One Sim, One Year: Week 9, Sunday

Mia loves the resistance camp. It is nice and clean and open and not crowded at all.

Another mission which means more trips to the cantina and to the First Order compound. She collects information and tools, passing them to resistance contacts, and trying to stay under the radar with the First Order.

She got caught in the First Order bunker trying to slice into the control panel again. Gadget was making a distraction, but was too far away for it to be helpful.

It took all of Mia’s effort to get out of trouble and not get arrested. They are starting to be aware of her true loyalties but they still don’t know the extent of her rebellion.

She passes off the item she was able to steal from the chest in the bunker. She is moving up the ladder with the resistance quickly, which is good because her gap year is coming to an end in a few days. She has to be done before she leaves.

The next time she sneaks into the bunker, the distraction by Gadget is well done and there is no one to catch her.

Another mission, to find a defector. This was so misleading.

Mia locates the defector and she is able to pass along the information for the resistance.

Unfortunately, she was immediately arrested. That was enough distraction for Mia to escape without notice.

Mia heads back to camp and catches up on news with Rey. Things are going well despite Rey’s expression.

She really spends a lot of time in the cantina. It is the only place where she can find any fun.

Exhausted, she heads off to get some sleep and freshen up. It is early so I expected her day to be over.

It wasn’t. She woke up and ate and then started working on her next assignment – to obtain an uniform of an officer of the First Order. She tried seduction, she tried bribery, and she tried fighting.

She is now attracting way too much attention.

Mia will be spending the rest of the night being questioned and then arrested. Maybe tomorrow will be a good day.


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