One Sim, One Year: Week 6, Wednesday

Jess heads out for her daily possessed run around the neighborhood. It is time to get this thing handled so they can get back to a normal life.

Mia wakes up when Jess gets up and slips out of the house while everyone else is sleeping. She gets back into the laboratory and makes up several vaccines.

She tries it first on Jess and she seems to be cured. Or at least fairly normal for the time. Then she vaccinates Dylan and Christie. They all agree to help fight the Mother Plant.

Wasting no time, Dylan and Jess take a PTO day and Christie takes the day off from school. They all head to the laboratory, following Mia to the lowest level.

The fight was close but they squeaked out a win, killing the Mother before she could infect them.

Dylan put in a lot of effort during the fight, without ever getting dressed. This is even worse than women in movies, running in heels.

Back at the house, it is early afternoon and the boys aren’t even home from school yet. But all of the strange plants are gone and there aren’t any vines in the house.

Mia is so over high school, she has started to consider ways she could graduate early. Truthfully, I am not sure I can live with her being a teen ager for an entire month, but we will see what happens.

Everyone went off to attend to the remainder of the day, but Mia decides to stay home. She fiddles around with learning to program but found it really boring. She wasn’t willing to go as far as saying she disliked programming, but it definitely not something she enjoys.

Skye drops by for a late night visit, while Mia works on her writing skill. She was hoping she would be able to write an excuse for herself to miss school, but she can only write it for the others in the house. That sucks.

This is supposed to stop. Ugh. It is about time for Mia to take a vacation on Batuu. I am saving and closing the game to see if maybe it will be okay when I reopened for the next day of play.


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