Proud of Darkness, Chapter 24

Malice’s intense research has paid off and she has learned the secret of perfect sun resistance.  She can now go out in the daytime without the fear for her life.

It is time to work on some more objectives.  Handiness level 6 and mischief level 10 are skills she will need for her career as The Boss, plus she will have to complete the Public Enemy aspiration, and she will be bringing in the next generation at some point in the process.  So there are just a few things on her list to complete.

Venom is still working on movement on the slide and in the ball pit.  Despite appearances, he is not having fun.

He is still sad about Peanut, and he really wants a bath.

Avarice comes home and gives him that bath which cleans him up but it doesn’t improve his mood any whatsoever.

Vanity comes out of hibernation for something to eat, and then I send her back to sleep a little longer.  Hibernation keeps her needs high for her next work shift and it keeps her out of my way so Malice and Venom can get their shit done.  Larceny has also been in hibernation except when an extra pair of hands were needed.

Avarice hasn’t been able to stay in hibernation because Venom needs her attention.  After his bath, she reads him a story.  The evil laugh probably doesn’t set the right tone for a pleasant story for a toddler though.

Malice works her way through her contact list and adds another enemy to the list… 13/25

Avarice needs to use the damn voodoo doll, so she binds it to her next victim and then pokes her five times.  You can also tickle them among other things, but Avarice went with poking.

Once she uses it the required five times, she makes Paola the next enemy and then has a drink.

Malice is working down her contact list and adds another victim to the list, making the count 15/25.

Then she puts Venom to bed while Avarice has her dinner since he has reached the end of his energy for the day.

Being a teen is tough on Malice.  The waiting to become a young adult and the mood swings are getting to her.  Raven has torn that one bed to shreds so it needs to be repaired.  That also brings the house value down – just saying.

Eventually this boy is going to smile, but it may take awhile.

Avarice maxes out of the first of the careers – Criminal/Oracle.  Well, Vanity did actually max Scientist, but that one wasn’t required, so Avarice gets credit for maxing the first required career.

Venom enjoys his bowl of salad that looks curiously like scrambled eggs.

Malice achieves an Atrocious Reputation.  This is my first one.  Vanity’s reputation is Bad, Avarice’s reputation is Neutral, and Larceny has a Good reputation.

Venom checks out what is happening down below.

Vanity and Larceny move so fast that they both start repairing the game machine before it registers that the other is doing the repair.

Vanity needs to secure a vote for her next promotion, so she invites one of the few in her contact panel that is alive and not an enemy.  Venom is looking for someone to give him some attention.  Father Winter got priority and Venom ended up just watching.

Eventually Malice finished her homework and project and was able to put Venom to bed.  It isn’t a joke that the life of a monster isn’t easy.

Venom has decided he isn’t going to cooperate any more.  Being a little monster is hard.

Nope, it isn’t going to happen.

But Vanity is in charge and Venom is just a toddler so guess who is listening to a story.

Malice is full of her own stress and tension.  The dollhouse is destroyed and repaired daily.

Venom is going to be a happy toddler before we are done.

And there it is.  The first smile I have seen.  His needs are shit, but he smiles because he knows he is a happy toddler.  And his ass is going to bed.

Avarice is putting him to bed for some well-deserved sleep.  If he learns anything else before his birthday, it will be a bonus.

The focus is on Malice for the time – everyone else is coasting for the moment, but Malice needs to work her skills.

Malice spends a level reading about handiness but that is way too boring.

Watching her upgrade all of the plumbing was much more exciting.

Fat boy must know that he is not going to be pushed to skill any more because he wakes up starving and stinking and he is still freaking smiling.  Of course, that could also be because tomorrow is WinterFest and he is energized about opening presents..

Venom has to go all the way down into the dungeon to find Avarice in order to ask for food.  That was a long, long walk.

Once Avarice gets him into the high chair, he immediately asks to get out so he can run away.  Once he stops running, Larceny checks on him and puts him back in the high chair.  This time he gets a sandwich.  Hopefully he will ask for a bath next.

Larceny gets him into the bath and then he spends the rest of the day running around being a toddler.

He plays with Raven for a little while.

It is time for food again, and maybe some presents.  But not time for Father Winter yet.

Everyone needs to eat, and their food sources are aging – there are very few remaining that aren’t ghosts so it is about time for them to go out and meet new sims to drink from.  One of the few that was invited over to provide dinner was Venom’s daddy.  Since he was there, he was tasked to read Venom to sleep.  Twice.

Larceny was the only one that wanted to ask Father Winter for a present and once that was done, the holiday was over.

Malice heads out to feed the piranha and she falls in for the first time.  And we don’t have time for this shit.  But she climbs out safely which is really good.

With handiness well above the level she will need for her career, she works on her homework for school.

They decide to hire a butler, don’t ask me why – they didn’t have a lot of non-enemies that are still alive, so they started calling up services.  Maybe the butler will stay, maybe not.

The first thing Venom does when he wakes up is to steal what is left of Hayley’s food.

Then, he gets his own bowl of something that he eats all gone.  His cheekbones are already visible, so I am expecting him to grow into “interesting” features.

After eating, with time on his hands, Venom decides to mourn for Peanut.

Then, because he is now sad, he decides to mourn for Larceny.

Malice brings home her A costing us 20 points, but guaranteeing a good boost to her career when she ages up, so worth the point loss.

Avarice found the exercise equipment – surprise – she used it twice – and then she quit.

It is Venom’s birthday and time to see what happens to his face.

Oh, Venom.  Venom.  Venom.  Venom rolled outgoing and just cost us -5 points for that positive trait.  And he is human (and male, although no one needs to be reminded of all of his failings).  He is still way too cute for this monster family.  It is a good thing he has something that he needs to accomplish.

Malice also finds the exercise equipment.  What will be funny is when Venom is chained to the machine for his runup to level whatever he needs for the military career.

The daily destruction of the dollhouse has an emotional victim today.

Malice is slowly working on mischief.  She still needs to make ten more enemies but until I have the energy to take them off the lot (maybe the next update) she is working on trolling the forums.  Vanity and Larceny are still working on their careers, but Avarice is done with her stuff and is just floating around doing whatever she pleases.  When they go off lot, Avarice will need to clog three sinks to complete her aspiration.  I can see the beginning of the end – Malice is the mid-point.

Scoring: +745


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