Lifestates Dynasty

Building Blocks, Chapter 3

I thought about giving the toddlers a makeover, but I don’t expect they will be toddlers after today. They just need to improve their movement and thinking skills to level 3 in order to qualify […]

Lifestates Dynasty

Building Blocks, Chapter 2

I was just going to play the first chapter to get them started, but I want to get back into the jungle, so here is another chapter. Billy and Caitlyn are recharging their batteries before […]

Lifestates Dynasty

Building Blocks, Chapter 1

Here I am, piddling around, and I decide to start a(nother) dynasty. This time it is the Life-States Dynasty located at Carl’s forums. In this challenge, a married couple has volunteered to raise 45 children […]

Seven heroes Dynasty

Firemane Heroes, Chapter 1

The newest Dynasty over at Carl’s is the Seven Heroes Dynasty. 2020 as a year has left a lasting mark on just about everything. This dynasty is a tribute to the heroes of 2020 – […]

Boolprop Olympic Challenge

GBOC75: Adalynn Waller

And here we are with a new attempt at the Olympic 75. Adalynn was originally created for a Random Legacy which I never actually started. So, she was updated and will be taking on this […]

Boolprop Olympic Challenge

GBOC75: Grace Noel

Moving on to the next step in this challenge – Grace Noel will be working on producing 75 pets. For this challenge I will be pulling out the two pups that I created for the […]

Boolprop Olympic Challenge

GBOC50: Shannon Tierney

The next challenge I am going to attempt is the 50 count activity. I am bringing one of my previous sims out of retirement – Shannon was originally created to test out the Sliding Doors […]

Boolprop Olympic Challenge

GBOC25: Zella Paine 2

Time is passing by and it is soon time for Zivah to become a toddler. Caleb helps her out of the bassinet, teaches her to walk, and she rolls Silly. Lilith and Zella are busy […]

Boolprop Olympic Challenge

GBOC25: Zella Paine 1

I am starting over the 25 count portion of the challenge, this time with a vampire. Her activity will be to turn 25 sims into vampires. Zella Paine is Gloomy, Erratic, and Outgoing. Her aspiration […]