One Sim, One Year: Week 8, Saturday

Mia continues to work to earn the trust of the resistance. She also continues to loot where she can.

She knows a lot of the storm troopers so everywhere she goes, they stop her to chat. That makes things awkward just a little.

She even finds time to hang out at the cantina and chat with Hondo.

She attracts attention whenever she is slicing into the control panels, but so far she hasn’t gotten into any trouble.

The resistance is finally ready to let her meet Vi Moradi, officially, since she actually met her a few days ago.

Vi has some missions Mia can perform to continue to earn their trust and prove her loyalty.

She even gets to take the fighter out on one mission. After she helped repair it, of course.

Rey wanders about the camp doing things. And she practices a lot.

Mia is recruiting members for the resistance. She wishes she could recruit the sims that she recruited to the First Order, to bring them over to the right side. But she can’t. She can only recruit from neutral sims.

The Supreme Commander is still friendly with Mia. He doesn’t seem to know that she has switched sides yet. This is a good thing.

Mia gets out while she can, before she attracts the wrong kind of attention.

She needed to get into the First Order bunker so she had Gadget make a distraction.

Inside the bunker she was able to slice into the control table. This is too easy.

Back at the bar, the evening comes to a close. Mia actually had a good day.


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