Proud of Darkness, Chapter 2

I know this sounds weird, but since Vlad and decided to get married, I have hardly seen him.  I mean, we are together every night.  But I don’t see him any other time.  I don’t know where he goes during the day.  I have to admit that work is keeping me busy and I am gone all day.  But it is like he just disappears into thin air – he doesn’t even sleep with me after we woohoo.  I don’t know where he sleeps, or if he sleeps.  He told me he doesn’t need a lot of sleep and rarely ever even lays down.  He spends a lot of time on the computer doing research.  He says he has a lot of investments and that is how he makes his income and I shouldn’t worry about it.  He wants me to focus on my scientific research because that is what is important right now.

Sometimes he will sit in the living room and read a book and I like to be there with him.  When I am not near him I get anxious and tense.  Vlad tells me that there is nothing for me to be worried about.  But I just can’t stop feeling like I need to be with him always.  So he tolerates my company as long as I am quiet.  He likes for the house to be quiet while he reads, so I play with Raven.  I should read also, but Raven is so attached to me that if I don’t play with her, she will start crying until I pay her attention and the noise aggravates Vlad.

Vlad really does love me.  He just likes to be alone and my need to be with him drives him a little crazy.  It is the reason why it sometimes feels like he doesn’t like me even though he tells me he loves me.  I know that sounds so crazy – I am not insane – but we are definitely closer as lovers than we are as friends.

Tuesday was my first day of work and I was so pumped to show them what I would do.  The scientist that was showing me around was pleasant but she was not impressed, I could tell.  She had me mix a serum and create a simple device.  The rest of the day was spent experimenting and brainstorming and some other random stuff but nothing that really showed off my genius.  It was an orientation day so it was mindless boring stuff.  I can’t wait until I start doing the good stuff.  I want to invent serums and devices that make a difference and that will help me achieve my goals.  I keep reminding myself that this is just the first step, the first day.  I did complete all of my tasks early and received permission to begin working on the rocket ship.  I was even able to put together a team to help me assemble it faster so maybe we can have it ready to go in a few days.

In fact, I did such a great job that I was promoted to apprentice inventor by the end of the day!  This was a great day!  I can’t wait to tell Vlad!  He is going to be so proud of me.  I am so excited!

I am so disappointed!  I wanted to celebrate with Vlad when I got home but I couldn’t find him.  Instead I realized that Raven has gotten so big.  I can’t believe that I have been so distracted with Vlad and my job that I didn’t even notice my kitten was growing up.  Raven is my companion and she has been with me since she was a kitten.  I haven’t spent hardly any time with her since I met Vlad.  I feel just horrible, like I am am evil person.  Maybe it is good I can’t find that asshole Vlad, who is probably out somewhere kissing some hussy’s neck.  Jerk.  Instead I will spend time with Raven, my baby girl.  Give mommy kisses.

Since Vlad wasn’t home, I went and took a bubble bath.  Raven came with me because she likes to stay close to me when I am home.  At least I can count on Raven to be here when I need her and not off woohooing some tramp like I just know Vlad is doing.  I can’t believe he is running around on me already.  Jerk.

Finally, Vlad came home and I realized how silly my thoughts had been.  Of course he hadn’t been with anyone else.  He had been working on his investments making sure we had plenty of money to support our lifestyle.  He says he wants me to have the best in order to achieve my goals.  Well, he definitely needs to keep the money coming in because I am not making a lot of money yet and my plans are going to require a lot of cash.  Vlad calmed me down in that way he has and I was finally able to share my good news.  He was so excited for me.  He told me that I am going to do great things and we are going to rule this town.  Mmm, he sure loves to kiss my neck a lot.  He tells me that he really loves the way my neck smells and tastes.  He really loves my neck so much that sometimes I think he has a fetish for necks.  But as long as he is only kissing my neck, then that is okay.

One thing about Raven growing up is that she can now come upstairs.  This means she finds herself in the bedroom during private moments.  To be honest, it really doesn’t bother me and Vlad.  We don’t even notice that she is there.  I think she might be a little curious about all of the movement under the covers, but she is good and stays off of the bed until after I fall asleep and Vlad goes wherever Vlad goes.

Although sometimes as I am falling asleep I wonder if there are things Vlad is not telling me.  He tells me not to worry about his business – that I need to spend my energy working on my goals and he will take care of his business.  But, I had this weird dream that a strange man was in my bedroom last night and he and Vlad got into an argument.  And then Vlad did something to him and this man disappeared.  Weird, I know.  But I promise, I am not insane.

What I didn’t know at the time was just how evil Vlad was and how far he would go to protect his secret.

Family Goals:

  • Life States: Human, Vampire

Supernatural Dynasty:

  • Human: Vanity Proud

Scoring: 35

Founder’s Traits: +10

  • Evil +5, Jealous +5, Genius 0

Left With Nothing: +25

  • 50×50 lot (bulldozed Affluista Mansion), reduced funds to §0


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