Proud of Darkness, Chapter 22

Malice welcomes you back by complaining about the cats on the counter.  Deal with it.

Vanity cleaned herself up in the rain, apparently, as she isn’t all burnt looking any more.

Lilith stops by for some time with Vanity, in the thunderstorm.

Since Vanity just finished with the final upgrades to the Vanity-Ray, she decides to test it out – what does transform sim actually do anyways.

Right after transforming Lilith, there is another lightning strike.  Thankfully Lilith survives, because it is not Vanity’s plan to kill Lilith at this time.

They do some stargazing because apparently Lilith is unhappy that Vanity transformed her.

I can’t tell that it did anything but change her makeup, although it is hard to tell at night in the dark while Lilith is all burnt.  I was hoping for something more, like clothes, hair.  Disappointing.

Avarice is back at the computer working on the last of her skills for her career.

Larceny mops up water out in the cemetery.  He has already learned all of his skills so he just exists to fulfill the career requirement and take care of the house.  As a male he is a spare, but thankfully he isn’t a black sheep.

Larceny also feeds the piranhas.  And he falls in almost every time.

I should take a video of Vanity playing on the water slide in the thunderstorm.  She crashes more than she succeeds, and it is hilarious to watch.

Vanity is moving up quickly in the political arena, reaching level 5 and choosing the Politician branch.  Of course.  She gives me the best pictures for title cards.

Lilith comes over to visit and I see that there was more of a change than I realized.

Vanity installs a makeover station and offers Lilith a makeover and aren’t we having fun with her new hair color.

The final result, and she will be going forward with the pink hair.

Instead of working on skills, Avarice still needs to finish her mischief, she decides to play games.

Larceny takes his turn outside on the water slide.

No matter how often Lilith comes around, Raven reminds her that she doesn’t live here.

Fiona reaches the end of one life and begins the next stage of her existence – she moves into the pet cemetery.

Since there is now space in the house, they aren’t taking any chances – Ravenclaw is already spayed, but Peanut and Sidney aren’t.  So, now they are.

Malice comes home with an A and promptly loses 20 points for the challenge.  She also completes the Whiz Kid aspiration and she is turning into a proper monster heiress.

Avarice cries for Fiona as she trolls the forums.  She is inching closer and closer to maxing out mischief.

Lilith calls and invites herself over to spend the evening with Vanity.  Damn! Damn! Damn!

Vanity rushes over to see what is happening.  This is not what she planned!

She even begs Grim to spare Lilith.

She really liked Lilith.

She had plans for Lilith.

She wanted to keep Lilith.

Grim denies her request.  Rejected!

Good-bye, Lilith.

Lilith is added to the cemetery. {sniff}

The group of cats really get along well with each other.  They are always loving on each other.  It is a good thing they are all fixed.

Avarice finally maxes out mischief so all of the adults are now free to do whatever they want.  Until I think of something else for them to do.

Since Lilith went and died, that messed up Vanity’s long-term plan.  That means there needs to be one more body in the house.  Instead of Vanity finding another long-term lover, Avarice is going to roll the dice and try to see if she can have another little monster.

While Avarice is trying to find a short-term lover, Sidney gets sick and needs treatment.  Vanity examines him and it is determined that he has Squirrel Scratch Fever.

Not to let things getting boring, Malice decides to become a bear.  Avarice wasn’t sent a lover – she was sent a special pickup line.  While she is waiting for someone to come over so she can use the pickup line, she hugs her monster bear.

Avarice goes through her contact list and picks someone at random and invites him over.

The pickup line works and they completely skip the friendship stage and move straight to the woohoo.

After using him for the woohoo, Avarice drinks her fill.

Don’t fucking fall in!

Malice is mourning for Larceny.  Even though he is an active member of the household now they still mourn at his grave.

I though Avarice had completed the skills she needed for her career but apparently I missed her programming skill.  She still needs two more levels of programming.

The calm before the storm…

Or in this case, the abduction.  Vanity has now been abducted three times.  That is another -10 points.

This still makes me sad.

Followed by more sadness as Sidney moves into the Pet Cemetery

This is a first.  I didn’t know that Avarice was even aware of of what exercise was, but somehow she stumbled into the workout room in the dungeon and in a wild pregnancy mood swing, she decided to give it a try.

Whee! Monsters having fun.

Now, Avarice has completed the skills needed for her career.

Peanut runs away again.  I am pretty sure it was Peanut that ran away before.

Avarice looks like she is ready to pop.  Any day now.

Raven sneaks in her own birthday but I think she just wanted to get her picture in update also.

Peanut comes back from running away, completely and totally sick.

Avarice goes out to pick her up and bring her home.

Vanity gives her an exam when she gets home and discovers she has Winterfest Fever.  It is easy enough to treat and soon Peanut is feeling all better.

Vanity gives Raven an age-down treat to reset her back to Adult.

And just at the same time, Avarice gives birth to a boy – Venom Proud.  He will be responsible for the Astronaut career, so he better be a vampire.

Scoring: +635


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