Proud of Darkness, Chapter 11

It is getting harder to write only from Vanity’s point of view and only show what she sees and knows, so I am going to switch back to my normal writing style.  There will still be some entries from Vanity in the future, but mostly you will get me now.  I am also going to be working on the challenge part of this – things to get done, time to get moving.  That means this update will have more exposition as I will probably explain more of my plans than Vanity was will to share.

Vanity decides that if Avarice is going to be the heiress she should probably start mentoring her.  This is going to be a vampire matriarchy which means the heir must be a female vampire.  Hopefully with bad traits for the points.  That means the boys are automatically out of the running.  Avarice is a vampire, Treasure is not.  That can be remedied if necessary, but I think we know who is uglier (sorry Avarice, but it is true – Vlad does not pass along pretty genetics).  Now it comes down to traits.  Avarice has done well for her first trait: Glutton, so she is off to a good start.  She has the looks and a +5 trait.  I am hoping that spending time with Vanity will influence her next trait and she will pick up one of Vanity’s and that will determine the family trait.  First one she gets of Vanity’s will be the family trait (Evil, Genius, or Jealous).

Vanity also finally gets back to work, where she has to repair the robot and try (unsuccessfully) to collect DNA from her coworkers.  I don’t know why she keeps getting that task – they never say yes.  Her day went quickly – after she finished her required tasks she collected a few aliens and then several of the deposits so she would have a supply of metal and crystals for her next invention.  She also doesn’t get a promotion when her day is over but maybe on Monday.

Every single time the house loads, one toddler or another is pooping their diaper.  Sometimes more than one.  You would think they would be able to deal with this while she was gone, especially those that are at least partially potty trained (looking at you Larceny).  The good thing is that you can normally tell them to go potty and they won’t actually use their diaper.  But it is irritating if you don’t catch it because then they get stinky and cranky and they walk around with a green cloud surrounding them putting everyone else in a bad mood.

Raven is still here, shredding all the furniture.  At some point, Vanity is going to remodel every room, but really, what is the point.  Raven is just going to shred anything and everything.  Because she is spoiled, scolding her has virtually no affect.

“Done eating and ready to get down.  Hello?  Anyone?”

Yuki is working to get the twins to level 2 on the potty, and then they just need to level everything else.  I doubt she (Yuki) has gotten any sleep since she is about to pass out.  Welcome to hell – where  the only way out is to die.  The only question is when.

Meanwhile, downstairs, Vanity is playing chess with Avarice.  Because this a family of evil geniuses, hopefully, The heiress will have to complete the mental aspiration and max the mental skill.  That is the only childhood aspiration or skill that will be maxed deliberately.  So, again Vanity is trying to influence Avarice’s traits so they are playing the third game Avarice needs for the tier.  What is funny is neither one actually wants to spend time together.  I have to keep bringing them back to the table.

Cache has actually reached level 3 in communication.

Yeah, this is what happens when you leave food unattended in a house with a pet – cat or dog.  Poor Larceny.  That was put out knowing it was limited how long it was going to be good.  Instead of taking a plate and sitting down to eat, he went all the way upstairs to sit on his bed.

He sat down to eat just in time for it to no longer be good to eat.  About this time the social worker notification popped up.

Trying again – musical high chairs.  We have three toddlers, and two high chairs.  Two adults – one with super speed.  The goal of the game is to feed all three toddlers with minimal high chair exchanges.  And surprisingly, this was a successful day.  I was able to keep Yuki busy making a salad for the fridge while Vanity brought both of the twins down.  Neither one asked to get down before they were fed.  And Treasure and Cache both ate their sandwiches on the first try.  They are sad because they are tired and have to potty.

Larceny, late to the party, sat on the floor and ate his with Raven for company.  He is starving but he ate before he was stolen by the social worker.  He is also exhausted and has to potty.

Now, it is time to race the clock.  It is Larceny’s birthday but he isn’t bubbling yet.  He still needs to earn his Happy Toddler trait.  He is tired and has to potty.  Guess where he is going, and it is not to bed.

Come on boy – think harder.  And, he is not sad for the moment.

All of these sad toddlers is killing me, so Vanity and Yuki are trying to cheer them up.  And build up their movement skill a little more so they can climb the stairs themselves.

This was a huge clusterfuck.  I am blaming incompetence.  Vanity and Yuki could not get them into bed and keep them there.  I can’t even describe the frustration I felt watching them put the child into bed, then sit down on a different bed to read, the child get out of one bed and into a different bed, then back out to walk around, or head for the dollhouse.  The to cry because they were exhausted.  O.M.G.  I was ready to close and delete the game it was so unbelievably frustrating.  Srik just watched.  You know he was thinking that this is what Vanity deserved for killing him.

Even Cache is begging someone to save him.  Sorry dude, I can’t do anything for you.  This is your circus and you are the monkey.

Vanity is finally getting Cache into bed – he still got up one more time before finally going to sleep.  Treasure had to get up to pass out – this was the first time either one passed out during the train wreck.  When she woke up, Yuki refused to read to her – the action would not drop into place.  Finally, she picked up Treasure and put her in bed, Treasure got out and stared at her, Yuki started around the bed to the side Treasure was on, and Treasure got back into the bed.  Notice Larceny is now on the tablet, still trying to get thinking to level 3.  He is not allowed to sleep until he reaches level 3.  Dammit, he is going to be a Happy Toddler.

With the twins finally asleep, Vanity asks Larceny to do flashcards because it is quicker.  Guess what Larceny said.

Guess when Larceny is now doing.

Glitched Larceny is done with flashcards.

Larceny did get level 3 and was heading to bed…

…but he decided to pass out first so he walked back to the middle of the room where he had more space.

Domestic bliss – a rare sight for them.

Yes, I was very stressed playing these toddlers (and stressed writing/reading this, but I am getting better now) and I think it was because I was trying to play them hands-off and I just can’t do sad toddlers for any length of time.  I can ignore children, but not the toddlers.  Children are more resilient and can take care of themselves better.  Toddler need the adults more.  Larceny was able to reach level 3 in all of this skills despite the lackluster attention he received.  The twins will also be skilled to level 3, along with any future toddlers.

Noo!!!  You cannot have babies!!!

The toddlers wake up hungry – since the twins can’t get down the stairs yet, and Yuki and Vanity were in the aftermath of woohoo (sleeping), breakfast was brought upstairs for them.

Vanity spends the morning giving baths.  Yuki is still sleeping, in fact she slept most of the morning.

After baths everyone takes turns on the potty.  For some reason there is only one potty upstairs.

After potty time, Cache needs hugs.  He peed on the floor and now is sad about that also.

Then it is time for food.  Although this really must be later that evening because it is nighttime now, and Vanity is outside eating.  Don’t ask me what they did all day.  That is pretty much how my life is right now.

And we missed Larceny’s birthday because boom he is a child now.  And, he is a Dog Lover, which means strike one, -5 points.

Vanity loves on Raven, who is really her favorite.  She is destructive and mean to everyone that isn’t family.  What more could you want in a monster’s cat?

Failed: Monster Holiday (the family did not earn gold as Vanity was preoccupied trying to kill Srik and the day slipped by unnoticed by Anvi)

Family Goals (Household):

  • Life States: Human, Vampire
  • Family Trait: (still undetermined)

Supernatural Dynasty (Bloodline):

  • Human: Vanity Proud
  • Vampire: Avarice Proud
  • Alien:
  • Ghost:
  • Plantsim:
  • Skeleton:

Enemies (Household): 4/25

  1. Dan Keener (Vlad)
  2. Roy Curry (Vlad)
  3. Aubrey Curry (Vlad)
  4. Srikmar Stark (Vanity)

Ghost Hunter (Household): 6/10

  1. Drowning: Rene Curry
  2. Sunlight: Vladislaus Straud
  3. Starvation: Roy Curry
  4. Sauna: Aubrey Curry
  5. Overexertion: Anvi Basu
  6. Pufferfish: Srikumar Stark

House Goals:

  • Dungeon: Complete
  • Museum: In Progress
  • Attic: Complete
  • Graveyard: In Progress
  • Highest Quality: Complete
  • Household Value: ~§475,000


  • Vanity +20 (2 portraits, vampire/sim)
  • Avarice
  • Frogs: 0/25

Aspirations 1/15:

  • Vanity:
    • Master Vampire (in progress)
    • Mansion Baron: Complete


  • Vanity:
    • Scientist (in progress)

Vampiric Nightmare 0/5:

  • Vanity (in progress)

Pet Cemetery:

  • not started

Scoring: 45

Founder’s Traits: +10

  • Evil +5, Jealous +5, Genius 0

Spouse’s Traits: +10

  • Vladislaus Straud: Evil +5, Loner +5, Music Lover 0

Left With Nothing: +25

  • 50×50 lot (bulldozed Affluista Mansion), reduced funds to §0


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