Proud of Darkness, Chapter 14

Cache finds the new cat, whose name I can’t remember because it isn’t CATASTROPHY.

Turtle, the cat’s name is Turtle.  I went and looked it up.  Cache gives Turtle some love.

Downstairs Vanity is making wellness treats because even though Turtle and Catastrophy are here to occupy the pet cemetery, they are going to be treated well until that time. My spell check does not like Catastrophy’s name but if I add it then I will start misspelling it in real life.

The kids gather in the kitchen before school. We are all liking the new house that Deanna built.

Although I might have to add a cover over the hot tub. I am not sure if it was struck by lightning or what.

Vanity finally returns to work. It feels like it has been forever. She is only level 4 – and it has been forever.

The first thing she does is make an old woman cry. Go Vanity!

Then she gossips with Eliza. No one wants to share their metals and crystals with her and it is really irritating to have selfish coworkers.

Vanity is waiting for what’s-her-name in the hallway.

Trisha, her name is Trisha Keener.

She is not finished with her. She is determined to make this a hostile workplace.

Coming home she is still so tense that she takes it out on the dollhouse. Now we know who is destroying the dollhouse and I got pictures.

Avarice walked over to watch but she wasn’t even upset.

After releasing her tension, Vanity played with Raven for awhile.

Then the girlfriend called and asked to come over. Vanity is hungry so sure, come on over. She went straight for the drink – I think she is getting tired of Ryan to be honest.

After Vanity finished drinking, before Ryan could pass out, Raven gave her own special greeting.

All of the kids took naps – some were in beds, others were not.

Catastrophy is so CUTE! Too cute for this household, but a mischievous little shit.  That look in his eyes.

Vanity checks out her new garden pond and she stocks it with piranha. She had a choice of sprites, sharks, piranha, or koi. Of course, Vanity chose the piranha. She started to choose the sprites but they were weird looking blobs and not at all evil looking.

Turtle checks out the pond with the fish and snail.  He didn’t fall in – which is okay, his ghost will come from old age.

Back at work again and crappy coworkers still won’t share their metals and crystals.

They are stupid enough to test serums that Vanity makes though. Serves them right.

Vanity needs to make a satellite dish but she needs one more metal and since no one will share she has to go try to find one of her own. All she is finding is the stupid MySims trophies so it takes all damn day.

Finally, she has what she needs, but she has to stay late to finish it.

Done! And now someone is going to pay.

Vanity grabs some dinner before she heads home.

When she gets home it is time for Avarice’s birthday, so she bakes her a cake. She better not be a disappointment – this heiress.  Turtle guards the batter because cakes can’t get made without a cat to guard them.

Oh look, Catastrophy isn’t a kitten any more. He must have grown up while Vanity was at work.

Avarice gets ready to blow out her candles. The moment of truth – is she a true heiress?  She is also racing the cats – they are all heading for the cake to eat it.

Catastrophy sits his ass in the cake because that is what cats do.  It is a good thing Avarice already blew out the candles or Catastrophy would have a hot ass right now.

I think we have a winner. Avarice rolls Evil, which sets that as the Family Trait. Her child trait was Glutton, so she is doing good on rolling traits so far with +10 points. She also rolls Vampire Family for her aspiration.  And, let’s face, she is monster-material.

She gets her makeover and heads down to the computer in Vanity’s office. She is Vlad’s daughter – there is no denying her parentage, just look at that nose. Vanity will be taking one of the Criminal/Oracle path, so she is going to be working on Mischief and Programming. Since she is a Glutton, this will allow her to sit on her ass ass all day. She will also be completing her aspiration and will assembling a band of vampires.  In addition to Vlad’s nose, she got Vanity’s boobs.  Her ass is of her own making.

Avarice begins to work on learning how to resist the sun.  If she is going to live forever, she needs to make sure she can walk outside during the day light.  Although if she spends most of her time in front of a computer, it really won’t matter. 

I forgot makeup, so … now she has some makeup.

The kids are sad because they are lonely.  How there are three of them on free will and they haven’t figured out how to socialize with each other, whatever.

Vanity is the only one that remembers Bubalus.  Well, Vanity and the cats.

Avarice in all her glory.

Vanity calls for repairs and after he is finished, Avarice has her first feeding.

Just, nothing.

They play together but they don’t talk to each other.

Vanity’s coworkers continue to be assholes, but they also continue to test her serums.  

She plays a lot of pranks on Eliza by making her change clothes – Eliza is pregnant so she is not allowed to test the serums.

And she gets something to drink before leaving at the end of the day.

Damn!  “They” forgot to pay the bills.

Avarice doesn’t understand the fact that she isn’t immune to the sun and she keeps going swimming.  Hopefully she can find the secret before she shrivels up into dust.

Treasure and Cache are outside playing.

Larceny is inside crying.

Avarice is sent back to the basement to continue her studies.  She isn’t any good to Vanity if she DIES.

Vanity remembers that the CATS need to be FIXED before they make BABIES.  The only thing working in her favor at the moment is the house is full. 

Later on, I will actually remember to check their gender and discover they are both male…

Ryan called and asked to come over and this time Avarice had dinner.

The kids were told to play a game together so hopefully they will socialize and get their needs up.  

Yeah, Vanity is getting bored with Ryan.  And it looks like Ryan is beginning to feel the same.

Vanity begins transforming the duplicate MySims to see what else she might get.  Hopefully not a points costing fire, but fingers crossed.


Family Goals (Household)

  • Life States: Human, Vampire
  • Family Trait: Evil

Supernatural Dynasty (Bloodline)

  • Human: Vanity Proud; Treasure
  • Vampire: Avarice Proud; Larceny, Cache
  • Alien: 
  • Ghost: 
  • Plantsim: 
  • Skeleton: 

Enemies (Household): 5/25

  1. Dan Keener (Vlad)
  2. Roy Curry (Vlad)
  3. Aubrey Curry (Vlad)
  4. Srikmar Stark (Vanity)
  5. Aurora Newton (Vanity)

Ghost Hunter (Household): 8/10

  1. Drowning: Rene Curry
  2. Sunlight: Vladislaus Straud
  3. Starvation: Roy Curry
  4. Sauna: Aubrey Curry
  5. Overexertion: Anvi Basu
  6. Pufferfish: Srikumar Stark
  7. Electrocution: Kengo Yoshida, Raiden Daniels
  8. Fire: Yuki Behr

House Goals:

  • Dungeon: Complete
  • Museum: In Progress
  • Attic: Complete
  • Graveyard: In Progress
  • Highest Quality: Complete
  • Household Value: ~§356,000


  • Vanity +20 (2 portraits, vampire/sim)
  • Avarice

For the Love of Frogs: 3/25

Aspiration Aficionado: 1/15

  • Vanity
    • Master Vampire
    • Mansion Baron: Complete
  • Avarice
    • Vampire Family


  • Vanity:
    • Scientist (level 5)
  • Avarice:
    • Criminal/Oracle (planned)

Vampiric Nightmare:

  • Vanity 1/2

Pet Cemetery: 0/5

  • not started

Gnome Invasion: 4/20

Scoring: +100

Founder’s Traits: +10
  • Evil +5, Jealous +5, Genius 0
Special Spouse: +25; +10
  • Vladislaus Straud: Evil +5, Loner +5, Music Lover 0
Children’s Traits: +5
  • Avarice: Glutton +5, Evil +5
  • Larceny: Dog Lover -5
  • Treasure: Music Lover 0
  • Cache: Neat 0
Unintentional Fires: -50
  • Yuki on the Grill x1
+25 Left with Nothing
+25 Scaredy Cats
+50 Immortal Companion


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