Paintings of the World

The tournament is running differently this year. There are two challenges each month with the first one running just a week and the second one running two weeks. The challenges this year are designed to be simple enough and generally fast to play. The schedule for 2023 can be found here: Tournament Schedule.

Paintings of the World

Challenge runs January 9-22, 2023

The second challenge is to paint, paint, paint for two weeks in game, and then to calculate your total from the 10 top-valued paintings. All paintings included in the top 10 count must be painted using Paint from Reference.

The painter for this challenge will be Bethany Hills. Bethany is a Creative, Cheerful, Art Lover. She is taking the Painter Extraordinaire aspiration although it is still to be determined if she will even worry about it. But it will give her the Muser trait and she will pick up Creative Visionary reward trait to increase the value of her paintings.

Bethany starts off on a small lot in Newcrest, purchasing an easel and sketchpad. She builds a tiny bathroom to qualify as a tier 1 micro home for You Got the Touch (increased skilling). She also adds Home Studio, Natural Light, and Study Spot as lot traits.

I decide pretty quick to go ahead and increase the size of the tiny home to the middle tier. She still gets You Got the Touch but she also has more room inside. She is not a vampire so she will have needs.

She begins painting on the tablet and unlocks Paint by Reference. She takes a photo of herself and then uses it to paint by reference.

Several times. Although at this point she is using a mirror to paint herself.

She heads across the street to the pond and paints there. Of course none of these early paintings will be in the top ten but she is testing out the best way to paint by reference.

She gets a good painting of Lily – most of them up to this point have been the back of someone walking away.

Taking the easel to a local bar, she sets up and is able to complete a handful of paintings.

She is floating around to different locations looking for good subjects to paint and best places to paint.

She finally masters painting. I say finally, but it is still Monday I believe. No. She mastered painting earlier and this is when she completed the aspiration.

She sells all the paintings that don’t qualify and also the ones that are lower than the top ten. She keeps the cat painting as it was the last masterpiece she had to paint for her aspiration, and it is cute.

She sets up in Selvadorada and gets several high value paintings.

She finds this lovely spot out behind the Selvadoradian museum.

In Sulani she paints the waterfall. She also painted the volcano. At this point, the first week is ending and she has one more week to paint. I am definitely not getting pictures of everything she is painting. I will take a final picture of the top ten paintings at the end of the challenge.

Interesting glitch with two masterpiece paintings. Completely white for some reason. In the end it is okay as they would not have been in the top ten.

Nothing like setting up the easel in the water. It didn’t work out so well as the painting wasn’t in the top ten.

Bethany continues to bounce around the worlds, looking for something interesting to paint.

Her celebrity status is going up which means she is getting mobbed everywhere she goes now. This was at the beginning.

Her self painting was bounced out of the top ten but she didn’t want to sell it, so it will join the kitty in the house.

Her top ten are high enough now that it is rare to paint one that is worth enough. That being said, Bethany has a large household fund now after selling everything that isn’t a top ten painting.

Finally, the challenge is over. These are the top ten paintings, all painted from reference. Her total value is §71,085.

Pelekila Ausage110911
Elvire Cabbage98042
Magic Portal88933
Ferris Wheel86534
Walk of Fame70305
Romulo Gomez64316
Ash Harjo53527
Shaun Feldman48388
Admiral’s Wreckage47949
Old Penelope419910


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