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After finishing the career mode, I decided to move into the franchise mode, and to complete as many of the achievements as possible. There are two achievements that will take time – Create 25 zoos and fully research everything in game – animals, diseases, mechanical.

So far, I have opened seven zoos and maybe half of the species available. I haven’t taken a lot of pictures, but here are the ones I did take.

Zoo #1 – Education. For this zoo, I completed all the mechanical and all the diseases, along with about 20 animals.

My first species placed – the Llama.

Joining the Llama is the Flamingo. These are albinos.


Adding to the zoo, one species at a time.

The jaguar is up the tree, and yes they can get over the fence if the tree is too close.

Last view of the zoo. I got tired so the last few habitats are not so pretty.

Zoo #2 – Conservation. This zoo are the species listed as Critically Endangered. While in reality there are many, in the game there are eight. I also am testing out the grid, which means I am back to the squares.

Added drink and food, and you would think everyone was starving.

All eight species have been added to the zoo.

Zoo #3 – Genetics. This zoo is all about getting the “perfect” genetics. There is an achievement for having an animal that has over 90% in each of the four genetic categories: Size, Longevity, Fertility, and Immunity.

I started by pulling the best of the best from my first two zoos, and then watching the trading for good animals to breed.

I have both kinds of elephants – Indian and African. There is also an achievement for breeding both species in the same zoo.

My West African Lion pair. Albinos are actually fairly common in the game, so you will see those a lot.

Baby lions, and the mama, doing what cats do.

I finally got my “perfect” animal. And I just have to laugh because the mama, Asha, inbred with her brother before I could get him out of the habitat. So all the work I did, getting the genetics was completed through inbreeding. Admittedly, Oseye was one of four for this pregnancy. Two of her siblings were born infertile. The oldest had good genetics but not over 90%. Oseye was the last born, and completed the achievement for me.

Zoo #4 – All the Cats. For this zoo, I decided to use all of the cat species as the anchors. Ziyad was born in the last zoo and he will be the first to be placed in the new zoo.

I find him a mate, and the first habitat is open.

All six cat species are placed – Jaguar, West African Lion, Cheetah, Bengal Tiger, Snow Leopard, Siberian Tiger. Now to fill in the empty spots in the middle.

My zoos are fairly small. I have the entire green plain to build on, and I am only using a fraction of the total.

All of the habitats are full. Joining the cats are both species of Tortoise, Peafowl, and Chinese Pangolin. I think this really looks like a college campus.

The cats enjoying a Blood Pumpkin.

Winter storm and all of the animals lost their minds. This is the first one to come through and no one had heaters.

The cheetahs are ignoring the watchers.

Zoo #5 – Only Albinos. I took no pictures because this zoo is barely started. It will be used as I find albinos that I can add to the zoo. It is placed in the Tundra in Antarctica, because I love the pain. Apparently. So all white animals in an all white place. I have four species in it so far.

Zoo #6 – Community Challenge. This is the zoo I will use for community challenges. They are every two weeks and tend to be breed 60,000 of a certain animal. Everyone playing in franchise is counted for their contribution. My first challenge is to breed 60,000 Gold-rated primates. So I create a zoo with a single species – Red Ruffed Lemurs. I contribute 6-7 gold-rated babies, collect the first couple rewards, along with the achievement for participating in a community challenge. The challenge ran from June 1-6, and the community finished above 92%. Meaning it is June 6 and we are at 92% collectively. It is possible there will be 4,800 primates born today before the challenge ends. Each challenge, I will add another habitat and the required species to this zoo.

Zoo 37 – Water Lovers. This zoo is all the species that require water as part of their habitat. I suck at the water building, but I did get a lake and a “river” set up here.

A close up of the hippos.

I even added a boat ride to the lake.

And I had the first animal death that was completely my fault. I was pulling seed animals from my previous zoos, and then I was putting the siblings back so there wouldn’t be any inbreeding. Apparently I didn’t pay attention when I pulled them out, so anyways. While putting the Gharials back, I accidentally added a Nile Monitor to the same habitat. Wali, the monitor, immediately killed Manya, the gharial. I still feel so bad about this. All of the other animals that have died have died from old age.

Then it was almost time for Eco-Living to release, so I had a couple of hours to kill and wasn’t ready to start another franchise zoo. Instead, I went into Sandbox and begin building a “good” zoo. Slowly. In Sandbox, there is unlimited money to spend and everything is unlocked. This is the entrance and courtyard that I use for each of my zoos – some version anyways depending on money available. On the right is the Tortoise habitat, containing both species – Galapagos and Aldabra. On the left is the Lemur habitat, containing both Red Ruffed and Ring-Tailed. As I play the other zoos and have ideas of what I want to include, I will continue to add to this zoo over time. This should be my one Sandbox zoo. Oh, and I can use it to build habitats, get them exactly right, and then save the blueprint to use in Franchise. Unfortunately, I can’t just transfer this zoo into Franchise.

So, now it is time to play Drifter House 011 with Thiago. Of course, by the time you read this, I will have already posted the first update of the house.


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