Proud of Darkness, Chapter 12

Vanity didn’t time her meals out right, and there is no one on the streets except other vampires.  It is too late to call for delivery, and the repairman is still repairing things, so she doesn’t want to interrupt him – there is a lot that still needs to be repaired.  So, that leaves Yuki.  I believe a day has passed since the end of the last update.

Speaking of the repairman – apparently, they are not immune to being electrocuted when repairing electronics outdoors in the rain…  There is so many things broken, and the mansion is so big that I don’t even know what all is broken.  I think he lives here other than he isn’t in the panel.  Vanity will go to call for a repairman, but she can’t because he is already on the lot.

The end result is there is another ghost for the graveyard!  Anvi and Roy are out when Kengo has his shocking experience so they come over to express their dismay for his bad luck.  Raven is just checking out the new inhabitant.  Grim checks his list – Kengo wasn’t on the list.

Kengo Yoshida joins the rest of the gang in the back corner – seven unique ghosts, which is a record for me.

Since the repairs were not complete, they sent another repairman to finish up.  Cool.  I didn’t even have to call and ask.

More sad toddlers.  Vanity reads to him to raise his attention and then puts him to bed to sleep off the sadness.  It is impossible to have toddlers that aren’t sad in this household.  I can’t wait until they aren’t toddlers anymore.  But they are so far from level 3 thinking that they may be my first non-Happy Toddlers.

Vanity went to work alone today and I stayed home with Yuki and the toddlers.  Cache is sleeping off his sad, while Yuki tries to read away Treasure’s sadness.  They are sad now because they were left behind when Vanity went to work.  Yuki doesn’t have enough parenting skill to hug them happy and I forget to have Vanity do it.

Time passes and the twins are up and heading down for food.  If they sleep long enough to not be sad because they are tired, then they are sad because they are hungry, by the time they eat they are sad because they have to potty, by the time they potty they are sad because they are not getting attention and aren’t having fun.  Then someone dies.

As cute as they are together, I didn’t check Yuki’s traits before she moved in.  She is Good and there is a natural tension between them due to their Good/Evil natures.

Vanity decides that she is going to adopt a cat to begin working on the Pet Cemetery, so she calls up for a pet adoption event and it must be meant to be because they have a black cat available. Woot!

Except, Dumbass Yuki, starts an UNINTENTIONAL fire -50 points.  Do you know what happens to dumbasses around here?  Yeah, we watch them burn.

Ya missing someone?  Count your kids, Vanity.  You saved the girl, forgot a boy.

Don’t worry, he’s coming…  Saving himself.

Okay, got everyone now?  What about Yuki?

The Pet Adoption Lady and both cats come back out to check on the status of the barbecue.  Not quite done…

Thanks for the fire ghost, Yuki.  Maybe that was unintentional, but I will take the ghost.  Dumbass.

With Yuki’s death confirmed, Vanity comes back in to put out the fire with her nifty freeze ray.

Crap, the fire has spread into the house, because Yuki took so long to actually catch on fire.

And then it was still burning outside and Vanity went and stood in it while she was freezing it out.  But, it is finally out and all of the kids have been sent back to bed.

Vanity can’t find the other cat to adopt so she ends the adoption event – we’ll try again another time.  She heads down to clean up in Avarice’s shower.  She never intended for Yuki to die.  Okay, she didn’t intend for Yuki to die so soon, but you take the ghosts when they are offered up on a crimson platter.

Grim has been here so often now that he is making himself at home and helping out by fixing the plumbing.  Much appreciated.

Once everyone is in bed, I can start getting up the most needy and fixing their pressing problems.  Starting with Cache.

After potty and a bath, he heads down for food. He is quickly followed by Treasure.  While she is eating, he gets some flashcard time with Vanity.  They are still desperately working on their thinking skill, and quickly running out of time.

After they are set free from the high chairs and Vanity’s clutches – both heading back to bed for some sleep time – Vanity scopes out the maid.  After deciding that the toddlers will soon be children, and it won’t be necessary to move anyone else in, Vanity settles for just drinking from the maid.

Then I realized that it is just about time for Raven to become an elder so Vanity heads down to the lab to craft up some treats – Raven will be getting a wellness treat and an age-down treat as soon as she becomes an elder cat.

School is out for the day.  Avarice is bringing home a B while Larceny is still solidly sitting at a C.  Their goals are for Avarice to get an A and Larceny to remain at a C.

I have to remember that Avarice is the only one that needs to do well in school.  Larceny and the others are not supposed to do well in school – they need to lose their homework and forget their projects.  I had them both start their projects before I remembered so Larceny is helping Avarice complete hers first.

Once Avarice completes her project she goes over and destroys Larceny’s project so he can’t accidentally get credit for completing it.  Then she throws it away.

Destruction feels good!  Being bad is going to be fun.

The twins are closing in on their birthday and they are seriously lacking on their thinking skill.  This is starting to worry me.

Dude is about to pee his pants and pass out and he chose to play a game instead.  No sympathy here.

Vanity decided that she liked the pet adoption lady – Ryan something.  They get along well and Vanity gives her a bluebell or something.

Ryan likes her too and ups the stakes by giving Vanity a rose.

The twins are getting grouchy with each other and they still have a long way to go to level 3.  They are taking negative relationship hits and slowing down their thinking progress, so this isn’t working.

It is time to separate them.  Cache is sent out on the patio while Treasure is allowed to stay in their room.  They are both exhausted but they must play their game until they drop.

Vanity and Ryan are taking their relationship to the next level.

Of course, after the woohoo, Vanity needs a little pick-me-up.  Ryan won’t be moving in – too much baggage.  Besides, the twins are just about out of the toddler stage so it won’t be necessary to have a live-in girlfriend nanny.

Vanity makes Ham for Winterfest for those that need the Grand Meal tradition and the twins are about to grab their plates.  They look predatory, probably because they were worked to the brink on their thinking skill (still not to level 3) and barely made it to the potty and the social worker is calling in threats if they are not allowed to eat.

I am pushing them hard – I am determined they are going to be Happy Toddlers.  Get up and play your game!  You can sleep when you are a child – I won’t care then.

Raven greets Father Winter in her usual welcoming style.

Vanity is the only still needing to achieve gold for the holiday.  She was talking to Father Winter and one thing lead to another.  I was curious to see if Vanity could get him to bed in the very short time he was there.

And sure enough, it didn’t take long before Vanity and Father Winter were naked in the hot tub.  (Bed, being a metaphor, of course.)  He refused the coffin – no one wants to woohoo in the coffin with Vanity.  But he accepted the hot tub quick enough.

Afterwards, he didn’t hang around – he immediately poofed away.  Isn’t that the way of things.

Moving on, we discover that Larceny continues to show his ability to trap himself in random places in the house.  I was tempted to leave him there, except I don’t need to LOSE any more points due to stupidity from household members.

So, maybe I should remove the electronics from outside…  Raiden Daniels joins his coworker in the cemetery out back.  This has turned into a very deadly chapter – unintentionally deadly, but deadly nonetheless.

Avarice is in the bear phase and Vanity tries to explain to her that it just not evil and she can’t be a bear.

Larceny is running around in swim trunks and giving me ideas, then I realize I sent him swimming.  At WinterFest, in the cold.

Cache has reached level 3 in thinking (all skills) so he is allowed to sleep finally.  Treasure is not – her age bar is bubbling – so she is up until she crashes – which she is doing right now.  Once she wakes up, Vanity gives her a second wind to buy a little more time.

And she gets an apple to stave off the social worker a little longer.

They run through the flashcards again to try to get her over the hump.

She finally makes it to level 3 so she is allowed to sleep.  That was painful, for me and for them.  But they are now Happy Toddlers.

With that out of the way, Vanity is allowed out to hunt.  Vampire, vampire, vampire, food!

Wait, Raven – when did you get old?  I knew it was coming but missed the actual event.

It is time for Vanity to give her the age-down treat and the wellness treat so that we have another three to four weeks of Raven’s wonderful welcoming presence in the household.

Back to her youthful appearance once again – Ravenclaw the Immortal.

Yuki is out haunting so Vanity takes her for a spin.  It truly was not in the plan for Yuki to perish so soon.  She was supposed to last a lot longer, but when the fire god provides, you accept his gift.

Of course, this is just as the toddlers wake up and head downstairs for food.  Cache cleared the room before the fun started, Treasure was in the middle of the room when she realized something was happening and it killed her appetite.  She had to be reminded that she is starving and needs to get downstairs to eat.

I realized that 1. I hadn’t removed the tree, 2. they hadn’t opened up the gifts from Father Winter, and 3. I hadn’t taken any pictures of them with the tree.  So here is one picture of the family by the tree before I take it down for the year.

Smelly, stinky Cache – uses his diaper more than the potty despite being fully potty trained.

Treasure abandons the family and heads back to bed.  I doubt we will see her again until she is a child.

Vanity is taking a vacation day since she no longer has anyone that can stay home with the toddlers.  They will be growing up today (Friday), so she can return to work Monday and actually work a complete week – and maybe start getting promotions again now that she is past this raising babies stage.  Cache is excited because he is hoping for a bath.  He has the request queued up as soon as Vanity hangs up.

But as soon as Vanity finished her phone call, Cache’s request changed to dancing.

Finally, Vanity said enough and Cache was introduced to the bath water.

While Treasure continues to sleep, and the older kids are at school, Cache basks in his alone time with Vanity.

Until Raven shows up and captures Vanity’s attention.  Cache doesn’t want to share.

Cache tries telling jokes to get back into Vanity’s spotlight.

But discovers that some jokes aren’t as funny as he thinks they are, at least not to Vanity.

With their alone time winding down, he gets a little time in the baby pool.  That is cut short though because Vanity needs to talk to the maid.  Sorry Charlie.

Avarice brings home her A (yay) and Larceny is still sitting on his solid C (yayay).  They are free to run wild for the weekend – so they both head to bed.

Vanity is working on pissing off Aurora – she is chalking up her fifth enemy and I was testing out the influence emotions power.  Getting Aurora to enemy was fast, Vanity was even able to get her to enraged – but she popped into confident when she beat Vanity in a fight.  So we will put that on a shelf for now and come back to it later.

While Vanity was working on Aurora, Treasure and Cache have grown into children – neutral children.  Both of their traits are neutral, so they have neither gained, nor lost points.

Treasure is a Music Lover.

Cache is Neat.

And since I don’t know that I really looked at Larceny – he is the only one of the kids to get Vanity’s freckles and eye color.  The other kids are more like their dads.

Dammit Cache – I think you lied about being potty trained!

Family Goals (Household):

  • Life States: Human, Vampire
  • Family Trait: (still undetermined)

Supernatural Dynasty (Bloodline):

  • Human: Vanity Proud; Treasure
  • Vampire: Avarice Proud; Larceny, Cache
  • Alien:
  • Ghost:
  • Plantsim:
  • Skeleton:

Enemies (Household): 5/25

  1. Dan Keener (Vlad)
  2. Roy Curry (Vlad)
  3. Aubrey Curry (Vlad)
  4. Srikmar Stark (Vanity)
  5. Aurora Newton (Vanity)

Ghost Hunter (Household): 8/10

  1. Drowning: Rene Curry
  2. Sunlight: Vladislaus Straud
  3. Starvation: Roy Curry
  4. Sauna: Aubrey Curry
  5. Overexertion: Anvi Basu
  6. Pufferfish: Srikumar Stark
  7. Electrocution: Kengo Yoshida, Raiden Daniels
  8. Fire: Yuki Behr

House Goals:

  • Dungeon: Complete
  • Museum: In Progress
  • Attic: Complete
  • Graveyard: In Progress
  • Highest Quality: Complete
  • Household Value: ~§475,000


  • Vanity +20 (2 portraits, vampire/sim)
  • Avarice
  • Frogs: 0/25

Aspirations 1/15:

  • Vanity:
    • Master Vampire (in progress)
    • Mansion Baron: Complete


  • Vanity:
    • Scientist (in progress)

Vampiric Nightmare 0/5:

  • Vanity (in progress)

Pet Cemetery:

  • not started

Scoring: -5

Founder’s Traits: +10

  • Evil +5, Jealous +5, Genius 0

Spouse’s Traits: +10

  • Vladislaus Straud: Evil +5, Loner +5, Music Lover 0

Children’s Traits: 0

  • Avarice: Glutton +5
  • Larceny: Dog Lover -5
  • Treasure: Music Lover 0
  • Cache: Neat 0

Left With Nothing: +25

  • 50×50 lot (bulldozed Affluista Mansion), reduced funds to §0

Unintentional Fires: -50 

  • Yuki on the Grill x1


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