Proud of Darkness, Chapter 30

Time to get this crap moving and start tying up loose ends.  Seriously, they aren’t quite that close, but they are getting there.

While Vanity is at work and Desire is sleeping, Malice takes some time and runs around collecting for Vanity.  She is just looking for frogs, but the respawns are better if everything is collected in the pattern.

Venom needs to be working out or learning logic, not drinking coffee.  He should probably be sleeping while he can. Hmm, they have been completing so many aspirations, maybe he should be using the moodlet solvers to pick himself up.

This could be the first time Desire has woken up and not had a lot of activities to do.  She actually is allowed to do anything she wants.

And, she wants to play in the bathroom with Avarice.

Vanity needs to make her a birthday cake, but first there is the ritual destruction and repairing of the dollhouse that must take place.

The cake is made and Raven has her nibble.  Larceny calls her to the other side of the house to give Desire a chance to blow out the candles.

Desire is ready to huff and puff, although in the case of the toddlers, it is more like spit on the cake and make a wish.


Too cool for school.  Except she has to complete the Whiz Kid aspiration, and she rolled Genius.  Thankfully, that is a neutral trait and she doesn’t lose points.  She has until her last trait at Young Adult to roll Evil, at which point it is given automatically.

After her makeover, Desire settles in for three games of chess with Malice.  While it would make sense to play chess with Venom since he needs to level logic, I didn’t think about that.  So, Venom is sleeping instead.

Malice spends all three games mocking and being mean to Desire.  Those are probably the only games of chess they will play together.

Venom is getting ready to begin his adventure.  Got to smell the goodness of grilled cheese now while he can.

And he is off to the jungle.  His aspiration is Archaeology Scholar so his focus is excavations and collecting crap.  He is looking for specific crap, and hoping to not get poisoned along the way.

He is definitely not in shape, but he was warned many times to work on his fitness.

Everyone has to take that one picture posing in front of the gorgeous landscape.

He heads back to the marketplace to uncover a dirt covered clump, hoping it is something good.  It might be good, but it isn’t what he is looking for.

Desire needs to get an A in school and she is not doing well, so she is summoned to the jungle so that she can be made to do her homework.  She shows up about to pee her pants.

After stopping at the bathroom to pee and shower, she sits down and completes her homework.

Then, she is sent back home.  Bye-bye!

Dumbass lost both of his machetes and now he has to rip the vines away by hand.

While Venom is away on his adventure, Larceny completes the Fabulously Wealthy aspiration, adding that to the count.  He will switch to Painter Extraordinaire because he is the only creative sim in the house.  But I doubt he will complete it.  We’ll see.

Some strange dude stops to talk to Venom while he is manhandling the vines.  Venom tells him a joke and the sim disappears.

Damn – this is not because Venom had to pee.  This was because he chose the wrong puzzle trying to unlock the next trap.

He manages to complete the tomb, finding a lot of treasure but still not what he is looking for.  He rushes back home for Harvestfest – just in time to appease the gnomes.  Everyone is successful on the first attempt except Avarice.  Surprise, surprise.

Appeasing the gnomes was enough for most of the household.  Venom needed to be thankful and he was done.

Larceny needed to make the grand feast to complete the holiday successfully.

Desire is once again about to pee on herself and still in her night clothes.

Vanity picks up the mail and completes her aspiration of The Curator.

She has a complete collection of the Elements.

Slow-poke Desire finally gets out to appease the gnomes and with everyone in gold, the holiday is successful for everyone, and ended early.

Venom is hysterical again.  Hysterical?

Vanity is on a roll now – she completed the MySims Trophies and the Frogs collections almost at the same time.  That is three collections completed.  Now if only she could find someone to drink.  Her powers are weak during the day and everyone she tried to drink resisted her.

Desire needs to learn how to use the big girl potty.  She always has to pee and is always walking around like this.

Interesting, Avarice.  She did this on her own – but sure.  Why not.  Oh yeah, because she is a vampire that cannot eat sim-food.  That’s why.

Venom heads back into the jungle after going to class on Friday.  He plans on spending the entire weekend looking for the pieces of the relic he needs.

He is also working on the Archaeology Scholar aspiration and for some reason everyone wants to talk to him while he is authenticating artifacts.

Even while he is in the jungle, random strangers keep coming up and talking to him.  He tries the evil laugh but the other guy is just flirty.  Creepy.

He is attacked by many creatures, but he isn’t the cream puff he appears to be.

He surveys and clears out many dig piles and fills his bags with many artifacts while he is there.

He explores deep into the jungle and finds many places off of the path.

He even finds a temple and meets a skeleton.  He drinks several potions to keep himself going throughout – no passing out or peeing himself during this trip.

Although he doesn’t always get the puzzles right, he manages to not be horribly wrong at least.

Finally, he reaches the treasure.

As he is leaving, he is attacked by fire flies.  Real Fire Flies.  He is out of tricks but they don’t damage him much.  It is time to go home.

Umm, why so many toddlers?

Ignoring the random toddlers that definitely are lost for a moment – Venom was able to find part of what he needs.  In order to make the relic for the skeleton, he needs to the Balampalsoh totem and the Death base.  This provides the Blessing of Skeletal Transmogrification.  He picked up two Death bases and no Bala totems.  So he will have to go back again.  He did get to level 8 in Archaeology while he was there, so that is something, and he is on the third tier of the aspiration.  Next time, Venom will clean out his inventory and show pictures of his goodies.  He has a lot to authenticate plus he found two calendar plates and a gold perereca, both of which will add value to the house.  The museum might have to be expanded.

Scoring: +1030


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