Proud of Darkness, Chapter 20

Avarice makes sure that Twinkle has been fed so that she doesn’t feed on the wrong sim.

Vanity heads into the kitchen to make some french toast for the littlest monster.  Raven assumes that means the food is for her, but it isn’t.  Avarice calls Raven so she leaves the kitchen and gives Malice a fighting chance to get to the food first.

Then Avarice spoils the plan by batting into the Malice’s room to check on her.  This frees Raven to race back for the food.

Since Avarice doesn’t actually feed Malice – she heads back to the game pad – Malice is now trying to get to the food before Ravenclaw.  It truly is survival of the fastest in the Proud household.

Avarice heads out to feed, forgetting that her powers are weak during the day.  Her target laughs at her failed attempt and leaves her standing there still thirsty.

She returns home to chat with Malice while she eats the food she stole away from the cat.

Malice is practicing her malicious looks on Avarice, but she still needs to practice the evil smile.

It is New Year’s Eve so Avarice and Vanity toast with Twinkle.  They are the current surviving members of the household, not counting Malice since she is too young to drink.  Of course, now Vanity and Malice are buzzed.

Vanity orders in her dinner but when she realizes she isn’t actually hungry, she makes him an enemy instead.

7/25 complete.

New Year’s Eve is a small party with just Vanity, Avarice, Malice, and someone’ dinner.

While Vanity and Avarice celebrate the new year, Malice cries for some reason – because she is a toddler.

Malice barely eats her dinner before relocates it to the floor.

This is a household with virtually no discipline.  Even though Vanity and Avarice were both witnesses to Malice’s mess making, neither one reacted to it.

Avarice started a conversation about something totally unrelated – she asked Malice about her day.

After letting Malice out of the high chair, it is time to work on movement.  In the winter without a coat.

Avarice needs to raise her mischief so she stops “dinner” from leaving and is able to spend enough time with her to raise mischief up for her job promotion.

Time has no meaning – when Avarice checks on Malice, she is tired of the slide so she asks Avarice to read her a story.

What she really wanted was more food.

What she really, really wanted was to potty and to go to sleep.

Avarice and Vanity both call up more dinner, but when Avarice calls up Nestor, the baby daddy – he dies as he arrives.  So, Avarice is going to need a different baby daddy and she is going to need to order a different dinner also.

It is time to bring the rest of the cats for the pet cemetery into the household.  Vanity calls up the pet adoption and invites several candidates over.  Raven greets Ryan with her usual enthusiasm.

Vanity manages to adopt two of the candidates, although she was trying for three of them.  The third kept disappearing, but she isn’t giving up.  Peanut is a Lykoi.

And Sidney is a Raccoon.

Since it is the middle of the night when the adoption event ends, Vanity will have to wait to try again for the last pet.  She kills time destroying the dollhouse.

Malice wakes up with the need for a diaper change and when she comes out to ask Vanity, she finds the dollhouse smashed to pieces.

Her world is crushed.

Such is the life of the monster child.  Suck it up buttercup.

Vanity changes her diaper while Avarice works on repairing the dollhouse.

Avarice doesn’t work fast enough so Malice encourages her to work faster by crying until she is finished.

Vanity slipped away and was located outside in the cemetery.  Since she was there, I had her leave a sugar skull offering and then mourn for Larceny.

Larceny responds to Vanity’s calls and he comes out to visit.

They talk and Vanity asks him to rejoin the household.  Despite being male, she has developed an attachment to him.

Since he is now back in the household, he calls and tries to get his job back.  Unfortunately, he can’t return to his level 4 position, and has to accept a level 3 position instead.  But he is back on the Journalism track.

They are not real good at keeping pets alive, other than the cats.  The piranha all died and Vanity had to restock the pond.  Oops.

The pond is restocked and cleaned and back in business also.

That also reminded her to check on Twinkle.  Time to feed Twinkle.  We won’t talk about the rodent that died again of starvation and was just removed from the house.

Larceny needs to renew his energy and he spends his power points.  Apparently he is now a Grand Master Vampire.  I don’t remember him being a GM Vampire before.

3 am, time for little monsters to get up and get their day started.

Malice doesn’t like this schedule.  But she is starving and all of her other needs are completely filled, so here we go.

If only Vanity had known what she was getting into.

Vanity tried to feed Malice, but she refused to eat what she was given.  Being stubborn, and trying to keep the cats away from the food, Vanity was determined Malice was going to eat the food she was given.  Thus they had a battle of the wills that lasted for hours.  In the end, it took three meals, and four scoldings before Malice finally had a full tummy.

After the battle of the food, Malice needs a trip to the potty and a bath.  Her time on the potty allows her to mastering the potty.

Larceny locks himself in the office and is writing children’s books.  He has to make up lost time and recover his lost career level.  And it keeps him out of the line of fire where Malice is concerned, at least for the moment.

They finally get the last pet adopted.  Vanity leaves for work so Avarice finalizes the adoption of Fiona.

Malice gets a bubble bath but it doesn’t make her happy because she magically knows that her father is dead.

Malice finds Larceny and watches him work before wandering off to play with the dollhouse.

Raven likes Peanut and gets caught being nice.

Vanity is close to completing her third aspiration – Nerd Brain.  She is spending her time working on logic now.

There also has to be at least one cat that feels like running away.  This time it is Peanut.

Once again, Twinkle has eaten a ghost – Treasure seems to be drawn to the cake.  This time it is essence of anger.

Malice is awake – and she wakes up starving every time.  On top of being very hungry, she is still mourning the death of her dad and missing Peanut.

Larceny tries to comfort Malice that Peanut will return but it doesn’t help.

He reads her a story to distract her but then he has to go to work.

Avarice is getting her dinner when Larceny leaves, leaving Malice alone.  Malice doesn’t like that and cries until Avarice can get there.  Avarice decides she needs to sleep until she feels better – until she is no longer sad.

Avarice needs to train 3 of her offspring so until she has a chance to do that, she has been working on Nerd Brain also.  She is at the point where she is taking the space ship up five time.  Hopefully she stays safe.

Peanut has returned, and she comes home stinky – skunk stinky.  But at least she doesn’t come home pregnant or sick.

The cats are having a meeting about the state of the challenge.  They approve of Vanity’s progress so far.

Vanity remembers to feed the piranha at least once.

Malice maxes out movement and is now down to imagination and thinking.  She has two days remaining and it is taking all the time to get it done.

Lilith comes over to visit and Malice watches Vanity and Lilith as they get their frisky going.


Her watching stops when the frisky moves downstairs to the private rooms.

Avarice earns another promotion to level 7, Elite Hacker.  She celebrates by having two dinners.  She has the sloppy drinker flaw and it takes two sims to satisfy her thirst.

Malice wakes up in a good mood, runs all the way downstairs to tell Larceny that she needs to potty.

Larceny carried her back upstairs to the potty next to her bed.  She is now angry because she had to potty to begin with and it was a long journey to the dungeon.

She is thinking about what she can make Larceny do next.

After having Larceny read her a story, now she is asking for food.  She is a demanding toddler.

And she pretty much controls this household.  At the moment.  And she knows it.

Vanity comes home and she still hasn’t received that last promotion.  Soon, they say.

But, why?

Scoring: +680


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