One Sim, One Year: Week 6, Tuesday

Having completed the StrangerVille Mystery several times already, I am finding it invasive (see what I did there) and Mia is ready to get it solved and resolved. As I was playing today, I thought of how I am going to handle things after the mystery is solved, while Mia works on the Star Wars aspirations. So now, of course, I am ready to move forward.

Since today is a School Holiday, Mia takes advantage of the free day to head back to the laboratory to work on the vaccine. Everyone else is actually sent to work and school to keep them distracted from the fact that Mia keeps disappearing from the house without explanation.

She has accumulated plenty of suggestions and information from others in the community and now she begins creating an experimental vaccine to save the world. Like teens do all the time in the dystopian and paranormal novels.

After spending all morning working on the vaccines, she has three samples she is ready to test out. Now she just needs to find someone that is actively possessed. Three someones.

While she is stalking the little town looking for signs of possession, she runs into Grandma Emily. Who is still looking young and not at all elderly.

After testing out her three vaccines, she is ready to make the real thing. But not today since it is time to head home. She will take a vacation day tomorrow and the day after so that she can keep working. The school here is a four-day school so there aren’t any classes on Friday, which means she will have five days to get this resolved before she starts back to school.


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