2021 Challenges

Calling All High Achievers

Welcome back to another challenge from Carl’s Tournament for 2021. This challenge is about earning the achievements, as many points as possible in two game weeks. Calling All High Achievers Dolly Breaux is going to […]

May 2021

One Sim, One Year: Week 1, Monday

The good thing about their work schedules is that Emily works late evening and Skye’s gigs are normally in the morning and early afternoon. That means there is generally always someone in the house to […]

One Sim One Year

One Sim, One Year Master List

Master list of links to Mia’s story Simmers! If you’re interested in writing and/or reading sims stories, participating in fun competitions and events, joining a friendly and welcoming community, completing legacies and challenge and earning […]

2021 Challenges

Four Life States, Four Sure

I am getting bad about letting these wait until the last minute to begin playing. This challenge is to have one of each of four life states, with each sim completing a set number of […]

Seven heroes Dynasty

Firemane Heroes, Chapter 4

I realized as I was loading up the game just now that while I talk about the increased skilling gains that is received when the toddlers and kids complete certain things but neither Aurelia nor […]

Seven heroes Dynasty

Firemane Heroes, Chapter 3

Sofia gets started working on her hero prep requirements – she is reading seven non-skill books instead of completing emotional whims, for the variety. She has also completed the scouting badges, collected seven fish, and […]

2021 Challenges

All the Emotions

The next tournament challenge is Emotional Rollercoaster. The goal is to complete emotional whims for four days, and then to move in more sims to capture emotional states for the last three days. This is […]

Seven heroes Dynasty

Firemane Heroes, Chapter 2

Aurelia begins training Sofia and I really do love the Tiny House boosts. Sofia is wild so she rejects everything Aurelia suggests. But since she is a toddler, she still has to do what she […]