One Sim, One Year: Week 8, Thursday

Mia needs to explore five times so she heads out for the first one. She gets credit for starting the second one but then the tie fighter needs repairs. Once it is repaired, she has to wait for a cooldown before she can explore again. How long is the f*cking cooldown? No one knows.

Mia spends the down time upgrading Gadget. It looks like about a 6-8 hour cooldown. She needs three trips, and thinks she will be done with the aspiration sometime on Friday. She still has to get into the resistance bunker but is planning on that being the last thing she does for the First Order.

Mia gets her third mission done, and she is waiting for the cooldown, so she goes exploring around Batuu.

She realizes that she doesn’t have a lightsaber so it is time to get that. She takes a lightsaber challenge, so using parts she has collected she builds her own.

She uses the Commanding hilt and the Purple Kyber crystal and she is ready for the challenge.

The challenge lasts quite a long time.

Mia is triumphant and disarms her opponent. She receives a hilt she didn’t have and another kyber crystal that is a duplicate that she doesn’t have. She is close to completing the collection – only need one hilt and one crystal.


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