Proud of Darkness, Chapter 36

Voracity wakes up in a horrible mood.  She still has three angry moodlets and it is time to start taking care of her needs.

She heads to the potty first.  While she is there Desire pops in and potty trains her.  It works better to not ask her, and to just help her after she starts on her own.  That way there is no defiance.

After potty training and eating some food she found sitting on the floor in her the nursery, Larceny asked if she wanted him to read her a story.  Her answer was no.

So, Larceny read her a story.

Then Larceny asked her if she wanted to play.  Her answer was no.

So, Larceny played with her.

Then Larceny asked if she wanted to learn how to talk and she said yes, so Larceny started teaching her how to talk.  He is trying to give her attention and fun so that she can work on her own for awhile.

Vanity must have gotten desperate again.  Poor Venom.  Since he has maxed out his career, this is probably going to be his reason for existing.

Larceny asks Voracity what she wants next and apparently she wanted to sit on the couch and talk to Desire because he picked her up and poofed into the living room to put her down on the couch.

Someone slips a plate of food into her lap so she eats that while they are talking.

Then Desire starts making funny faces and Voracity doesn’t think they are very funny.

Nope, that wasn’t funny at all.

Desire heads off to do something else, and Voracity finishes her food.  Now it is bedtime, but big, independent girls go potty first.

Well, they try anyways.  Once again, Voracity doesn’t do a good job of figuring out how much time she has remaining before she passes out and she doesn’t quite make it.  It is a really good thing these don’t count against the challenge score.

Desire is trying really hard to get Voracity into bed, but now there has to be a commercial timeout for a temper tantrum.

Desire just up and left.  She just took the book and left Voracity to the screaming.  Raven is watching intently and Larceny is just hanging out.

With the tantrum finally over, Desire is back to read Voracity to sleep.  Avarice is watching to make sure it is done correctly.

Venom is human and aging normally, but I want him to last until the end of the challenge since he has topped one of the influence careers.  That means he needs to do something to prolong his life and he doesn’t really want to become a vampire.  Therefore, he has decided to drink a potion of youth and reset his age to the beginning of young adult.  This will probably be the only time he takes the potion as the challenge should now end before he reaches elder.

Well, that’s better.  But it is 3 am, although this is the house where very few sleep.

Voracity makes a quick stop at the potty and then works on communication by hitting the crap out of the stuffed vampire bat.  Interesting that she chose that stuffed animal out of the three choices.

She works it over good.

Then she throws a temper tantrum because she is not having fun.

And a second tantrum immediately afterwards just to make sure her point was understood.

Because she is so mistreated and had to do some more potty training, there was third tantrum.

And a fourth because she is spamming potty training now.

Finally she convinced someone to take a break and feed her.  Larceny popped in to free her from the high chair – guaranteed he will be there to pull her out the instant she is put into it.  This time he was stopped before he could interfere.

HAHAHA!  Voracity has zero fun in her life and she asked to be let out of the high chair so that she could play with the dolls.  Desire took her out of one high chair and then put her into the other one.


Okay, try this again…


Desire must have heard what Voracity was thinking because she picked her up AGAIN and put her back in the high chair for a third time, effectively preventing her from going anywhere and doing anything.

Now, Larceny comes in and helps Voracity escape the nasty high chair prison.

And he takes her to bed.

This was not what she wanted.

But this is what she is getting.  A bedtime story and some sleep.  Good night little monster.

Everyone is relieved to finally have the little monster asleep and quiet.  So they all congregate in her room and watch her sleep.

Desire achieves a promotion to Double Agent, level 8 in the Villain branch.  Two more promotions, two -more -promotions.

It’s awake, again.

Voracity has been wanting to go outside and play, so she is going to play on the slide.

She changed her mind about playing outside, but now she has to stay outside.  (How many times did I hear that growing up – you wanted to go outside, now you can stay outside and play for awhile before coming back inside.)

Larceny comes out to see if he can change her diaper since she used it while she was sleeping, and she is the first toddler I have ever seen refuse to have their diaper changed (in Sims).

So Larceny changed her diaper.

Then Avarice made her some pancakes which she ate with gusto.  She was allowed to come inside to eat breakfast.

Then she was sent to the potty chair where she stayed until she mastered it.  Since she was in a good mood, Malice asked if she wanted to play to build her movement skill and she actually said yes.  Then she went back outside to the playground again.

Desire is back out at the well and she gets the promise of a promotion during her next work shift in two days.  She is getting close, they are all getting so close.  But at the same time, I think Desire is tired of the promises and she wants the instant promotions because that is not a happy face.

Why do they keep sending toddlers as offerings and then snatching them away?

Vanity is reaching the uncontrollable state again.  She hasn’t been ordering in dinner lately, which is bad for Venom.  The remote really doesn’t help.

Venom is unaware of the danger he is in and is looking forward to enjoying the pancakes.  Then he will be working on artifacts until he needs to do something else.

She is waiting for Venom to finish his pancakes when it comes to her attention there are other sims in the area.

Children and pregnant sims are off limits.  There must be other sims here somewhere.

Yes, but Vanity’s powers are weak during the day and she generally can’t feed unless it is uncontrollable.  But she must have fed on him uncontrollably while I went to check on Voracity because her thirst isn’t red anymore.  But it failed when she tried to drink deeply while I was watching.

Voracity has maxed movement according to the popup notification, but it took a little longer for her skill bar to catch up.

Now for imagination and thinking.

Hugs with the stuffed animals fills up their attention bar faster than anything I have seen, and notice she chose the kitty for the hugs.

She is exhausted, but she has to potty before bed so it is a gamble if she will make it.  Since she still needs to build imagination Desire reads her a story to put her to sleep.  Every little bit counts.

While Voracity sleeps, and Desire waits for her next work shift, Vanity and Larceny chat at the bubbles.  I don’t think they actually use the bubbles but it is a good place to sit and talk.

Desire found the karaoke machine and interrupted Avarice and Raven’s petting.  This is where all of the gnomes are hanging out after Harvestfest.  They haven’t been moved back outside since this room is rarely used and they aren’t in the way here.

Venom is still working on artifacts, but he has finally gotten rid of the scroll bar in his inventory so there is hope he will be done before the challenge ends.

Malice and Desire are showing off their vampire powers to each other as they pass coming and going to work.

Voracity wakes up hungry as usual but there are leftover pancakes sitting out as Venom didn’t finish his breakfast.

Yummy pancakes.  They are just the right amount to fill her up.

She takes the plate downstairs to watch TV with Desire and the gnomes.  There are many, many TVs in the mansion, and they choose the TV in the music room where there is nothing to sit on.

Then she gets a bath because she got all stinky.

She begins working on imagination by playing with her own little monster but it is going slower than I want to see.

She asks for a story but by they time they get situated it has dropped from their queue.  When Desire reminds her they were going to read a story, Voracity has changed her mind and doesn’t want to listen to a story.

Desire reads her a story and then reads her back to sleep.  Apparently she got up too soon, or she was up longer than it seemed.  Either way she needs sleep again.

They are having a blizzard, I guess.

Waking back up, Voracity decides to work on thinking by watching the slowest sim in the house – Venom.  However, Venom and Larceny are now watching her.

Then Vanity pops in to watch her also and they are acting shocked.  Maybe little monsters aren’t supposed to be in the dungeon.

Voracity trails Vanity all over the dungeon for as long as possible.

She even follows her outside to the cemetery.  Into the blizzard in her nightclothes.

Vanity comes out looking for her, but at least now she is in her cold weather clothes now.

Malice comes out to get her and it is time for the little monster to go back to bed.

A little bed hopping and she is finally read to sleep with Vanity supervising the process.

Desire comes home with a promotion to [Redacted] level 9 and heads straight in for a bath, something to drink, and hopefully a successful trip to the wishing well.

Vanity closes out this update with a successful meal of her own.

Scoring: +1170


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