One Sim, One Year: Week 9, Wednesday

I already love Chat. She is lazy and really doesn’t get into trouble. When Mia does have to scold her, she has no idea why.

Mia decides to spend the day with her parents and siblings. There are a lot of toddlers standing there but only three out of four belong to the house.

The three that belong are heading inside while Mia greets Skye and Jake.

There was a discussion. Maybe Mia is telling Skye that she has applied for college and is waiting for her letters.

They just hung out here chatting until I finally got Mia to go knock on the door so we could get into the house.

Mia bakes a cake because it is time for the twins to have a birthday. Zoe is also close, but since she isn’t one of the twins, she will not get to blow out candles today.

The house is trashed and my anxiety level shot through the roof.

Mia helps Rey blow out her candles.

Then she helps Rex blow out his candles.

This hair just won’t do.

Rex is rocking the pink and I am loving the look on him.

Mia spent hours cleaning the house and then she danced with Eli for a little while.

To celebrate the twins’ birthday, they all head out to the park.

Even Chat joins them for this part of the day.

I couldn’t stand it so Rex and Rey got makeovers. Rey had to get the hair of her namesake and clothes that match.

Rex got to keep the pink but lost the glasses.

Zoe already was dressed by me but Ben got an update since he was running around half naked all the time. He got to keep the glasses because he had them in every outfit. Rey did not.

The toddlers really want to sleep but the green dude keeps dancing to the music and it is hard to sleep with the noise.

Mia has received both her scholarship awards and an acceptance letter from the university. It is too early to register because she doesn’t want to start classes until Monday, so the letters remain in her inventory for now.

Leaving her family at the park, Mia and Chat head home.

No one lives in the motor home next door, so Mia and Chat use their outdoor furniture to enjoy the evening just a little longer.


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