Proud of Darkness, Chapter 29

At first it looks like Desire is smiling in her sleep, but she is just loading into the game, and that means she is getting back into bed and going back to sleep.

Earl is gross.

Desire finally wakes up for real and she isn’t smiling this time.  She wakes up into a full tantrum.  She is starving but before she can get out of bed to go get the food, she has to yell and scream about how hungry she is.

After eating she is sent back to the teddy bear to master communication.  If only that would eliminate the yelling and screaming.

Before going back to bed, she plays with Malice to work on movement.  She is almost level 4.  I am trying to decide if she needs to be a top-notch toddler or if happy toddler will be good enough.  Avarice was a happy toddler and Malice was a top-notch toddler and they both are doing well.  Venom needs to start traveling for his tasks but he can’t until Desire is done with her toddler training.  Decision, decisions.

Earl heads out to make the promotion wish, and this does not look good.

This is not good.  He has just wished himself into a demotion the next time he goes to work.  He doesn’t go back for three days so he will attempt to wish a different result before then.  Dumbass.

Earl has to die. -50 points for the unintentional fire.

Everyone routed to safety outside including Desire.  But since there was a thunderstorm, she immediately turned around and routed back inside to get to safety from the lightning.

As soon as she got inside, she routed back outside to get away from the fire.

Earl won’t die.  He started the damn fire, then he stood in the fire, and he wouldn’t even die from it.  Finally, he put it out.

Earl went out to shower in the rain, but there wasn’t any lightning, at least none that struck him.

He played with the piranha and fell in twice, but climbed back out safely both times.  I am really aggravated with him right now.

Earl heads out to make a wish – anything to try to counteract that piss-poor wish he made before.  But then, he wishes for happiness instead (because I am still pissed at him) and he gets really happy.  Maybe he shouldn’t have made a §100 offering as that pissed off the wishing well also.

There are so many people in the kitchen that don’t eat.  Seriously.  Venom is the only one that should be in this picture.  And Desire is asleep so they aren’t making food for her.

Earl comes in and decides that he should watch something funny and he is telling Avarice gross jokes.  Because when you are hysterical, watching something funny and telling jokes is a great idea.

Goodbye Earl.  Notice the complete lack of concern around him.

Desire wakes up and grabs a plate of food and heads to the living room since that is where everyone else is at – taking a seat in the middle of the action.

She enjoys her food and doesn’t pay any attention to the activity happening around her.

After everyone wanders off, and Desire has finished eating, Venom picks her up and she is still clueless about what just happened.

He takes her back to bed, with Grim following behind, like a creepy stalker.

Vanity is reaching the point of losing control and she just barely gets food ordered before the midnight deadline.

Larceny gets Desire up to potty and then reads her back to sleep.  She is starting to understand something happened that makes her sad.

Venom is pretty sad too since having Earl around meant he wasn’t the only non-vampire in the house.  There is a danger to being the only non-vampire in the house again.

Malice comes home with the promised promotion and that completes her aspiration to become Public Enemy.  Now she just needs to reach the top of her career.  Inch by inch they are getting it done.

After Malice takes a break to grieve the death of Earl, she heads out to the wishing well for a promotion wish and receives the usual guarantee of a promotion the next time she goes to work.

Then, she heads inside to take care of Desire.  Vanity needs to go to the park to look for frogs and we can’t leave a toddler at home due to the bug where their needs drop despite having caregivers, so Malice is making sure Desire is ready to go.

At the park, Desire asks to play, so Malice gives her a twirl.

Venom also goes so he can work on logic by playing chess.  He has been leveling the skill nicely and is allowed to go home when he reaches level 6.

Vanity catches a lot of frogs and brings her total up to 20/25.  Those last five frogs are playing hard to get.

Malice and Desire are very sad about Earl’s death and it is almost enough to make me regret it, but not quite.  They will get over it.

Malice has Desire work with the flash cards for a little while until she decides she isn’t doing any more flash cards.

Then they move over to the bench so Malice can read to her, but Desire isn’t going to listen to any stories.

NOPE, can’t make her listen.

Malice gets all vampire-scary and well, okay, maybe Desire will listen to one story.

Desire doesn’t like scary stories or scary mommies.

Malice cries after reading the book.  They need to do something fun.

So, Malice plays with Desire a little more.  Then it is time for Malice to go to work.  I intended for Desire to follow Vanity around watching her but Malice had other ideas.

But first, Desire needs a little nap.  Then, Malice would not leave her in the park with Vanity.  She insisted on taking her home with her when she left for work.

Vanity came home, giving up on the last five frogs for now, and found Desire standing by the outside waiting, exactly where Malice dropped her off.  Vanity was able to hug her sad away so she won’t be sad about Earl any more.  But, she is a toddler so she will find something else to be sad about, I am sure.

Malice comes home with a promotion to The Brains – level 9.

She makes the customary stop by the wishing well (this is not cheap, and it is a gamble, but it is saving so much time).  She receives the usual guaranteed promotion on her next work shift.

Desire masters movement but is running out of time to master imagination and thinking.

She is exhausted but Malice insists on reading her a story before they go inside.

Then once they get inside and ready for bed, she reads her another story before bedtime.

When she wakes the next day, Avarice is on hand to read to her again.

Desire asks Avarice to read her one more story.

The last story leaves her just short of mastering imagination, so she stops by the dollhouse to play with the dolls for the last percentage and she has mastered imagination.

Now for thinking…  but first she has to destroy the dollhouse.

Then she looks around to “see what’s happening”.  Sister, you just kicked the shit out of the dollhouse because you are angry.

It is a little too late for regrets now, dingbat.

After destroying the dollhouse, Desire heads over to watch Avarice, but then Avarice disappears to places unknown.

Desire heads into the nursery and Venom comes in so she can watch him.  That is when I notice his rash and the fact that he is hysterical.  Shit, get thee to a mirror, NOW!

Once he has calmed down, she begins the annoying Ask Why.

Why?  She is trying to share the aggravation but Avarice and Vanity keep poofing away.  Venom doesn’t have that luxury.

She is seriously exhausted but it is her birthday so she doesn’t get to stop.

At least not until she insists and refuses to play anymore.

In the meantime, Malice comes home with her last promotion – The Boss, level 10.  That means both Criminal branches, plus the Politician and Journalist careers are now completed.  The only careers remaining are Military and Secret Agent.

After she wakes up from the floor nap, she finds Venom for a diaper change.  He is so thrilled to be the lucky sim chosen for that.

Then she passes out as she is headed back to her room, where she was planning on more questions of “Why?” to Malice.

Back in her room, she tries the blocks with help from Malice, Vanity, and Larceny.  But then she switches back to watching.  The problem with watching vampires that bat-away is they bat-away.

Desire has to follow Vanity down to the dungeon where she passes out again.

Malice finds her here and Desire is able to ask the last of the questions “Why?”.  She is now a Top-Notch Toddler, and that was painful.

Then she asks for food, because we don’t want to have to kill the social services worker at this point in the game.

Temper, temper.

Scoring: +900


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