Potter Legacy, Chapter 7

As we begin the 7th rotation,we are halfway through rehoming our households.  The Potter’s take advantage of the move to snag the Parkshore lot.

Everyone settles in and catches up on what they need to do.  Gwen relaxes with a viewing of figure skating.

Travis works on his programming.

Cecil and Daksha play chess.

Cyrus completes his homework.

Bella Goth comes over to welcome them to the neighborhood.

After finishing his homework, Cyrus heads up to his private balcony to practice his guitar.

A new addition from the Fitness pack – Plumboomba Dance Video.

Daksha has to read three books and play three games of chess.

Cecil purchases a rocket ship and gets to building.

Daksha is starting in the medical field.

She is making coffee – not sure what shocked her – maybe the coffee pot was really dirty.

Treating Mortimer.

Cyrus scopes out his future wife.

They take the rocket for a spin and a little bit of fooling around.

Back to work the next day, Mortimer is back – he might be a little bit hypochondriac.

Travis is an elder.  The first generation is reaching that certain age.

With her training done, Daksha and Cecil decide to have a nooboo.

Cecil is excited.

Time for Cyrus to grow up.

And he promptly proposes to Cassandra – okay, not so promptly as he had to invite her over and surprise her with a birthday cake first.  They move in with Cassandra’s family.

Cecil has a bad trip – literally.

Third trimester – aching back – beginning of the day’s shift.

Back later that evening to give birth to the third generation…

Into the machine…

…and out comes twins…

Jeffrey and Jessica

Gwendolyn Potter

  • Aspiration: Bodybuilder – Completed
  • Career: Athlete – MVP
  • Traits: Active, Clumsy, Family-oriented
    • Bonus: High Metabolism, Business Savvy
    • Earned: Long-Lived
    • Rewards: Gym Rat, Frugal, Speed Cleaner, Entrepreneurial

Travis Scott Potter

  • Aspiration: Computer Whiz – Completed
  • Career: Tech Guru – Dot-Com Pioneer
  • Traits: Geek, Outgoing, Self-assured
    • Bonus: Quick Learner, Business Savvy
    • Earned: Webmaster
    • Rewards: Entrepreneurial

Cecil Potter

  • Aspiration: Nerd Brain – Nerd Brain
  • Career: Astronaut – Command Center Lead
  • Toddler Trait: Inquisitive
  • Traits: Bookworm, Childish, Clumsy
    • Bonus: Quick Learner
    • Earned: Happy Toddler, Mentally Gifted, Compassionate, Responsible

Daksha Potter

  • Aspiration: Renaissance Sim – Jack of Some Trades
  • Career: Doctor – Medical Assistant
  • Toddler Trait: Inquisitive
  • Traits: Active, Cheerful, Good
    • Bonus: Quick Learner

Jeffrey Potter

  • Infant

Jessica Potter

  • Infant


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