Proud of Darkness, Chapter 39

Voracity left the cake out and Raven is having her piece from the top.  Eventually the cake will be put away for Venom to eat later.

She begins learning to cook since the plant matter ice cream requires level 8 cooking in order to be able to make it.  That is her goal.

After finishing her first meal, she gives Raven the evil eye as she leaves the food out on the counter.

Raven must have taken her warning to heart because she didn’t get into the food.  Instead she laid down on the counter, on top of the machete, to sleep.

Larceny broke the coffee pot again.  Every single time he tries to make coffee.

Voracity has to pee.  This is actually the next day after school – she finished cooking, then went to school, came home and did her homework.  I thought she went to bed at some point, but I guess not since she is still in her formal clothing.

About this point, I was researching the level required for cooking in order to make the plant matter ice cream and I found out that plantsims are available in game, with gardening level 10.  This is a change that was made when the gardening was over-hauled in June 2018.  Well crap.  Vanity is the closest to level 10 so she will be finishing up the gardening so that she can buy the rare seeds that Voracity will need to use to plant in the magic stump.  12 days until Voracity becomes a young adult.

Voracity is having a mood swing so she went out to mourn in the cemetery.

Adan called and asked if he could come over.  Sure, come on over.  Vanity needs a drink!

Voracity continues to learn her cooking because they are going to come at this from both directions, just in case.

Vanity calls in and takes the day off from work.  She isn’t leaving this garden until she has mastered the skill.

Two days later, she has mastered the skill.  Now she will begin buying rare seed packs and see how much of the family fortune she spends before she finds all six seeds.  She starts with ten packs

In the first ten packs, she gets Dragon Fruit, Glowfruit, Bird of Paradise, Tomatoes, Death Flower, Pomegranate, Cowplant Berry, and two Magic Beans.  Four more to go. In the second set of ten packs, she picked up three more unique magic beans along with more of the same.  One more seed to go.  In the third set of ten packs, she gets the last magic bean.  That was a total of §30,000 of seed packs.  She will plant 2 Dragon Fruits, 6 Glowfruits, 4 Bird of Paradise, and 5 Death Flowers to build out the garden.  She is not planting the Cowplants, at least not until the very end, but she has three seeds.  (she never does plant them)

Voracity finishes raising cooking to level 8 about the same time Vanity masters gardening so they are right in sync.  Being squeamish, she is not happy when she has to clean the stove.

She takes the magic beans out to the magic stump and plants them as instructed.  Then she tries to leave to go take a shower and do something fun.

When she waters the beans a magic tree magically poofs into being.

Well, that is interesting.  She heads away to take a shower and then will be right back to explore the tree.

Voracity heads in to explore the tree and comes out with a large seed in her pocket.

She really must pee first.

It is time.  There is the pose.

And then, she eats the seed and the transformation is instant.  This is my first plantsim so I didn’t know what to expect.

Voracity becomes a plantsim, and is the last lifestate needed for the challenge.  She will remain in this form for five days.

Vanity heads in to explore the tree when the portal opens up again.  She wants one of the seeds to plant out with the other special seeds.

But first a break for something to drink.

Apparently, Voracity has been neglected and hasn’t had enough sun today.  She is going to wilt in 14 hours and the sun is just going down.  I hope she survives her first night as a plantsim.

Plantsims can absorb solar eneergy from plants – even dead cowplants.  That saved her and got her through the night.

This filled up her water and sun need very fast.  Then she went to take a nap before she passed out.  All of the requirements are done, now it is a waiting game until her birthday.

Avarice appears to have been working out.  She is literally half the sim she used to be.

It just dawned on me that she is always in her workout clothes and now I realize she has been working out while I haven’t been paying attention to her.

Dammit Vanity – wrong redhead.

Desire is making sure the dollhouse receives its usual beatdown.

Raven was missing from the museum wall, so she posed for her portrait and that has been added now.

Harvestfest, the last Harvestfest, brings out the gnomes for one last appeasing.

At first I wasn’t sure why Voracity’s hair was turning gray.  I thought it was because her time as a plantsim was coming to an end.  But it was because she was drying out and seriously needed water.  She was struck by lightning so many times I lost count.  She actually had to go take a bath before she could continue to try to beg for forgiveness.

Finally she was successful.  Now the gnomes are stranded in every bathroom.  [sigh]

Avarice, please don’t

NO!  The challenge is almost over.  Don’t take my points away.  Stupid aliens.  And, now she is late for work. -10 points

You have got to be kidding me.  They abducted Avarice AND Venom at the same time.  I am not joking.  Thankfully he can’t get pregnant because the house is full.  And I was looking for him because apparently I missed his birthday because he is now an Adult.  He is dazed by his alien encounter. -10 points for the alien abduction that I missed.

I might actually garden if I had one of these doohickeys.  Nope, I still wouldn’t garden.

I have never seen Venom run so fast.  I didn’t think Venom could run so fast.

[hostile chase]  I have never seen this before.

Really?  Again?  [checks settings on MCCC – normal alien contact]  Three times in two nights. -10 points again.

Don’t start a fire…

[sigh of relief]

Apparently Voracity brought her grade up to an A on Monday and I didn’t notice the notification.  She wasn’t trying hard since we don’t care about life after her birthday.  But okay, -20 more points.

Well, that had to happen at least once.  So much for a portrait of the first and the last.

WTF did Vanity do to earn their wrath?  Was it because she killed Earl? -10 points.  (this is 4 abductions in 3 days)

Vanity knew the aliens were waiting, but she went ahead and took a picture with Voracity’s ass and then another one once Voracity woke up.

The last of the portraits that they were working on while they wait for Voracity’s birthday – mother/daughter pictures.  And then, so the boys aren’t left out, Larceny and Venom take a portrait together.  (It took a lot of time to get each of the pairs to use the same pose.  I gave up on trying with the boys.)

The challenge ends when the 5th generation heir has their Young Adult birthday.  Cakes can be had after 6am of day 0 on the Sim’s age bar.

Today is Voracity’s birthday – it is Winterfest – and it is after 6 am.  8 am to be exact.

Hallelujah!  Happy Young Adult – the challenge is over.  Let’s find out the last trait and total up the points…  Voracity is Evil +Squeamish +Snob (she is not a black sheep).  She also is Responsible, so the +5 for Snob cancels out the -5 for Responsible.

And that is all she wrote.

The House Goals

  • Have a fully functional dungeon -done
  • Have a museum in your house -done
  • Have an attic -done
  • Have a graveyard -done
  • Have the highest quality items -done

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Family Goals

  • Your family must have a family trait -Evil
    • Everyone is evil except Larceny, which is why he is a ghost.  He had to die because he wasn’t evil, then he was brought back into the family to fulfill the ghost requirement.
    • Treasure and Cache moved to the cemetery as teens because they were destined to become unplayable ghosts.
  • Have 25 total enemies -done
  • Have maxed both branches of the Criminal career -done
    • Malice (Boss) and Avarice (Oracle)
  • Have maxed all of the influence careers (Journalism, Secret Agent, Politics, Military) -done
    • Vanity – Politics/Politician
    • Larceny – Writer/Journalism
    • Venom – Military/Covert Operator
    • Desire – Secret Agent/Villain
  • Have achieved every life state -done
    • Sim (Vanity)
    • Vampire (Avarice)
    • Alien (Earl)
    • Ghost (Larceny)
    • Plantsim (Voracity)
    • Skeleton (Venom)


  • 21 Bad traits (105 points)
  • 6 Neutral traits
  • 3 Good traits (-15 points)
  • 4 Positive Character Traits (-20 points)
  • 3 Negative Character Traits (15 points)

With the exception of the family trait of evil, all traits were randomly assigned by the Random Traits and Aspirations mod by graycurse.  Malice picked up three negative character traits during her teen years due to her public enemy aspiration.  All four heiresses picked up responsible because of their A in school.  None of the other character traits, good or bad, were earned.

Universal Mini Challenges

  • Monster Dynasty… in addition to the founder being immortal, have every generation heir become immortal and reach the end of the challenge along with the founder. (+25 points) -done
    • Vanity – Avarice – Malice – Desire – Voracity
  • Scaredy Cats… your family must have at least one pet cat in the house all through the challenge, preferably black. The cats graves must be added to the family cemetery. (+25 points) -done
    • Ravenclaw
  • Gnome Invasion… By the end of the challenge have at least 20 magic/enchanted gnomes on your home lot, repeats allowed. (+25 points) -done
    • 29/20
  • Left With Nothing… start the challenge by placing sim onto the largest lot and reducing funds to $0 rather than $1,800. (+25 points) -done
  • Special Spouse… all of the spouses’ traits coming into the household can now be counted for points as per the trait rule! This is how they were when they came in, not anything you’ve changed them to! (+25 points) -done
    • Vlad and Earl

Universal Super Challenges

Supernatural Dynasty … (for Sims 2 & 4) By the end of the challenge, have had at least one member of the family be one of every life state available in your game. One lifestate per family member count, and it must be held for a significant portion of their lifespan! (+25 points per lifestate) -done (150 points)

  • Sim (Vanity)
  • Vampire (Avarice)
  • Alien (Earl)
  • Ghost (Larceny)
  • Plantsim-temporary life state (Voracity)
  • Skeleton-temporary life state (Venom)

Ghost Hunter … Have at least 10 different ghost types, haunting you at night from the family cemetery. They don’t all have to be out at the same time, as long as their graves are there, that counts. (+100 points, +10 points for each additional ghost) -done (110 points)

  • Drowning -Rene Curry, Cassandra Stark
  • Starvation -Roy Curry
  • Sunlight -Vladislaus Straud, Larceny Proud, Lilith Vatore, Ivan Vatore, Augustus Caliente
  • Electrocution -Kengo Yoshida, Raiden Daniels
  • Poison -Treasure Proud
  • Sauna -Aubrey Curry
  • Overexertion -Anvi Basu
  • Pufferfish -Srikmar Stark
  • Fire -Yuki Behr
  • Cowplant -Cache Proud
  • Laughter -Earl Romero

Immortal Companion… create a pet with your founder (can stack with other pet related challenges) that you keep alive throughout the duration of the challenge along with your founder. Pet cannot die ever to receive points for this one (+50 points for each immortal companion). -done (50 points)

  • Ravenclaw

Pet Cemetery… have collected at least 5 different pet graves for your cemetery, all pets that have stayed in your household for at least a week. Different deaths need not apply here. (+50 points, +15 extra points for each additional pet grave). -done (50 points)

  • Catastrophy, Turtle, Peanut, Fiona, Sidney

Sims 4 Only Mini Challenges

Vampiric Nightmare… have a vampire who drinks from others against their will as their only means of sustenance; must be around for at least 2 generations to count. (+30 points for 2 generations, +10 for every subsequent generation reaching YA that this state is maintained, maxing at +60 total) -done (60 points)

  • Vanity, from start to finish

Aspiration Aficionado… complete at least 15 unique aspirations with your monster family, not including children’s aspirations. (+75 points, +10 for every completed aspiration over 15) -done (85 points)

  1. Bestselling Author
  2. Painter Extraordinaire
  3. Chief of Mischief
  4. Public Enemy
  5. Vampire Family
  6. Successful Lineage
  7. Fabulously Wealthy
  8. Mansion Baron
  9. Master Vampire
  10. Archaeology Scholar
  11. Nerd Brain
  12. StrangerVille Mystery
  13. Soulmate
  14. Angling Ace
  15. The Curator
  16. Leader of the Pack

For the Love of Frogs… collect every frog available in game mainly through breeding, every monster needs a hobby! (+25 points) -done


  • Making an A in school: 8 times -160
  • The cowplant died once -25
  • There were 3 fires -150
  • The aliens came 9 times -90
  • Venom peed himself in public once -20

Scoring: +1295

They are trying to decide who gets to destroy the dollhouse…

Now that the challenge is over, what is next?


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