Proud of Darkness, Chapter 28

Because Earl and Malice have trouble staying flirty, they had to move their dates into the bedroom with two flirty objects that are turned on.

Malice and Earl are working their way through the dates required for Soulmate when Billie just barges into the bedroom.

She realizes her mistake and quickly leaves.

But that damage is already done and what has been seen can never be unseen.  It is a good thing she is already old and will be dying soon otherwise Malice might have to add her to the cemetery out back.

Venom insults Avarice when she sits down to talk to him, so she is sent back to the microscope to continue doing whatever she was doing.  Venom needs to max logic for his career, so he will be doing logic raising activities as much as possible.

Desire is still stuck to the potty as she is not leaving this room until she has mastered the process, no matter how sad it makes her.

Dammit Avarice.

Avarice is pissing me off with this satellite dish.  First it is Angry Town…

Then, she knocks everyone out…

Then she contacts aliens.  She is doing this on her own, which I didn’t realize that they would do.

Vanity and Malice were the only ones that went down with Knockout.  Venom and Ravenclaw were the ones that were impacted by Angry Town.  I just hope no one is abducted by aliens.  Bitch.

Desire masters the potty and is waiting for Avarice to stop screwing around with the satellite dish and come read her to sleep.

Finally, Avarice is doing something productive and Venom hangs out with them while he fills his belly before crashing in his own bed.

Well, shit, now Earl is doing it.  Knockout activated.  Satellite dish has been placed in family inventory since the family can’t be trusted with it anymore.

NO!  Don’t make me kill you early, DumbAss!

Malice just made an offering to the wishing well when she went down for the count.  That is going to hurt.

Dude, you are glowing very brightly.

Stop calling the aliens!!

Earl has to die.

Vanity was affected by the Knockout again.

Avarice was not – she is working on charisma as part of the Leader of the Pack aspiration.

Malice woke up and made her wish, which was not granted.  She should have made another offering first.  And then, I figured it out – it is all Avarice’s fault.  Her stupid club and the activity to use all science objects is what is causing all of the rogue satellite and alien activities.  So that club activity has been removed.  Now they are setup for collecting frogs, playing chess, and using the microscope and telescope.

Desire wakes up and after eating she is set to task.  There is a lot she needs to complete before Venom becomes a teen, because there are deadlines to meet.  Well, not really, but sort of, since Venom is not a freaking vampire.  Although he could become one if necessary.  Decisions have not been made on that front since he is male, which is not subject to change.  tldr: Venom has to complete his tasks while aging, whereas the others aren’t aging.

Cassandra comes out to haunt and seems to take delight in running Earl out of bed.  There are four regular beds, and she chooses whichever one he is sleeping in, to haunt.

Desire slips away from the bear and meets Malice at the dollhouse.  When she is discovered, she is sent back to the bear until her communication is level 3.  Her goal is happy toddler – although top-notch toddler would be wonderful.  First, she has to reach happy toddler so that Venom can do his thing.

With communication at level 3, she is allowed outside for some fresh air and a chance to play on the slide.

The unoccupied adults are working the club activities to assist Avarice in completing the Leader of the Pack aspiration and still collecting crap for the walls.

Avarice is working on charisma.  Who would have thunk that monsters needed charisma.

At level 3 movement, Malice pops in to snatch Desire up and read her to sleep.  Desire is very angry and feels like she is just a toy being moved around for someone else’s amusement.

Venom comes home from school, a solid C student.  Today is his birthday, his bar is bubbling.  But he will not be getting a birthday cake because I am not ready for him to be a teen just yet.  I really want Desire to have all her skills at level 3 first.  I doubt she will be there but it will be close.

Larceny comes home and just stands outside letting the sun tank his energy.  Eventually he drags his see-thru ass inside.  Raven sits there and judges him.

Avarice has completed Leader of the Pack and changes over to Successful Lineage.  She should be able to complete it, maybe.

With Earl home from his first day at work, it is time to complete the Soulmate aspiration.  Three gold dates coming up…  One…


And, three…  Done!

Waiting until the very end, Venom grows up without any celebration, alone in his room.  But he should be happy to learn that he will survive his teen-age years.  Probably.  He rolled the Evil trait, which is the family trait and this is what will save his life.  Even if he is male and not a vampire.

Earl tries the wish for a promotion method of job performance, and yes, he will pay §5,000 for that promotion to Module Cleaner, level 2.  He is going to pee and shower now, thank you very much.

Desire wakes up very hungry and heads out to destroy Venom’s uncompleted school project.  Once that is done, she heads back inside to have something to eat.

While Desire fills her tummy, Malice keeps her company.  As soon as she finishes eating she will be working on imagination and thinking.

Raven is aging up, which means it is time for Vanity to give her a special treat to age her back down.

Dammit Vanity.  Not your own family.  Avarice just invited over several sims for her to choose from but she went uncontrollable and Venom was the target.

Malice is working Desire hard, although Desire is enjoying the attention at the moment.  She will be exhausted by the time they quit for the day.

With a few minutes to herself, Malice heads down to the wishing well to make the routine wish for a promotion.  Green again.  At least green is an automatic promotion the next time she goes to work as long as she has met her promotion requirements – which she has.

Better than sorry can’t do anything for you now, maybe next time.

Avarice sits Venom down and blows through the requirements to help a child with homework to complete Successful Lineage – 9/15 aspirations are now complete.

Malice and Desire watch her work.

Then Desire works on bringing her thinking up to level 3.  Almost there.

And Happy Toddler is complete.  She will work on Top-Notch Toddler if she has time, but at least she has one goal completed.

Scoring: +920


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