Proud of Darkness, Chapter 32

Everyone spends New Skill Day working on one skill or another.  Vanity is fishing for the Angling Ace aspiration.

Avarice is working on charisma just because.

Larceny is working on painting for Painter Extraordinaire.

Malice is working on programming, again just because.

Desire is working on logic – actual logic since she has already mastered the mental skill.

And, Venom is also working on logic.  The goal is to see how far they get before the end of the holiday, or before they call it quits.

Taking a short break, Venom writes the archaeology book.

He completes the Archaeology Scholar aspiration and switches over to StrangerVille Mystery aspiration.  He may or may not complete that one since it requires a lot of leaving the lot, and anyone that reads my stories knows I really don’t like leaving the lot when there are sims left behind.  But, we’ll see.

Then, he spends the rest of the holiday slamming logic.  At the end of the day, he has level 8+43% logic (he needs maxed logic).  He also has level 6 fitness, which is what he needs.  So, he should be good for a few promotions.  Desire has already gone to bed.  She called it an early night, but was able to get her logic skill to level 6 before she quit, so she is in good standing for when she gets a job – and she is still a child.  She also needs level 6 charisma and level 6 mischief for her career so she still has some skills to work on as a teen.

Larceny breaks the coffee machine and then repairs it.  I have no clue why the vampires and the GHOST keep drinking coffee.

Venom comes home with a promotion, which he had to work hard to earn since the wishing well didn’t give him any support.

Desire comes home with an A and completes her Whiz Kid aspiration.  She loses 20 points because of the A but it will be worth it as she will start high school with a B and will have an easier time with her skills and promotions later.  Notice the seed packs.  They will haunt me for a long, long time.

Venom heads out to the wishing well where he is promised a guaranteed promotion tomorrow.  He will take it.

Desire is getting her birthday cake now.  It is time to meet the teenager.

She rolls the family trait of Evil.  Her normal form is way too pretty for this monster family.  I don’t catch it until much later but she is randomly given one of the tutorial aspirations which gives her the Career-minded trait.  Her aspiration is changed to Serial Romantic but the bonus trait is left as is because I don’t feel like messing with MCCC to change it.

However, her dark form has me feeling all of the feels.  She has the blue skin from her alien father, the red hair from his disguise, and she has Proud nose and mouth.  All of the vampires remain in the dark forms constantly so this is the form she will be using.  I was disappointed at how pretty she was and how quickly the ugly was wiped out, and then I saw the dark form and there is happiness in my soul.

Vanity must have her dinner, and tonight it is Father Winter that is on the menu.

Desire is starting the process of researching sun resistance, which is a boring process, for everyone.

But first, she needs to do her homework so she can get the penalty for the A – because the benefit from the A is worth the penalty on the points.

After four days, the skeleton blessing wears off and Venom is restored to humanity.  He is bummed out about that also.  He liked being a skeleton.

Venom attempts to wish for a promotion, but even though he gets the green goodness and it told him that he will get a promotion if he has completed the requirements, his performance bar doesn’t fill up.  Sucks because he had completed the requirements so the performance bar should have filled up.

Desire is still working on researching the secret of sun resistance and that is the only thing she is working on since she is in danger until she learns it.

Desire does get distracted from her studies by the teen ghosts floating around the place.  She tracks down Augustus to talk to him when she gets lonely, although how anyone can be lonely here is a mystery.

Vanity has reached the spot in the Angling Ace aspiration where we are going to have to travel.  She is at 13/20 types of fish and needs a different fishing spot for the other types.  And Avarice wants to introduce herself to 10 sims.  And Larceny wants to view three paintings at a museum.  And Desire wants a boyfriend.  And Venom needs to go to StrangerVille – although there isn’t anywhere to fish, that I can see.  So, time to take the family off the lot.

Avarice met a lot of sims and progressed the aspiration to the point where she needs twelve friends.

Then she surprised me by already having 10/12 friends.  At that point, she went home.

Vanity fished and fished and fished.  She found four new fish and still needs three more.  She fished at two places in the park in Oasis Springs, and the commercial zone in Oasis Springs, and even the lake in Forgotten Hollow, before giving up and going home.

She spent some of her aspiration points on a hygiene potion to buy her some more fishing time but it didn’t help her catch anything.

Venom joined Vanity when she went to the gym.  She fished and he worked out as that was his work activity.

Then she went to the museum – Venom went home and Larceny came to the museum to look at paintings.

Desire also came because someone said there was a teenage boy walking by.

She was able to make friends with Adan before everyone gave up and went home for the night.

There seems to be a problem with wishing for promotions for the new military career, which means Venom will have to do this the hard way.  Venom buys the Entrepreneurial trait to help with his promotions.

Avarice and Malice work on Desire’s school project while she finishes her homework.

She comes back to help just as they finish it.

Desire just brought home an A and there goes another -20 points.

Venom almost got the promotion on his own and Vanity rewards him by drinking his blood as soon as he got home from work.  Welcome home Venom.  I am almost tempted to make him a vampire just so Vanity will stop feeding on him.

{sigh}  …at least they are at home…

Desire begins working on her charisma

Then I remember that she still needs to learn perfect sun resistance and she switches over to vampire lore, book 2

Venom works out for his work task, and I think he is starting to lose some weight.

When he finishes his daily task, he finds something fun to do until I remember to check on him.

Then he is sent to the chess board to work on logic.

These look identical, but one is a masterpiece and one is not.  Larceny sells the one that isn’t the masterpiece, and hangs the masterpiece in his office.

Desire has moved up to vampire lore, book 3.

Vanity is still trying for those last three fish, but she must accept that she will not catch them while still at home.  She will have to leave the lot again.

Avarice invites over two acquaintances in order to make the two more friends she needs.  She doesn’t stay focused so they don’t make it to friends before they leave.

Malice helps Desire with her homework and she gets one character into the range to earn the trait.  This completes a tier for Malice on Super Parent.  But the last tier requires three positive traits, and that is probably not going to happen, so Super Parent is a bust.

This is the reason Avarice has not made friends with her two guests.  She keeps leaving them to mourn in the cemetery.  The ghosts haunting is not the problem – it is the constant “must-mourn” that is the problem with keeping the graves on the lot.

Vanity loves on Raven, who is still alive and destroying everything in the house  Got to love this cat.

Scoring: +1030


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