Proud of Darkness, Chapter 27

Missing from the last chapter was an introduction to the newest family member, Desire. Malice was hoping Desire would take after Earl, but she didn’t. She is a vampire, not an alien. So, once again, plans change.

Venom doesn’t understand his place in this family. He isn’t like them in many ways. He just doesn’t fit in with them.

Avarice socializes with Malice ten times and then hits a roadblock on the family aspiration for now, so she moves on to a different aspiration.

Avarice is on task to begin trying to complete some aspirations. They need to complete fifteen unique adult aspirations by the end of the challenge and have currently completed six. Malice is almost done with hers, which will be seven. Desire will have to complete one, which will be eight. Venom will complete one for nine. The fifth generation will attempt to complete one as a teen, which would be ten. So there are at least five more than need to be completed by those that are done with their careers and primary aspirations – currently this is Vanity and Avarice.

Malice is kind of slipping through the cracks at the moment as she is still waiting to go back to work for her next promotion and I am managing Avarice and the others on their tasks.

Raven looks gross and sick so Vanity will need to examine her when she gets home from work.

Larceny brings home a promotion to Editor-in-Chief, level 9, and hits up the wishing well one last time. He gets a promise of his last promotion on his next work shift, which is in 17 hours. Now we are cooking and baking.

Turns out Raven has Projectile Repugnitis. Like I said, gross.  The treatment is Tum Tum Tickletangle Readjustment Surgery.

Vanity gets to kiss the baby as a politician.  Desire is not impressed one little bit.

Then, for random reasons, Vanity reads to Venom for his aspiration, which there is no hope he will complete.

Malice invites Earl over to get to know him better and Avarice joins in to make it an awkward threesome.  She is quickly sent off on another errand elsewhere.

While Malice and Earl continue their discussion, Larceny comes home with his final promotion to Scribe of History, level 10.

Malice continues to work on Earl and soon they are Good Friends.

Even though she is Unflirty, she uses what little romance she can muster up to woo him.

And then she proposes.

He is not impressed and rejects her attempt.

She has so many happy and inspired moodlets that the embarrassed moodlet never comes to the surface, so she continues to socialize with him, until he is very flirty and then she proposes again.

This time he accepts.

As they are beginning to elope and say their vows, Earl farts.  Yes, he is a slob.  And, yes, he farted in the girl’s face as she was leaving.

Vows continue.

They are married – And there are points for traits all around.  Earl Romero is a Slob, Kleptomaniac, and Childish.  These are all +5 traits.  Way to go Malice!

One quick peek at Earl’s disguise, which will never be seen again.

Venom was sent to play chess and then forgotten.  He is remembered when the notification that he has mastered the mental skill popped up.  Great job Venom.  He needs to master logic, so he will continue to work on the chess table until his birthday, and beyond.

Desire decided it was time for her to be featured in this update, so she aged up into a silly toddler.  A way-too-cute-to-be-a-monster-toddler.

Malice thinks so also as she tucks in the silly monster.

I took a break, got some sleep, and loaded the game up to find out Venom peed his pants.  Thankfully he was at home and does not cost the family -20 points.  That penalty only counts when it happens off of the home lot.

Vanity is wondering about her lineage, as do I sometimes.

There are two dollhouses in the house, which I forget sometimes.  The dollhouse on the main floor is the one that gets destroyed the most, or at least the one I notice the most.  But there is also a dollhouse in the playroom in the dungeon.

Avarice makes breakfast for Desire as she will be waking up soon.  Earl is working on the Soulmate aspiration with Malice so they are a little busy at the moment.

Vanity is making an age-down treat for Raven as it will be her birthday soon (tomorrow) and we must keep the destructive kitty young and destructive.

It took forever to get them both in a flirty mood at the same time, so they watched TV to move along the date.  Neither one will stay flirty for more than one interaction, then they are back to happy.

Desire is up and eating her breakfast while Avarice keeps Raven from eating the breakfast also while the maid cleans up.

There is a lot happening here.  Malice and Earl are working on his second date while Vanity destroys the dollhouse.  Desire is about to start potty training but now she is sad because those poor dolls are getting all smashed.

Avarice works on Desire’s potty training while Raven watches.

Malice takes Earl to woohoo in the coffin – and they choose to woohoo in Larceny’s coffin.  Isn’t that special.

I am really glad that Earl moved in – I like these two together.

They become best friends and Earl is moving right along in the Soulmate aspiration.

As the family begins completing their careers, they turn their focus to completing aspirations.  Vanity has already completed Mansion Baron, Master Vampire, Nerd Brain, and is working on The Curator.  Avarice has completed Chief of Mischief and Vampire Family and is working on Leader of the Pack.  Larceny has completed Bestselling Author and is working on Fabulously Wealthy.  Malice is working on Public Enemy and Earl is working on Soulmate.  That is 11/15.  The leaves Venom, Desire, and gen 5 to complete one to bring to tally to 14/15.  As soon as someone completes the one they are working on, they will be given another one to begin working on – it is possible they may yet complete this mini challenge.  To work on the Leader of the Pack, Avarice created a club for the family so they would all work on science related items.  Vanity is working on practice analysis and is hoping to discover the last two elements she is missing from her collection.

Avarice is using the microscope and picking up prints for the walls.

Venom is still working on logic from the chess table.  When he becomes a teen, he will begin working on fitness.  Larceny is using the telescope and hoping he doesn’t catch the attention of aliens because he doesn’t want to be abducted.

Scoring: +905


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