One Sim, One Year: Week 8, Friday

That is such a mischievous look on Mia’s face. She just pickpocketed 150 credits from the Supreme Commander.

She finally gets the final mission done. Apparently the regular missions also count as exploring. I didn’t figure that out until just now.

So, it is time to head into the forest looking for the resistance. But first a quick stop in Black Spire Outpost to freshen up.

She finds the resistance encampment without any trouble and slips around without being seen.

She is able to slice into the control panel to get into the bunker and then she is able to slice into the table and skim some credits.

Then she gets caught. At least the aspiration is completed and she can move away from the First Order now.

Although the resistance was really upset with her and escorted her out. Out of the bunker.

And out of the encampment. They were taking no chances.

They sent her back to Black Spire Outpost. Mia is going to get some sleep and then she will begin making amends with the resistance and doing her best to become one of them.

It is still daytime though so Mia freshens up and heads back to camp. She is determined to become a resistance member. This time she runs into Rey at the camp entrance, and Rey is willing to meet her.

No one else is there so she heads deeper into camp when they aren’t looking. She is able to talk with Vi Moradi and renounce her standing with the First Order.

That helps a lot although there are a lot of sims still pissed at her.

At least now they aren’t waving her off before she can introduce herself.

She takes a small mission designed to prove her intentions and then she explores the cave. She will begin working on the mission in the morning.


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