Proud of Darkness, Chapter 10

I am so glad that I am finally not pregnant again.  Never again.  It is back to me and Raven.  I mean there are still the kids – four of them now.  But I am done with that pregnancy stuff.

I did figure out why Anvi kept ignoring Larceny.  When I hired her, apparently I only specified that she was providing care for Avarice so that is all she did – very literal.  Since I didn’t specify that she was a care-giver for Larceny, she ignored him.  Well, I fixed that with Srik.  After Anvi’s unfortunate early retirement, I explained to him how he could keep a place in the household.  He agreed to become Larceny’s caregiver.  Finally, the boy is getting his first bath (ever maybe) and Srik actually introduced him to the potty (first time).

Srik and I are still not speaking any more than necessary.  In fact, I would say we are still enemies.  But as long as he takes care of the boy and then the twins as needed, things should be fine.  He will need to quit his job although he hasn’t realized that yet.  He has already basically abandoned his wife and family and we don’t need any questions coming up from his sudden reappearance around town.  I still need to learn to cook pufferfish nigiri for future need.  He has proven to difficult to dispose of in the past and I need to plan ahead for his retirement.

I think Larceny is starting to realize that Avarice is growing up.  In fact, I believe this may be her last night in the nursery.  I will have to find a new room for her to sleep as she will be outgrowing the toddler room, and with Srik moving in and the birth of the twins, he needs to remain next to their room for awhile longer.  Avarice is going to need a room of her own.  I have decided that the boy will be moving upstairs to the attic apartment when he outgrows the toddler room but I haven’t yet decided what will happen with the twins.  So many changes coming, so many decisions to be made.

I wanted to head into to town, it had been awhile since I had left the mansion.  I found the Japanese food stall and I don’t know what got into me.  Instead of just asking for the recipe for the Pufferfish Nigiri, I tasted it myself.  It was awful!  I threw that shit up immediately – but I think I know how to make it now.  The true test is coming.

Then I just started playing around with my powers, mostly just reading personalities.

And, it seemed like every female I met was pregnant.  It is like an epidemic!

But then I met Yuki.  We talked for awhile, and because her house was so crowded and it was getting late, I invited her back to the mansion.

Of course, Raven had to give her usual unfriendly greeting.

But after that, we talked and talked for hours.  In fact, Yuki was still there the next morning.

We had such a great time that I decided it was time to test out the pufferfish nigiri recipe.  I made it special for Srik.

I don’t believe it.  Srik ate four servings of the pufferfish nigiri.  It is like he is a supersim or something.  I am running out of ideas.  He has been told that he will finish the platter before he eats anything else.

During this trying time, Avarice has grown up so much.  I didn’t even realize how much until I saw her in the kitchen today.  And she looks so much like Vlad in the face. Of course she is moping around because I forgot her birthday, and apparently she is still sad about Anvi’s death.  I also didn’t realize she was sad about the birth of the twins.  In fact, I hadn’t realized she even knew about the birth of the twins.

Why …

Won’t …

He …

Die ?!?

I read a story about Samson and Delilah and wondered if Srik’s hair could possibly be giving him strength.  I don’t know if it is true, but at this point, I am not taking any chances.  I told Srik he had to shave his head and his face.  He was not happy about it, but he did what he was told.

I have just about had it with this boy.  I am ready to lock him in the attic.  He cries for attention and then he is defiant when I give it to him.

Then he cries about not getting attention.  And he cries when he is getting  what he wants. 

Cry-cry-cry!  The world would be oh-so-better if the crying would just stop!

I also realized that Avarice is a glutton.  Every time I turn around, she is eating again.


Finally, the thorn in my side has been plucked out!!!  I don’t even care that he interrupted my sexy time with Yuki as long as he is gone!!!

With Srik out of the house, I immediately asked Yuki to move in – I do still need someone in the house to take care of the kids and it will be good to have her on hand, you know, “on hand”.

Avarice has started making friends with Raven – which is good because if she is going to be my heiress then she needs to have a good relationship with Raven.

There has been so much death around here lately, that the kids are perpetually sad.  They need to get over it, but maybe the need for dying will stop for awhile and everything can settle down.  We’ll see.

As long as I can continue to order meals in – however they come – I don’t plan on feeding on Yuki.  I haven’t mentioned that to her, and I don’t plan on it.  I asked her if she wanted to check out the coffin and she acted horrified, so I know she would not react well to my feeding habits.  Let’s hope it doesn’t become a problem.  I really like her and I would like to keep her around for awhile.  I still need to build a suite for Avarice.  I decided it should be in the basement since she will not have the protection from the sun that I have.  She will need to stay underground and away from the sun until she can learn the secrets.  I am working on that now that Srik is no longer an issue.

I also decided it was time to get back to business.  I have been distracted long enough.  It seems like forever!  I called and invited Lilith Vatore over.  With Vlad’s death, I am now the Grand Master in the area and the Vatores, along with the other vampires, need to recognize that.  Lilith accepts the challenge and I easily put her on the ground three times in a row.  Raven was never concerned as you can tell.

Lilith accepts the results of our battle and assures me that there won’t be any challenges to my standing from the local vampires.

I am in such a great mood that I even repair the dollhouse for the boy.  He will be so happy to see that.  I know he has been sad that it was destroyed in my frustration over Srik the other day.

And I finished the suite downstairs for Avarice.  She has a room to call her own now.  All in all, things are going well finally.

I sat Avarice down and explained that in order to be heiress I have high expectations of her performance.  She is going to have to do well in school and develop her mental skill.  None of this creative or physical crap.  I am a genius and if she isn’t a genius, she can still be smart.  She seems to have taken it to heart and has been playing chess with Yuki.

Although I noticed that she has a temper when she loses.  She needs to control her temper and learn to channel it into action – not let it control her.

I had to take another day off because of Srik (I hope I don’t have to write his name many more times) and then today is Harvestfest, so one more day off.  I cooked a Grand Meal for those in the household who are still eating “normal” food.  Gross.  But they seemed to like it.


I was able to hug him enough today to stop the crying.  If I had realized that would work, I would have done it sooner.

Those damn gnomes.  Appeasing them is a pain in the ass.  Then begging for forgiveness sucks titty balls.

The boy didn’t know what to make of them either.

Well, the twins became toddlers today.  I wasn’t sure but now I know – Treasure is not a vampire.  She took after Srik, she is a normal sim.

Cache took after me and is a vampire.  Yuki started his potty training while I got Treasure on the potty.  They were both very cooperative and so appears they are both going to be good toddlers like Avarice.

I caught Raven enjoying the fish also.  I am glad everyone had a good HarvestFest but I am ready to go back to work.  I am going stir crazy.


Family Goals (Household):

  • Life States: Human, Vampire

Supernatural Dynasty (Bloodline):

  • Human: Vanity Proud
  • Vampire: Avarice Proud

Enemies (Household): 4/25

  1. Dan Keener (Vlad)
  2. Roy Curry (Vlad)
  3. Aubrey Curry (Vlad)
  4. Srikmar Stark (Vanity)

Ghost Hunter (Household): 6/10

  1. Drowning: Rene Curry
  2. Sunlight: Vladislaus Straud
  3. Starvation: Roy Curry
  4. Sauna: Aubrey Curry
  5. Overexertion: Anvi Basu
  6. Pufferfish: Srikumar Stark

House Goals:

  • Dungeon: Complete
  • Museum: In Progress
  • Attic: Complete
  • Graveyard: In Progress
  • Highest Quality: Complete
  • Household Value: ~§475,000


  • Vanity (in progress)
  • Avarice (in progress)


  • Vanity:
    • Master Vampire (in progress)


  • Vanity:
    • Scientist (in progress)

Scoring: 45

Founder’s Traits: +10

  • Evil +5, Jealous +5, Genius 0

Spouse’s Traits: +10

  • Vladislaus Straud: Evil +5, Loner +5, Music Lover 0

Left With Nothing: +25

  • 50×50 lot (bulldozed Affluista Mansion), reduced funds to §0


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