One Sim, One Year: Week 8, Sunday

Mia needs to complete aspirations for both sides of the conflict and since I want her to end up on the right side, that means she has to start with the First Order. For every point of reputation in the First Order she will lose reputation with the Resistance. That will be a fun hole to did out of, and no, this is not something I have ever completed.

She begins working her way through the simple missions. She would just piddle but to complete the aspiration she has to reach the max level with the First Order. The only need she has trouble with is her fun need. Everything else is still doing good.


I played through the entire day and ran first into a bug that might prevent her from completing the aspiration and then the game got hung and crashed. When I loaded the game back up Mia is back to the beginning of the day. The bug is that she can’t obtain a droid and the crash was due to a locked out save button so the game couldn’t be saved. I am saving every few minutes to make sure she gets through today without having to replay it again.

Mia spends the entire day building reputation with the First Order by running supplies around. She is hesitant to get back to harassing other sims, but she will only be able to put that off for a day.

Kylo Ren shows up today and begins wandering around the place.

Mia heads back to Oga’s Cantina for food and to recruit some humans into the First Order.

When she slips away from my control, she immediately heads over to introduce herself to Kylo Ren.

It is time to start checking IDs and arresting resistance members.

That didn’t go so well, so once Mia wakes up she is calling it a day and heading to bed.


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