Proud of Darkness, Chapter 23

Malice is the victim of the deleted CC hair.

But that is okay because she gets a different hair style as a replacement.

She finishes eating her chicken nuggets before Raven can get to the plate.

Malice found the new baby in the nursery and she is pissed.  She doesn’t understand why they needed another monster.

She is still letting Avarice know how she feels about the new brother.

Malice gives the teddy cat a hug before leaving for school and that helps a little bit.

Larceny earns a promotion to Page Two Journalist, level 6.  Vanity is still level 5, Civil Servant, but she is getting close to another promotion.

She heads down to the beach for dinner, but that doesn’t do so well.  She invites him back up to the house and has her dinner a little later.

Harvestfest sneaks up on them and they appease the gnomes.  Someone always misses on the first try and this time it is Avarice.  it takes her four or five attempts to beg for forgiveness, but eventually she gets it done.

Just a gathering of the adults as they spend their time doing whatever they are doing.

It is time for Malice to become a teen and for the first time she gets to blow out the candles without fighting the cats for the cake.

In addition to growing into the monster – Vlad’s nose and mouth are still making their presence known – she rolls Glutton to go with Evil.  Her aspiration is Public Enemy so she also picks up the Dastardly trait.

She doesn’t look too bad from the front…

But Vlad’s nose really shows from the side…

He is slowly being bred out.

Malice’s first priority is to learn perfect resistance to the sun.  She must be able to survive outside during the day.

They aren’t quite done with birthdays yet as it is also Venom’s birthday.  Venom is not a vampire by birth.  Dumbass.

He is a silly toddler, male, and not a vampire.  Dude, really?

Oh wah.  Venom will be spared an early retirement since he needs to max the military career for the challenge.  Did I mention he is also as fat as a toddler can be?  And he is going to be in the military career.  Level 6 fitness coming up later in his lifetime.  He will be working off that “baby fat” that he inherited from Avarice.  Besides, he grew into that red hair.  I can’t wait to see how ugly this little monster is going to be when he grows up.

Vanity is left to do her own thing while I am focusing on Malice and Venom.  She is liking this autonomy.

Avarice is killing time while potty training Venom.

And Venom is potty training.  All little monsters need to know how to use the potty.  Can’t be showing weakness to outsiders by pooping or peeing themselves after all.

While Avarice works on Venom’s aim, Larceny comes along behind them and cleans up the mess from where he is peeing on the floor.

A comparison of mother and son.  Of course, all toddlers are cute, but then they grow into the nose.

Raven is really going to miss Peanut when she moves to the pet cemetery, but at least her ghost will still be around.  Peanut is the only cat that Raven has connected with.

Checking out Avarice’s current aspiration and she needs to be disliked by two sims.  So, she makes an enemy to add to the count.  The maid enjoys the show.

But he is horrified when Avarice feeds on her new enemy after the fight.

Venom is awake and starving but first the kitty needs some love.

Then he heads out to get some food.  He isn’t impressed with whatever Avarice is doing and it caused negative relationship also.  But he waited until she was finished and then asked for his food.

Venom eats his food and then he gets some potty time before he continues his skills training.

Malice is being a teen and is refusing to read her books.  She had a “rough” day at school is has decided that she is stressed out now.

Vanity earns a promotion to Public Official to begin the weekend.  She is sent to hibernate since she has two days until she works again and I need her out of the way for the moment.

Venom babbles to one of the stuffed animals until he has the option to hug or hit, then he hits until he maxes out communication.

That gives him a good boost towards insensitive also.

Then he heads out to the playground to spend the rest of the evening and night.  He won’t be allowed to go to bed until he is ready to pass out.  Little monsters must earn their place in this family.

Malice was hoping to wish for some enemies but it isn’t that easy.  She gets a worthless “perfect pickup line”.  Not what she was looking for.

She creates a club and sets the approved activities to be mean socials and fighting.

The problem with that is since they are approved, it doesn’t cause negative relationships.  The only negative relationship she has is from feeding on one of the girls at the beginning of the gathering.

Venom has reaches his limit.  Avarice swoops in and takes him to bed.

Out front, Malice disbands the club and makes an enemy of Isabel while Audrina watches.

Then she flips the script and makes an enemy of Audrina.  That completes her aspiration tier and moves them up to 10/25 enemies for the family.  She now has to be disliked by four sims and her aspiration requirement is to become an adult and join the criminal career, so the aspiration is at a stopping point.

Avarice still needs to be dislike by one more sim, so she calls up Conner and makes him her enemy.  11/25 family enemies done.

Venom is awake so Larceny is roused to take care of him.  He is starving and needs food now.  Once he is fed, he is chained to the potty to max out his potty skills.

Malice is still working on learning the secret to perfect sun resistance.  She is so bored, but she will not be allowed to move to her next step until she can move out during the daylight in safety.

Avarice is progressing her aspiration with more mischief activities.  She actually scammed Dina Huntington III out of some money with a Spam Money Request.  Then she did it a second time on Jayla Stark.  After that she started making prank phone calls.  Ten of them to be exact.  Her last requirements of the aspiration is to clog drains at three different homes and to perform voodoo five times.  Hmm, okay.  Voodoo doll purchased.

So, bored.

Don’t die.

Malice literally broke both computers back to back.  She doesn’t want to research vampires any more.

She doesn’t want to read about vampires any more either.

Malice invites over one of the girls from her very-short-lived club and makes another enemy and then has something to drink.  She feels much better and is able to finish reading about vampires.  She has maxed out vampire lore and can now finish researching vampires on the computer until she learns the secret of perfect sun resistance.

In the meantime, it is time for Peanut to move to the pet cemetery.  Goodnight sweet Peanut.  I would say you will be missed, but I am sure your ghost will be around quite often.

Venom became a toddler with a mourning moodlet thanks to the death of a grandparent he never met.  It literally just wore off when Peanut died.  His sadness it cranked back up to 2 more days and he is dreaming about death.

Scoring: +740


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