One Sim, One Year: Week 6, Sunday


This will give you an idea of how far ahead I had played to end out May. I had to remove the custom hairs for the moment in order to allow for updates related to the new hair colors. So, Emily, Skye, and Mia once again have EA hair.
Another item of note is that Mia will be completing the Star Wars aspirations while she lives in StrangerVille, so during the month of June. Her goal is to get it all done in one month of playtime. So as soon as she completes the StrangerVille mystery, which should be soon, she will then begin spending time on Batuu. I still don’t know how this will work with her school attendance, but will see as we go. I have never done any of these aspirations with a teen, so we are all in for a treat.

Mia had quickly earned her A when she moved to StrangerVille. She completed the last promotion in Drama Club. The only thing she has left for being a teen is to maintain her character traits until her birthday. Outside of teen specific activities, she technically has to complete five aspirations. With the addition of likes and dislikes, Mia sets Blue as her favorite color, and she likes Island Music, Latin Pop Music, and World Music while disliking METAL MUSIC. She will wait to see which activities she likes as time passes.

Mia had decided to investigate why there were so many strange possessions happening, especially since it was effecting Jess and the entire family was just ignoring it. She made a lot of progress on Saturday by dedicating the entire day to the investigation. Now she has the special suit that should allow her to get into the lower levels of the laboratory, as soon as she can get away from the house.

Mia had not realized today was Summerfest and there is a family thing happening. There is supposed to be grilling and water fun and fireworks and even drinking. Although Jess says they can have lemonade for that.

The boys head out to play on the water slide with Jess.

Dylan is working the grill so that they will have plenty to eat today.

Everyone just pretends to not notice the pink flutters flittering around everywhere. Mia is ready to check out the laboratory, but first they have to complete the traditions for the holiday.

It takes all morning, but thankfully they are at a break point around lunch. Mia and Christie plan on leaving right after lunch although Christie doesn’t know where they are going. Mia told her it was a surprise.

Mia finishes up a slide to say she did and heads inside to see if Christie is ready to go.

Christie is a little surprised when they end up at the laboratory but she isn’t really interested. She just hangs around while Mia gets ready to go inside.

Mia puts on the suit and heads through the locked doors with the keycard she bought from the curio stand.

Christie hangs back because of the mist in the hallway but it soon clears and she follows Mia to the lower level.

That is a surprise and Christie decides she would rather go home now. Please and thank you.

Mia stays behind to collect more spore clusters and then she checks out the plants. it is now obvious that they are important to the story. After collecting several plants, she heads back to the house. She did not realize how late it was and was able to sneak inside and into bed without any noticing.


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