Proud of Darkness, Chapter 33

Vanity heads to a place she heard that has special fish.  A special place called Sylvan Glade.

A special, hidden place inside a tree.

A special, pink, “fluffy” place.

A special, pink, “fluffy” place with rainbows.

But whatever the place looks like, she catches three new fish and completes Angling Ace.  That makes 14/15 aspirations so she isn’t going to complain about the pink.

While Vanity is in Sylvan Glade, Venom finally earns his next promotion to Evidence Eraser, level 6, of the Covert Operator branch of the Military.  At least now he can stop with all that fitness crap and focus on logic.  Vanity wants to congratulate him (I guess) but her timing sucks and now he is embarrassed.

The aspirations are getting harder as the remaining ones either have a career requirement or some other block that will prevent someone in the family from completing them.  Or, there is something that will prevent me from trying.  But they only need one more!  Vanity is working on Freelance Botanist since she completed Angling Ace.  She is planting all of the emotional berries that Venom collected from Selvadorada.  Once the trees grow, maybe they can trick the sadness away since this is really a gloomy household with all of the graves and ghosts.

Venom finally masters logic and has all of the skills required for this career.  Now he just needs the performance and promotions.  He has until Desire becomes a young adult, has a baby, and that baby (gen5) grows up and becomes a young adult.  And he is level 6.  So he better be able to get it done.  Right.

He gives the wishing well one more try, and nope it is definitely not working for the Military career.

Vanity is trying to open 400+ seed packs that the gnomes left and she accidentally eats a cowplant berry.  I was watching but nothing happened to her.  That would have been interesting though.

Avarice is working on Friend of the World.  I doubt she will complete it since she will need 20 friends and a BFF.  But it keeps her busy for now.

Larceny is still working on Painter Extraordinaire and this is the one I expect to be completed soon.  He is down to just needing two masterpieces and he will be finished.

Malice is working on Party Animal, and when I say working on it, I mean doing absolutely nothing.  They are not having any parties in the mansion.  Nope, nada, nothing.

Venom still has the StrangerVille Mystery as his aspiration, but as much as I want him to complete it, I just don’t want to send him off the lot for the time it will take.

Venom is headed off to work and doesn’t he look sharp.

Desire has finally discovered the secrets of perfect sun resistance and can safely venture outside during the daylight hours without worrying about bursting into flames.

Living up to her name, she also has the Vampiric Fascination powers, the ability to Detect Personality, Garlic Immunity, and Bat Form.  She has a Withered Stomach and Nightmarish Sleep.  But she can still sleep in regular sim beds and doesn’t require a coffin.  Now she can start working on her skills for her future career.

Larceny did it – he completed Painter Extraordinaire and that is fifteen aspirations, so the mini challenge is complete.

With the mini challenge for the aspirations complete, it is time to take stock of where they stand on completing this challenge.

  • House Goals – complete
  • Family Goals
    • 4/6 careers are complete
    • still need one life state (plantsim)
  • Mini Challenges
    • Monster Dynasty – so far so good, everyone that needs to be alive is still alive
    • Scaredy Cats – same
    • Gnome Invasion – more than enough
    • Left with Nothing – done
    • Special Spouse – yep
    • Supernatural Dynasty – still need that plantsim
    • Ghost Hunter – they have 11/10 unique ghosts
    • Immortal Companion – this would be Raven the Destructo Cat
    • Pet Cemetery – done
    • Vampiric Nightmare – Vanity has this one
    • Aspiration Aficionado – just completed
    • For the Love of Frogs – yes, this one is done

This is probably the first challenge where I have actually completed so many mini challenges, so I am very happy.  Now back to Desire and Venom as they have careers to complete and skills to learn.

Desire wished for romance, and the wishing well told her to go somewhere and meet someone.  It gave her a flirty moodlet, which is overshadowed by her sadness from mourning the loss of a grandparent.

They really need to emotion berries to start growing soon.

Venom is up and choosing cake over the other leftovers in the fridge.  There aren’t many but at least there are other options to eat and he still chooses the birthday cake – which had candles on it.

Desire invites over the only teen anyone in the family knows – Adan Baumann.  They are working on getting to know each other better when Raven makes her opinion known.

They decide to play chess for awhile since Desire still needs to max out logic, and Malice jumps in to chat with Adan.

Desire looks so overjoyed to have her mother join their conversation and then monopolize the teen’s attention.

After eating the cake, Venom goes back for a grilled cheese sandwich and some conversation with Malice.

Adan decides it is time to leave so Desire plays around with the microscope for awhile and then she decides she doesn’t want to learn logic anymore today.  And she pretty much refuses to stay on anything productive.

Vanity is researching the plants to raise gardening, because each additional aspiration is +10 points so she is still working on Freelance Botanist, although it is more to keep her busy than for actually pushing to complete the aspiration.  After the grilled cheese sandwich, Venom made a cup of coffee and went out to chat with Vanity.

Desire found one of the teenage ghosts still out and about so she chatted with him for awhile, until he poofed away.

Larceny spends his free time doing things that make the house money or more valuable.  This is a masterpiece he voluntarily made, which is now hanging on a wall in the dungeon.

Desire is the first sim to use the bubbles, and that might be her first real smile as a teen.

She doesn’t regret it and even came away with enough inspiration to push away the sadness for awhile.

She snagged one of the tablets so that she can troll the forums wherever she may be, whenever she has the desire.  She needs to get to level 6 in mischief and she is only level 2 currently.

Venom has to be watched carefully while he is at work because he always goes to work and “Takes It Easy”.  That won’t do, and this has to be changed to Work Hard once he leaves so that he can get his promotions in a reasonable amount of time, especially as he can’t use the wishing well method of performance improvement.

It does seem like he is always eating.  Now it is pancakes.  At least he is at the stage in his career where fitness it not required any more.  Fatass.

And then, I find Avarice on the treadmill.

As I am watching the family, and realize that as the challenge is beginning to tie up loose ends, I notice that Raven is once again an elder.  Seems like just yesterday that Vanity made her the last treat.

So, Vanity makes her another treat and finds her outside the music room.  Raven loves these treats because they make her feel all tingly.

Much better – black kitty is once again all black.  Three more weeks of destructive kitty-cat.

Larceny takes a break from random painting to do so ghostly boxing.

Malice is being Malice and, no I didn’t look to see what she was doing, but I am sure she was trolling the forums.

Venom does come home with a promotion – Conspiracy Squelcher, level 7.  He also received notification that his father, Benny, passed away.  And he really needs a shower and some sleep.  His new daily task is to monitor other sims so that will be fun.

Scoring: +1105


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