and complete the StrangerVille Mystery aspiration. With Mia moving out, Emily and Skye’s household will both be marked as unplayed so they will age up on the Long lifespan.

Mia moves in with the Sigsworths and apparently there are two new toddlers in the family. Thanks MCCC. By the time I had decided on where Mia was going and how it was going to play out, and remembered to set lifespan on Long, Christie had become a teen and Jess had given birth to two little boys. They are not twins.

I have completed the mystery two or three times previously so I know what is coming. But this is the first time I will be taking one of the premade families along for the ride.

First things first, everyone gets a makeover and then there are introductions to the Sigworth household. Okay, not everyone. Mia and Christie and the toddlers had makeovers. Dylan and Jess got to keep their own style. Thankfully it is already time for Jonah (green) to age up – his bar is bubbling. Hugh (blue) is also going to age up, making them basically twins. After leaving the last house with all the toddlers, I am ready for there to not be toddlers in this household. Children, I can ignore.

The next step is to upgrade the house to hold all the sims. The original house is small and cramped for three sims. Now there are six living here. So, using the money Mia brought with her, they are able to upgrade to a three-bedroom house from the gallery.

The house I downloaded had a lot of walls, so the remodel consisted of removing almost all of them. The two kids bedrooms are updated with bunkbeds so everyone now has a place to sleep. At least they will as soon as the toddler become children.

Jonah and Hugh are heading inside to put away a book sitting out. The need sims feel to put away books causes them to drop or ignore other actions and direction, and is really irritating. I put the book away and told them to sit on the couch until Dylan can get some food made.

Mia still has the clay and I am trying to not sell it but that is another thing that they seem to find distracting. Mia has been collecting things, which she will not sell until she is living alone. In addition to her inventory, she took all the excess funds from Skye, leaving them with §20,000. She will do the same when she leaves this house on July 1. Anything over §20,000 will be hers to take, plus anything in her inventory.

Dylan gets the cake made so he starts with Jonah, who is already bubbling. Jess had to go to work and Christie went to school, so it is just Dylan, Mia, and the twins.

After Jonah blows out his candles, it is time for Hugh to blow out some candles. I was serious about not having toddlers in this household. I am also going to give Dylan a snip-snip so autonomous woohoo does not lead to long-lasting consequences.

Once the boys are aged up, they spend the afternoon working on homework. Mia also completed hers and then went to Drama Club to work on her last promotion. Jonah is a Geek.

Hugh is evil. Of course he is.

Dylan is a Stay-Home Dad, although since the toddlers are children, he might consider finding a part time job. He is a Genius, Perfectionist, Bookworm with the Nerd Brain aspiration. Maybe he will get a fulltime job.

Jess and Christie both come home at the same time. Jess is in the military, obviously. She is Outgoing, Active, and Family-oriented. Her aspiration is to have a Successful Lineage. Christie always grows up into this hair in my games, she was able to keep it during her makeover. She is also a lot older than Mia, but that doesn’t matter as long as they aren’t aging. Christie is Active and a Recycle Disciple. I hate that trait because they tend to get rid of their own furniture without my permission. Christie wants to move to the city when she finishes school with the City Native aspiration.

Everyone needs to go to bed. This has been a long day and the longest update so far this challenge.

In order to get her last promotion, Mia needs to be at level 3 in Acting. She took two back to back classes in the skill which got her to high level 2. She takes a quick moment to learn some lines and there is level 3. That means tomorrow, she should reach the top of Drama Club and then she will be able to quit it.

{sigh} So close. Everyone had just gone to bed and I was about to call it an update, when the damned monsters showed up reminding me that I forgot the night light and showing me that monsters under the bottom bunk wake up both sleepers.

Night light has been installed and both boys are napping away their fear.


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