Proud of Darkness, Chapter 38

Ravenclaw starts off this show by aging up to elder.  It is hard to believe it has already been three weeks since the last time she aged up.

Time to cheat fate and age her back down and maybe this will be the last time this is necessary.

There she is, back to black once again.

The ritual doll smashing.  There were three smashes of the house in one day but it does get old, so only Malice gets her picture in the paper today.

Voracity tracks Desire down in the cemetery to give her a hug just because, for random reasons.

On her way back to the house, she stops to play in the new fountain.  Then it is off to school.

She comes home from school with a B.   And a whole lot of body odor.

After a pee and a bath, she does her homework and extra credit work, and then she decides to give the wishing well a try just to see what happens.  The school calls…

Well, blow me down.  Voracity receives an instant A – she cheated her way to an A.  And completed her aspiration.  (-20 points for the A)  She is still 8 days from her birthday, so the next 8 days are free will for everyone.

Everyone gets to watch the Game of Llama premiere – it is the last season and no one wanted to miss the season premiere episode.

Voracity watches the TV show and then has to run to school, and doesn’t have time to stop to pee first.

Nope, Nope, Nope.  Desire’s future isn’t looking pretty – according to the cube.  Everyone that is home is getting to Ask Question of the cube.

Maybe yes, maybe no.  Definitely, kind of, possibly so.

Things are going to be just fine.

I guess.

[laugh maniacally]

Vanity snaps again and Venom is the closest at hand.  Their relationship currently is Plain Ol Gran [from a neutral relationship with a grandparent].  Probably because she keeps feeding on him.

Deciding that wasn’t a good thing, Vanity makes it her mission to become at least Good Friends with everyone in the family, starting with Venom.  While she is Plain Ol Gan, he is the Grandkiddy – also from a neutral relationship.  I don’t know if it will change now that their relationship is better, or if that is what it remains since their relationship was neutral while he was growing up.

Desire is next on her list.

They accidentally spar because I am tired and clicked the wrong option.  I was trying to have Vanity train Desire instead.

Vanity kicked Desire’s butt.

Vanity and Desire did become friends before Vanity had to leave for work, so there is that.

Smashing the dollhouse is inspiring for Malice.  Wanton destruction makes her happy.

The newest Olympic sport is synchronized clay molding.

Raven asked for some screen time, so here is life from her point of view.  She gets a drink from the broken sink/tub/toilet.  She doesn’t care what puts water on the floor as long as there is water on the floor.

She runs out to the cemetery because someone is always out there mourning someone.  Today it is Vanity – in fact most days it will be Vanity.

Then she runs back inside to her room and has something to eat and takes a poop.  Then she sits on her cat tree and surveys her domain.

When she hears someone come home it is time to run out to meet them.  This time it is Venom (2 am).

He must be pretty tired since he didn’t even attempt to go inside before taking a nap.  Dumbass.

After welcoming home the family and warning off strangers, it is time for some tail-chasing.  On the dining table is the best place, especially if someone is eating.  Most time there isn’t anyone eating, especially in a house of vampires, but sometimes she gets lucky.  Not today, though.

Then she runs through the house randomly until someone stops her for someone hugs and pets.  This time it is Avarice.  She likes Avarice third best.  Vanity is her companion, then Larceny is second best, then Avarice.  The rest of the family doesn’t take time to play with her much.  They have always been “too busy”.  But she has been in the family longer than any of them.  And Vanity loves her best.

Yes, Vanity loves her best of all.

Vanity takes center stage once again as she finds it is necessary to feed on Venom.  Venom just takes it as part of the package of living in this household and probably doesn’t even know that it isn’t normal.

Then Vanity continues on her quest to make friends with the rest of her family.  By the time she is done, she will be Good Friends with everyone.

Malice wishes they would take the conversation elsewhere, but at least she finally got her desk back.  Vanity has a tendency to “borrow” everyone else’s desks, while the rest of the household tend to use their own offices.  It is interesting how they seem to know which office is theirs and they use the computer in their office most of the time.  Vanity is the only one that uses all of the computers – no respect for privacy or personal space.

With four days remaining until Voracity’s birthday, Vanity decides to get everyone out of the house.  They are going on vacation.  [checks rules to make sure this is legal – yes it is].  It is summer time in Granite Falls, and everyone is taking vacation days from work and school.  No clue as to what they will do, but they will be doing it here.

Desire decides she is going to relax and she has my vote for the best idea.

Larceny starts off with the haunting of the coffee maker and Raven thinks he is an idiot.  I also agree with that assessment.

Then Raven greets the greeter in typical Raven fashion – That surely won’t come back to bite them in the ass.

Everyone else was sent out to go hiking.  Vanity and Venom were on separate hikes but then they crossed paths.  Venom is looking a little wary as he sees Vanity.

That is probably a good feeling he had as now Vanity is following him.

Avarice was told to go hiking but she declined to leave the house and instead decided to read.  That would have been my choice also.

Malice also noped out of the hike in favor of a shower.

Larceny just laughed at the idea of a hike – he remembers how he died and he isn’t going to spend an afternoon hiking around in the sun.  Dumb, he isn’t.

Even Voracity had a good hike and came home feeling inspired.

Really inspired.

Really evilly inspired.

Since she has gotten to know Vanity better, now she is always seeking her out for hugs.

Voracity continues her redecorating in the kitchen much to Vanity’s dismay.  Maybe she is worried they won’t get their deposit back on the house.

Then Vanity and Malice spend some time showing off their powers to each other.

Vanity finally gets to feed on someone that is not Venom, and isn’t Venom happy about that.

This is the most time they have spent together, ever.  Small house and not as many diversions, so they are ending up at the same place – talking and playing horseshoes.

Every time Voracity would throw the horseshoe, she would get embarrassed and run upstairs to hide.  Then she would run back down and take another turn.  Up and down, up and down.

Another meal out for Vanity.  Two in a row, and Venom is enjoying the respite.

There is a major problem with this.  Avarice is a vampire and she CAN’T eat human food.  Yes, I am ignoring Raven sitting her ass next to the chopping board.

The second day involves a lot of talking and visiting and just spending time together.

Larceny actually is caught out taking a hike.  His choice, not mine.

He started out feeling the heat from the sun, but eventually could feel the inspiration and enjoyed his hike very much.

Voracity never did seem to improve and was constantly embarrassed, but she kept on trying.

Even Raven is enjoying the relaxing nature of this vacation.

But all vacations come to an end, and it is time to go home.  They get home to find two toddlers that have been left on their doorstep.

This is a challenge, and every time I take it to see how long I can keep the toddlers before they are rescued from our clutches.  Desire and Vanity try the high chair trapping method this time.

They stayed long enough to eat and chatter and then they poofed right out of the chairs back to where they belong.

What part of withered stomach do you not understand?

Yeah, that is what happens when you eat normal food.  You puke and then you clean up puke.

It is time for the last child to become the last teen.

Voracity is way too pretty for the monster club.  Thankfully, she is the last monster in this line.  She also rolled Squeamish, which is one trait good and one trait bad (Evil and Squeamish).  Another reason it is a good thing the challenge ends when she becomes a young adult because she is one trait away from becoming a black sheep.

Scoring: +1165


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