Proud of Darkness, Chapter 25

Malice decides to get the enemies made and checked off.  She spends the weekend at the parks meeting and pissing off everyone she meets.  By the time she heads home for a shower, she has whittled the enemy count up to 20/25.

Avarice completes her aspiration and is going to be left to her own devices unless she is needed for something.  Her aspiration is changed to Fabulously Wealthy for the rest of the challenge and she is sent home.

Malice finishes with the enemy requirements and makes it home in time to watch New Year’s Eve TV.  Of course, the pool of available meals that are willing to deliver themselves to the house has dwindled now as enemies won’t come over to visit when invited.  Vanity will have to go out and meet all the new neighbors since everyone hates Malice.

Everyone celebrates New Year’s Eve, and oh hey, the butler is still there.

Malice practices her mischief on the butler and pretty much spends the entire weekend spamming mischief leveling actions.  It is a really boring weekend for everyone.

It always seems like the last level takes the longest.

Malice dares the butler to go streaking, and now there is a naked sim running around outside.

And that is another skill (mischief) that is maxed – Malice is ready to get her career on.

There hasn’t been a lot of Vanity lately, because she is doing her own thing.  At this point – the Councilperson is working hard to increase her influence so that she can take over the town.  She is slowly moving her kids into positions of influence around town.  Soon she will have control.

They all head to the park for some quality time in public.  That is new for them.

Vanity begins by working the constituents.

She eventually is able to secure the additional votes that she needs for her next promotion.

Everyone heads home and leaves Malice in the park where she makes friends with Earl Romero.  If the timing works out, Earl will be making the next generation with Malice.  They still need to bring an alien into the family.

When they are not being kept busy, they spend most of their free time out in the cemetery crying for someone.

And I have played long enough that it is Malice’s birthday.  Never one to make my life easy, Malice rolled Unflirty for her third trait.  It gives them +5 points, and that will be fun to play as she romances Earl for the next generation.  Thankfully, they are already romantic, and she will be initiating the romance.

The first thing she does is take a position as Felonious Monk, level 4 Criminal.  This also moves her along in her aspiration.

The next thing Malice does is lose points by getting abducted.  -10 points

Hayley, the butler, does her best to make sure she isn’t a target for their feeding.  I don’t know when she got pregnant since she never leaves the lot.  MCCC says the father is Keegan Lorenzo and she is due any day now.

Vanity goes through her shrinking contact list and invites over all the potential food.  She fails on her first attempt to feed but then her uncontrollable need kicks in and that never fails.

When the world is falling apart around you, there is always one thing you can count on.  Someone has beat the dollhouse to crap, and then that someone is repairing it.  And generally there is someone that has recently been drained around also.

Malice has to get into five fights, so one of the sims invited over is already her enemy.  She stacks up five fights with him and off they go.  You know that feeling where even though you are doing what you need to do, your mom is still looking over your shoulder telling you how to do it better.

Malice invites over Earl for some play time.  They are getting right to the fun stuff.

And Vanity comes home without a promotion again.  So, she resorts to bribery for what she wants.  If you can call it that.  The wishing well grants her wish and she receives an immediate promotion to Representative, level 8.  She also is way short of the votes she needs for the next promotion so she is going to start working on those, but she will be back at the well in however many hours to try again.

It is too bad Earl can’t move in.  He is really sweet to Malice and calls her all the time.

Larceny tries his luck wishing for a promotion and while he doesn’t get an immediate promotion, he is promised a promotion the next time he goes to work.

With everything else going on, I missed Malice’s confetti and her telling Earl the good news about the incoming baby.  Apparently Vanity was there for the announcement though and Earl just looks like he is in shock.

After taking his seed, Malice takes his blood.  Then she sends him on his way and she heads for work.

Vanity is working on securing votes while she waits for the opportunity to make another wish.  No point in leaving it to chance.  This is a tough sell with a Bad Reputation.

Everyone in the family promises to vote for her, but none of her food is willing to make the commitment.  So instead, she asks for a large bribe and he is willing to pay her off instead.

Then Raven takes her pound of flesh after the money has changed hands.  Good old Raven.

Vanity wonders why she has ever spent the time actually working for her promotions.  Wishing for them is much faster, even if it is more expensive.  She is going to need many more bribes to keep this up, but she is now Elder Statesperson, level 9.  She needs a total of 20 votes for the last promotion and she only has 8/20.  So she is definitely going to be wishing for the last promotion.

At this stage, Venom is largely forgotten.  He can’t do the things he needs to do yet.  But soon.

Venom is feeling lonely and needing some fun, so he tries the make-a-wish method of solving his problems.

Well, he is Forever Cheerful now, for at least 24 hours.

But it looks like someone forgot to tell Venom.

Scoring: +855


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