Proud of Darkness, Chapter 19

Larceny has received a reprieve and will be working on the Journalism career (Writer/Journalist – Scribe of History).  He looks eerily ethereal in this picture.

Avarice and Larceny have a “normal” dinner.  Neither one has a withered stomach so they can both either “normal” food.

Avarice begins the process of building her vampire family… she needs five sims to convert into vampires, so she isn’t even picky about who she chooses.  She literally takes the first five sims who cross her path.

  1. Frederick Stark
  2. Cassandra Stark
  3. Krishna Ramesh
  4. Wolfgang Munch
  5. Natalia Castillo

Larceny begins working on the bestselling author aspiration by writing two children’s books.

Vanity continues upgrading the rocket because I realized today that the challenge ends when the fifth generation becomes a young adult which means someone else will need to max the career I was planning for that generation.  There was some tweaking of the plan done today.

It sucks when dinner shows up and isn’t edible.

Larceny comes home from his first day at work and hangs around outside.  He is thin skinned like Vlad, so that is probably not a good idea.

He has the job to feed the piranha every day and he falls in while feeding them.  Then he climbs back out.

When Vanity comes home both cats come out to greet her.  She is also calling for dinner delivery.

Larceny wishes for happiness and he gets his wish.  24 hours of being cheerful.

He just barely gets to feed Twinkle before Avarice shows up to eat the cake.  Since he is now working on writing, all of the other plants were sold and his aspiration was changed from nature to creativity.

Vanity has completed two aspirations so she is now working through the rest of the aspirations to see how many she can complete.  They need to complete fifteen for the Aspiration Aficionado and the generation 3 about to be born, it is time they got serious.

Avarice is also working through aspirations even though she hasn’t completed her initial aspiration.  Vampire Family is her primary aspiration that she will be required to complete.  Any others will be considered her additional aspirations.

While working on the tiers in Master Mixologist, up to the career block, Avarice has to make ten bar drinks.  She is drinking every one of them before making the next one.  This is making her a little pissy with Vanity even though she is in a great mood otherwise.

Vanity is now a Mad Scientist, level 9.

Everyone is working hard on one skill or another as they slog through the week.  Vanity is practicing programming, Larceny is writing books, and Avarice is building her logic skill.

What?!? Who?!?

Avarice milks Twinkle and gets Treasure’s essence of sadness.  Twinkle ate a ghost?  That is something I didn’t realize they could do.  Twinkle will do this more than once because she will also get Yuki in a few days.  They are being added to the museum.

It is Catastrophy’s time to join Turtle in the pet cemetery.  The family is out trying to find food in a blizzard so they will mourn him in a little while.  Raven is just sleeping.

Winterfest sneaked up on the family and they are choking down a ham dinner so that everyone can have a great holiday.  That is when I noticed something interesting.  Other than the fact that Avarice doesn’t fit at the table.

Avarice is in labor.

Generation 3 has joined the family – welcome to Malice.  She isn’t ugly yet.  Maybe she will grow into the ugly required for this family.

Larceny celebrates Winterfest by going for a polar bear swim.  Naked.  I will spare you the rest of the picture although he is a Barbie – but let’s just imagine everything below is a pointed as his nose and call it a day.

I am going to go out on a limb and hypothesize that maybe vampires aren’t sensitive to the cold.  Larceny sure doesn’t seem to be bothered about it.

Liberty may be scarred for life, but Larceny is none the worse for wear.

Larceny seems to have an agreement with the piranha also.  They don’t even nibble on his parts when he falls in their pond.

Winterfest comes and they gather around the tree to open the presents they receive.  Woo – such excitement, can’t you tell.

Everyone pitches in to take care of Malice.  With one baby and three adults, she has plenty of caregivers.

Larceny finally pushes his luck with the winter sun and it bites him in the ass.


Natalia just finished turning into a vampire – seems she was pregnant when Avarice turned her.  She is laughing at Larceny’s misfortune.

Then she realizes maybe being in the sun isn’t so hot for her either.

Vanity has a sense that something is wrong and rushes out to check on Larceny.  This isn’t how she expected him to die.  Building a snowpal in the middle of winter.  Once the Reaper is finishing doing his thing, Vanity loads up what is left of the boy and takes him home to bury him in the family cemetery.

After Larceny’s unfortunate exposure to the sun, it is time for Malice to become a toddler.

Of course, everyone is very sad about what happened to Larceny and Malice and Ravenclaw share a look before the potty training begins.  Avarice doesn’t have time for that diaper changing so Malice better figure out how to use the potty quickly.

Malice is wild so she only agrees to the first try at potty training even if she didn’t actually go the first time.

She objects to trying a second time but even a sad face doesn’t help.

Her objections mean nothing – she ends up back on the potty chair for a second round and actually uses it.

Vanity comes home from work, still level 9, and Avarice heads to work, still level 5.  Their schedules work out so there isn’t a need for a nanny right now.  Vanity slips away for some dinner since they allowed their thirst to drop way too low.

Malice tracks down Raven and they get to know each other.

They even become friends, which is good since they are both immortal and will be living together a long, long, long time.

Avarice heads off for her shift at work while Malice spends her evening with the stuffed cat.  Vanity is working on the rocket.  With Larceny dying when he did, there are now two careers that will need to be handled outside of the plan so Vanity needs to make sure the rocket is ready to go for whoever gets to play astronaut and then she needs to decide who is going to work journalism.

After maxing out communication, Malice heads outside for the slide.  For her first slide, she makes it down successfully.  After that, it is fail, fail, fail.  Actually, it is slidefail-ballpit-slidefail-ballpit-slidefail.

Avarice earns a promotion to level 6 and chooses the Oracle branch.  She also shows off the gnomes they have been collecting and have finally pulled out of inventory to be counted.  They will be stored before Harvestfest because they are a pain in the ass when they start dropping seeds.  But they have three weeks before that comes around again.

Vanity maxes out rocket science, but there aren’t any points for mastered skills.  She is working on the last upgrade for the rocket and then she will take it up for two space missions for one of the aspiration tiers she is checking off.

Malice makes it to bed for the first time at 5am in the morning.  Raven is right there to keep her company as they plan to sleep away the day.

Scoring: +660

The scoring and tracking has gotten so detailed that I have moved it to a spreadsheet, and captured a lot of points I was missing.  For now, I will just show the total on the post, and I will wait until the end to show the detail of the scores.


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