One Sim, One Year: Week 9, Friday

Today is the big day. Mia makes sure to pack her treasure chest and several over items from the house. She bundles up Chatouille and they head to the new house in Britechester. She was going to live in the dorms but she adopted Chat so that is not an option.

Mia moves into a rental house from the gallery by Dead43215. It is way more than she should be able to afford but don’t tell anyone.

The house is nice, but I did make some changes to make it work for Mia and Chat.

Then, since it is still too early in the morning, Mia heads to bed.

Chat finds her bed also and the ladies sleep until morning.

Friday morning it is time to enroll in college. Mia checks her application and her scholarships. She has received a scholarship for Building the Future and one for Super Scout. She applied for one as a Britechester Resident.

While she waits to see if there will be any last minute scholarships, Mia heads out for a jog and to see her new neighborhood. Then it is back home and time to enroll in the University of Britechester. She receives a final scholarship of Merit and the three together will cover the cost of her classes.

Mia joins the Distinguished Communications program and her first semester classes are:

  • Communication Basics – final exam
  • How Culture Influences Society – presentation
  • Sourcing Data: Intro to Journalism – final exam
  • Bowling Deadwood (elective) – term paper

Mia should be working on her term paper and presentation but today is Love Day and she is hoping to have a better one than last year. But that means she needs someone to love. She looks through her contacts and remembers one of the librarians from StrangerVille. He was nice and single so she calls him and invites him over for a date. He arrives in a sad then tense mood, but she has the skills to calm his emotions.

With Ren feeling better, Mia gets down to the business of enjoying Love Day.

The date goes well and Mia finally has her first kiss.

They take selfies to commemorate their first successful date.

And then they satisfy a whim Mia had when Ren first arrived.

Today has been a very successful day for Mia – her first kiss and her first woohoo. She and Ren agree to begin date exclusively and they will see where their relationship goes. Ren is Neat, Bookworm, and Clumsy.

Once Ren heads home, Mia starts to work on her schoolwork. She completes first drafts on her term paper and the beginnings of her presentation. Then she calls it a very successful day and heads to bed.


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