One Sim, One Year: Week 9, Tuesday

The house that Mia is living in was downloaded from the Gallery. It is setup in the place of the tiny trailer, Slip 42. It is a cute house, but definitely only built for a single sim, possibly two sims if they don’t need any actual personal space.

Mia is back in StrangerVille for three days. She will be applying to university now, and applying for scholarships. She will move to Britechester when the term starts on Monday of next week. Which means she won’t actual register for classes until Friday (which will be July 1). Mia’s new aspiration is Academic.

As a recap, Mia completed all four Star Wars aspirations and completed collecting both of the Star Wars collections along with three other collections while she was a child. She has also mastered two skills. She is going to low-key complete the Master Simmer Challenge, at least as related to aspirations, careers, and skills. I hope.

Mia considered setting up a museum but they are a pain to manage, with buying a second lot and then the building. Instead she buys a storage chest and sticks everything in there: voidcritter cards, plushies, eggs, lightsaber hilts, kyber crystals, Batuu records, along with all of her treasures. Except for Bun Bun, the reward for collecting the eggs, and Gadget, who will probably just remain in her inventory.

Sitting in her house, all alone, and the first thing she eats is a fruitcake. That was not a good decision.

Mia basically spends today figuring out what she can do and can’t. She works on a museum which becomes a storage chest. She tries to adopt a cat but it takes several attempts before she manages to add Minette Chatouille Chat to her household. Apparently something about the name, Minette Patina, triggers the EA censors in CAS. So, Chatouille joins the family and we will be calling her Chat. Chat is a solid white Ragdoll and her name is French (pronounce “chat” more like “shaa”)

Mia and Chat spend the afternoon getting to know each other. Chat is Affectionate, Friendly, and Lazy. Not so obvious here, but with her gap year coming to an end, Mia updates her hair style and some of her outfits.

Mia takes a couple of quick classes in Handiness and Programming. With all of the work she did on Batuu, her programming and handiness skills were in the high level 8 range. The classes bumped both skills up to level 9. Chat got in some sleep and then when Mia got home they both went to bed.


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