Proud of Darkness, Chapter 31

Venom snags the two pererecas for his desk and places the calendar plates in the museum.  The rest of the items he will be working on uncovering and authenticating while Desire works on her Whiz Kid aspiration.  Once she has most of the aspiration complete, he will return to the jungle to continue looking for the special relic he needs.

Once again, Desire is pee-walking through the house.  This time she has a cloud of green fumes trailing along behind her.

After a pee and shower, Desire gets a plate of food and socializes with Vanity and Larceny.  She is going to be working on her mental skill – she rolled Genius, in case I forgot to mention that before.  Genius is neutral so neither plus nor minus points.  She is currently working on the middle tier of the aspiration – finish her homework while focused twice – and she is 1/2.

Desire is finishing her homework for the second time and she has six days to finish the last tier of Whiz Kid.

But then I received the popup that Venom is about to become a young adult and I really wanted him done traveling before his birthday.  On top of the time crunch (self-imposed to some extent), tomorrow is WinterFest so he can’t leave until after, or they could skip the holiday this year and suck it up.  He is not passed out from exhaustion.  Apparently someone got hungry.  Looking at you, Vanity.

Desire eats leftovers from Harvestfest while decisions are being made about the fate of Winterfest.

It was decided not to cancel Winterfest this year.  Raven is glad because she likes the feast best of all.

Venom is not going to share his plate of food with Raven though.

She will get her own plate of food, just like everyone else in the family.

With two rounds of presents from the pile, and the feast, everyone is happy with the holiday except for Desire.  Since it is still hours until Father Winter is supposed to come, she is singing her happiness about the holiday to Vanity.

The instant she goes into gold, the holiday is ended early.  No Father Winter this year – and everyone is satisfied it was a successful holiday.

Time to go back into the jungle…

Venom starts off his adventure with a little liquid courage, so to speak.

He hits up the market and picks up two more machetes – he loses them left and right once he gets into the jungle – so hopefully he will be able to get to the temple without having to use his hands this time.

And off he goes…

This time does not goes smoothly.  There is fire…

There is poison…

But finally, there is the last missing relic piece.

Venom is too close to the heart of the temple to leave without the treasure, so he pushes on until he finds the last treasure chest.

But because he stayed to complete the temple, he has his birthday alone in the temple.  Or rather, right outside the temple as he is leaving.

He is Outgoing, Evil, and Glutton.  This means he is not a black sheep and will survive for as long as he doesn’t piss me off.  Actually, he has a mission that he must complete, so he should be safe for awhile.

Returning home, Venom finds another random toddler standing outside.

Taking up the offering, Venom picks up the toddler and heads inside.  Fat man must eat something.

He puts him to bed and tucks him in tight.  Of course I was kidding.  These monsters don’t eat toddlers – that would be mean.

Then he joins the Military.  Yes, the fat boy becomes a fat man, and is going to be our Military candidate.  Then he doesn’t take the job yet.  His grades suck and he doesn’t have the aspiration points to buy Connections, so he will wait just a little bit before taking the job.  He needs to do something first.

Desire is heading off to school and she still needs to earn an A.  Spending time away with Venom in the jungle has put her into a world of hurt.  Today is Friday and her birthday is Monday.  Crunch time, baby.

Venom has earned enough aspiration points to purchase Connections, and now it is time to find his new career.  Then he can see about finding something to eat.

He takes a job as Sergeant Minor, level 4.  He needs level 5 Fitness (HAHAHAHA) for his next promotion.  Actually, he has level 2, so he isn’t sucking completely.  As soon as he has something to eat, he will be making a trip to the wishing well.

Venom takes his time eating because his first assignment in the new job is to go jogging.

He heads out to the wishing well to see if he can get out of the jogging and “nope”.

Jogging is what Venom is doing today.

Desire comes home and still has a B.  She may be the first heiress to not complete the Whiz Kid aspiration.  She hits up the wishing well to see if she has any luck.

Nope.  Her teacher calls and said “would love to help you but not until your homework is done.”  So, guess who is doing her homework.

Venom has had enough of this physical fitness crap.

It is time to assemble the relic.  Venom attaches the Balampalsoh top to the Death base.

Then he refines a rare crystal out of Alexandrite.

Finally he places the refined crystal into the relic.  And, he has to wait 24 hours until the Blessing of the Ancients wears off before he can use it upon himself.  So, he goes to bed.

Malice is finally getting to help Desire with her homework and that moves her to the next tier of the Super Parent aspiration.  No it doesn’t, she is waiting on Desire to have a character trait in range to receive the trait.  Desire isn’t putting much effort into developing character, positive or negative.

Dumbass, you deserve to fail.  So she made the offering, then she finished eating, then she went to put the plate up, finally she made the wish.  Dingbat-dumbass.

Literally dropped her performance as far in the red as possible.

Venom is living on the treadmill.  No that is a lie.  Venom is being sent to the treadmill but as soon as I look away, he slips away.

Desire tries again, and she recovers her performance but has to go to class on Monday to get the grade improvement.  Fine, she will live with that and will just have her birthday after she comes home Monday afternoon.

To celebrate, she gets creative.  Whatever.

Venom needs to be working out, or working on logic.  Instead he is drinking coffee and chatting with Avarice.  Just because it is New Year’s Eve doesn’t mean it is a holiday.

I don’t even care anymore.

Venom needs to give a successful archaeology lecture and Desire is the lucky sim to listen.  After that, he only needs to write a good archaeology book to complete the aspiration.

New Year’s Eve comes and it is a quiet celebration.  I would say “and then everyone goes to bed” but they are mostly vampires so you know that would be a lie.

It is finally time for Venom to use the relic on himself.

And he becomes a skeleton – a skinny skeleton (all skeletons are skinny).  A skeleton with full, static needs.

A very energized skeleton that is excited to be on the treadmill for an endurance run.  Maybe now, Venom will be able to raise his fitness skill to level 6.  It is currently level 4…

Level 5…  and it is now New Skill Day

And level 6 fitness.  Now on to mastering logic.  He is currently at level 6, so let’s see how far he can get today.

Scoring: +1040


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