Proud of Darkness, Chapter 21

Will Vanity ever reach level 10 Scientist?

Avarice needs more promotions.

Larceny needs more promotions.

Malice needs more skills.

Fiona doesn’t waste any time becoming an elder.  Vanity still has a few special treats in her inventory.

Raven makes sure any, and all visitors know exactly how welcome they are.

Malice wakes up from her nap very angry.  She is desolate and starving for attention.  She finds Avarice in the shower and waits for her to finish.

She asks for a story and while that maxes out her imagination, there is still a lot of attention needed to improve her mood.

A lot of attention.

Still more attention is needed.

Finally, enough attention has been had.

Larceny earns a promotion back to Advice Columnist and his first piece of advice is to vampires – don’t stand out in the sun, dumbass.  Only six more promotions to go.

A rare sighting of Malice not looking pissed off and actually looking pretty cute.

Larceny maxes out writing and and has published many books.

Now he needs to work on charisma so that he can get his promotions easily.

Vanity finally completes Nerd Brain.  Now if she could just get that last promotion.

I forgot all about Twinkle.  Oops (-25 points)

Everything is back to normal – Malice is pissed again.

After chasing Vanity around the very large lot trying to watch her, Malice finally catches up with her in one of the bathrooms and begins asking the big question.

She waits for Vanity to answer one question before asking another.

Malice is practicing her sweet and innocent look.

Avarice manages to get half of her breakfast before the day gets started.

Malice is trying to ask why but Vanity keeps interrupting her to talk about the day.  Each time she does, Malice yells at her.

Finally, Malice is a top-notch toddler and Vanity goes to work.  Malice goes to bed.

Raven really like Peanut.  It is good they are both female, but maybe Peanut can hang around a little longer than the others.

Malice finished her skills just in time… it is her birthday.  Avarice makes her a cake and waits for her to wake up from her nap.

And the race for the cake begins.  Larceny calls all of the cats to him – they all respond except for Raven who heads for the cake.

Avarice is able to get Malice to the cake before Raven can dig into it.

Malice became a good child which just won’t work.  Since evil is the family trait, that is the one trait I can choose to give her at the earliest point, which is now {swapping good out and evil in}.  With Avarice, I waited until she rolled one of Vanity’s traits in order to establish the family trait.  Now that it is established, the rest of the heiresses will receive evil as children.

Malice enjoys her cake while Avarice plays a game on the tablet.

Even from the side, Malice is too cute for this challenge.  She is going to have to make up for it with her traits.

Malice begins working on the Whiz Kid aspiration by playing three chess games with Larceny.

Finally, Vanity reaches the top of the Scientist career.  The career that is not required for this challenge.  She will now be switching to the Politician career and beginning her takeover of the world.  But first, she will need to go back to work one time so that she can upgrade the SimRay one last time.

The cats congregate at Larceny’s coffin waiting for him to finish his “sleep”.

Vanity begins working on maxing out her charisma in preparation of taking the career in politics.

Malice decides to work on mischief by using Larceny since he has finished leveling the skills he needs for journalism.

Malice is spending the weekend working on her mental skill.

Avarice invites over her offspring and creates a club for their training.  It is time to complete her aspiration.

Meanwhile Vanity is keeping her romance with Lilith alive.

The cats tend to hang out together.  And normally Larceny is somewhere nearby.

Sidney is so cute, for a raccoon.  He becomes an elder, joining Fiona in the short-timers club.

I think if Nestor’s ghost is going to haunt the house, Vanity should be able to add him to the cemetery and count his ghost. 😉

Vanity maxes out charisma for politics and then sings for new skill day.  Sings badly.

Moving along with getting shit done – Avarice completes the Vampire Family aspiration and then disbands the club and sends everyone home.

First things first – Vanity has something to drink.

Avarice is moving along with her promotions and earns a promotion to level 8, An0nymous Ghost.

Random toddler took a wrong turn, and this is not the place to be wandering around.

Vanity finishes upgrading the satellite and the cloning machine so she switches jobs to the Politics career, taking a position as Community Organizer level 4.

Vanity has to choose a cause to support so she selects the World United cause.

Avarice is working on her mischief skill and she dares Larceny to go streaking.  He just poofs around to various places naked , so it loses the fun.

Then the next day that he goes to work, he earns a promotion to Regular Contributor level 5.  I am curious about his sun resistance.  He has none, but being a ghost I don’t think he can “die” from sun exposure. That being said, he is still thin skinned and he doesn’t react well to being in the sun so he hasn’t tested it yet just in case.

Vanity realizes that two of the cats needs treatment.  Fiona has a Three Ring Circus going on.

Peanut has Gilded Guts Disorder and is treated with the essence of placebo.

After treating the sick cats, Vanity heads out to mourn for Turtle.

Just checking in on Raven and Malice, sleeping peacefully for a change.

With everyone needing sustenance and Vanity needing to look for frogs, they headed down to the park early one morning before work.  Larceny was able to find something and headed home.  Vanity had to go to work without.  And Avarice had time to wait for two meals, since that is what it takes to fill her up.  Unfortunately, her second meal was a celebrity and eating in public brings publicity.

After getting her fill, she finished collecting what she could and then she headed home.

When Vanity got home from work, she was able to to catch a random stranger walking by for her meal.  And then she was struck by lightning as she was finishing up.  She always finds that electrifying and totally awesome.

Scoring: +660


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