Proud of Darkness, Chapter 26

Hayley goes into labor to start off this update so it will be interesting to see how this works because I don’t think they are supposed to get pregnant while they are employed.

Hayley passes out as I continue to watch her.  She isn’t leaving and she isn’t delivering.

Malice decides to fire Hayley and free her from this hell – and because apparently she is never going to give birth as long as she is the butler – it has been literally hours – but Hayley passes out again before she can be released.

Finally, Malice is able to fire her and Hayley can’t disappear from the lot fast enough.

Then, Malice destroys and repairs the dollhouse to work off her frustrations.

Wishing for promotions just isn’t working out for Malice.  Each time they tell her to “just hang in there, and maybe next time.”

Larceny comes home with his promised promotion – Investigative Journalist, level 8.

Larceny heads straight back to the wishing well for another attempt at a wished-for promotion.

Again, he is promised a promotion the next time he goes to work.  That will be on Monday.

Vanity’s wish on Friday results in empty promises.  She will try again on Saturday and Sunday because she definitely doesn’t have the votes for the promotion on her own merit.

Venom is working to improve his mental skill and hopefully begin to actually learn logic since he will be needing to master logic for his career.  Good luck with that.

Malice brings home that promised promotion and moves up to the last tier of her aspiration.  Now she needs to reach level 8 of her career and witness the death of a sim.  Both of those can be arranged.  She is still in the second trimester so the new baby won’t be here for awhile yet.

Malice hits up the wishing well first thing – and they are going through their cash really fast this way – and makes her wish.

She is also promised a promotion on her next work day, which is in 18 hours, thankfully.  Not like the others who won’t return to work until Monday.

Nestor is not one of the ghosts that count – he died off the lot of old age but he sometimes shows up.  Since he is not a challenge-legal ghost, he shouldn’t be here.

Vanity heads over to where his headstone is standing and she picks that up and will relocate it somewhere else.

Back home, she is trying to convince sims to vote for her for National Leader.  They aren’t convinced, not even when Vanity uses her Allure.  Not even Malice will agree to vote for her – but Malice is destined to become The Boss, so there might be a conflict of interest at play here.  That wishing well better come through, otherwise she is going to have a problem getting the last promotion.

Vanity gives the wishing well another try – this time it tells her she will get a promotion if she has completed all of her requirements.  Crap.  If they haven’t completed their requirements at the time they make the wish, it doesn’t give them the full bar of performance.

She continues to try to secure votes, but no one really wants to vote for Vanity.  And then she feeds on her voters whether they support her or not.  She might need to rethink her campaign strategy.

She continues to call up supporters and try to convince them to support her until they stop answering the phone.

Malice comes home with her promotion to The Muscle, level 6 in the Boss branch.

Vanity finally gets Malice to agree to vote for her.  It looks like she can hit the kids up to vote for her every day.  This is the first time Malice has agreed to vote for her.

Malice makes the after-promotion trip to the wishing well to wish for the next promotion, which the well is happy to promise her the next time she goes to work.

One of the items required for Malice’s aspiration is to witness someone’s death.  After contemplating the best way to make this happen, a plan was hatched.  Avarice created a club called “Someone has to Die” and only invited vampires to join.  Then she set all of the club activities to outdoor – pool, water slide, hot tub.  Cassandra Stark was the first to die.  The belief is that she drowned because exposure to the sun drained all of her energy and she couldn’t get back to the single opening to escape.  Cassandra will be added to the cemetery as a drowning.

Malice joined those witnessing the death.  Thankfully, Cassandra was able to put her clothes on before she died.  Caleb was also able to get dressed when he got out of the pool.  Avarice did not take the time to cover up, so enjoy all her bare nakedness.  And Malice got the credit for witnessing the death and is one step closer to completing her aspiration.

Moving on to the next activity, Avarice calls for skinny dipping in the hot tub.  Wolfgang is the only one that hasn’t made it to the hot tub.  Where is naked Wolfgang?

Well, that pretty much takes care of the club.  Wolfgang and Caleb would have made great additions to the cemetery, but Avarice is happy to welcome Augustus Caliente and Ivan Vatore.

Grim has had a busy day today, but the club has been disbanded for now, so there shouldn’t be any more deaths for awhile.

Several hours later, Avarice still hasn’t decided to put her clothes back on yet.

Vanity reassures Venom that he will be fine and everything will work out.  She has a plan.

Avarice regales Vanity with tales from when she was mortal.

Vanity remembers giving birth to Avarice and knows she was never mortal.

She is still trying to get the last votes and she doesn’t like being rejected.  Her current count is 18/20 – almost all of those votes are her family voting more than once.

It is time to throw another §5,000 down the well, so Vanity heads out and makes another wish.

YES! Vanity is promoted to National Leader, level 10 Politician.  The world is hers.  Almost.

Scoring: +870


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